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The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Teen Idol


20140216-163459.jpgThis post will tell you all you need to know about the teen idol hobby.

I’m going to tell you a little bit about how to do the hobby and what you can unlock if you find all the notes.
Who can be a teen idol?

Only one teen can be the teen idol. (once your teen is an adult you can then turn a new teen into the teen idol)
How can I be the teen idol ?

By completing the road to fame quest (you complete the collection once during that quest) using the instruments.
Where can I be the teen idol?

At home using the instruments.

What are the options? (these are the 1 star, 2 star and 3 star times)

Keyboard- Write Song- 1 hour, 54 minutes or 48 minutes

Bass Guitar- Write Song- 2 hours, 1 hour 50 minutes or 1 hour 40 minutes

Drum Kit- Write Song (drums)- 3 hours, 2 hours 40 minutes or 2 hours 20 minutes

Guitar- Write Song- 4 hours, 3 hours 40 minutes or 3 hours 10 minutes

Microphone- Write Song (sing)- 5 hours, 4 hours 30 minutes or 4 hours

What are the teen idol skill levels?

  1. What’s an Instrument?
  2. Karaoke Specialist
  3. Support Act
  4. Triple Treat
  5. Virtuoso
  6. Em-TV Award Winner

How do I collect notes?

There are 3 notes per instrument, once the time is up click the exclamation mark to find the note

What notes are there to collect?

The pictures below will show you all the notes you can collect:



  • Keyboard- Basic Melody, Ballad, Tear Jearking Key Change
  • Bass- Slappin’ Rhythm, Finger Pickin’ Good Lick, Flyin’ Fingers of Funkstown
  • Drumkit- Drum Roll, Cymbal Choke, 28min Cowbell Solo (once found all 3- gives you 1 TV show cameo to use on sim sign)
  • Guitar- Bar Chord, Blues Riff in B, Heartfelt Solo (once found all 3- gives you 1 radio interview to use on sim sign)
  • Microphone- Vocal Melody, Backup Vocal, Vocal Overdub (once found all 3- gives you 1 magazine photoshoot to use on sim sign)

This post explains the sim sign and the teen mansion you unlock once the sim sign is completed!

What do I win?

1st time- complete during road to fame

2nd and further times- 3 LPs
I can’t find one of the notes, any tips?

The only advice I can really give you is to keep going, that is the only way you can find them- there is no trick to it, its completely random.

Is it worth using the lucky spin?

I would say no, it doesn’t give you one that you need it just gives you one at random so really it is probably just a waste of 3 LPs

How do I start the collection again?

Once you have finished the collection you can click start collection again at the bottom of the notes list to start over.

Confused about hobbies? Read my Hobbies Frequently Asked Questions post

I hope this has helped!
Thanks for reading!





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60 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Teen Idol

  1. is it possible to “write 9 pieces of music” part by playing keyboard or bass? or do we need to buy and play drum to unlock 7th, 8th and 9th pieces?

  2. Is it worth spending LPs to get insturments with higher star rating?

  3. I didn’t complete this on time. I found 9 notes but can’t find the other 6 because I can’t find the electric guitar in the hobbies store?? Please help! Thank you

  4. I can’t get the last set of music notes. When I click on the sim town sign there has no resources box come out! What can I do?

  5. Hey, I don’t know of this question has been answered yet, but I haven’t seen it anywhere so I’m just asking it.. How do we get the sim town sign? And to be able to build the teen’s mansion?

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  7. I need the tv sign on the teen sign how do i get it i did the drums like 10 times is that the only instrument to get it for the sim sign ?

    • Yes, you need to find all 3 notes on the drums to get the tv show cameo piece, the sim sign takes ages to complete without using LPs
      You can get a few randomly when you complete actions like the island monuments but that doesn’t happen often.

  8. Why can’t I find the electric guitar?!! Please help me!’

  9. How long does it take with the 2 star rated instruments and a 3 star rating instruments? Is it worth getting the three star raated ones

    • I don’t own any two star instruments but these are all the 3 star times:
      Keyboard- 3= 48 minutes
      Bass Guitar- 3= 1 hour 40 minutes
      Drum Kit- 3= 2 hours 20 minutes
      Guitar- 3= 3 hours 10 minutes
      Microphone- 3= 4 hours
      If you want to complete the collection faster then getting the three star instruments may be worth it but as you can see they aren’t that much faster

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  11. can more than one teen try to get the notes ?

  12. Hello! I just recently aged one of my pretend into a teen. I have two questions, after you age them into an adult, can you age the child into a senior before their parents? And when I unlock the teen idol quest and mansion, can I have an existing sim be the teen idol or do I have to create a new one, and does the whole family move into the teen idol mansion or just the teen? (Technically that’s three questions, lol. Thank you for creating this blog!)

  13. Designing fashion and changing clothes give magazine photo shoots.
    Calling mom, quick chat give radio interviews. Very randomly though.
    Still trying to find what exactly gives TV show cameos. Any clues?

  14. Hi, I have got a ‘Teen’ and want to enter my Teen in the Teen Idol hobby after the ‘The Road to Fame’ quest. I am on the Higher Education quest currently. Is their any advice for this when the starting time comes?

  15. I used 2 star items. Here are their times – basically as you predicted.

    Standard Keyboard – 54 min
    Standard Bass Guitar – 1 hr 50 min
    Standard Drum Kit – 2 hrs 40 min
    Blue Electric Guitar – 3 hrs 40 min
    Standard Microphone – 4 hrs 30 min

  16. Hey i cannot complete the third note for the second set…….what to do?

  17. Hi! I’ve found all 3 notes on the keyboard, but my teen wont play the bass guitar? Any help?

  18. How else can you get to show cameos? Just asking a question if there is no answer tell me!

  19. my teen idol already transitioned on being an adult now so how can i still continue the hobby to build or upgrade the sim sign?

  20. I am sooo annoyed by this. I need the drum set reward only – the clapperboard. Do I really need to complete all and reset it to be able to collect more clapperboards? 🎬💀💤

  21. I’ve been getting magazine photo shoots and other prizes long after I finished this event. Loooooooong after. Is this normal?

  22. What is the limited time prize, and is it worth it?

  23. When I played sims freeplay before, there were some different communicating options, like getting autographs etc. But how is this possible? Do you have to complete the hobby collection?

  24. Thanks so much for the tutorial! So I currently only have one teen and he’s the Teen Idol. If I want to give him a new hobby, could the next teen I create have access to the Teen Idol hobby? Basically I want to change who my teen idol is without aging my current one to an adult. Thanks so much!

  25. Hi 🙂 I currently have 3 Teen doing the Teen Idol Hobby, but I do not have the special interactions (help a swooning fan, sign autograph, etc.). Did I miss something?? Are they not Teen Idols?? If so, what do I have to do to make them Teen Idols??
    Thanks, and your blog is amazeballs!! Always find info :)))

    • Do you have any teens who aren’t teen idols? I think you will only get these interactions between a teen idol and a teen who isn’t a teen idol
      You’re welcome and thanks!

      • Yeah, I tried with Teens that have other hobbies, but nothing :(( Do you think I should ask EA for help, like it’s a glitch?? Or am I not losing much, so I should leave it alone??

      • That is annoying! This glitch is probably caused due to the fact they recently changed it so that 5 sims can be teen idol instead of 1, you could contact them but I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

  26. Hiya. It didn’t not unlock the microphone. 😦 any advise please? Thank you

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