The Sims Mobile- Time Limited Events

These are all the time limited events that have been available in The Sims Mobile, most of these include quests (find all quest posts here) These events aren’t all currently available but they may return one day.

Hot Tub Dreams Quest & Event:

ASOS Fashion Show Event (Catwalk This Way Quest):

Summer Backyard Barbecue Event (Garden Gnomes Quest):

Back to School Event (Going Study Crazy Quest):

Halloween Haunt 2018 Event (A Haunting Home Quest): post no longer available, 2019 version can be found here

Harvestfest Event (Recipe Research Quest):

12 Days of Winterfest Quest & Event:

Winter Warm-up Quest & Event:

Be My Valentine Event (Love Everlasting Quest):

Anniversary Party Quest & Event:

Backyard Barbecue Event (Growing Gardens Quest):

Super Throwdown League Quest & Event:

World of Luxury Event (Extravagant Ideas Quest):

Sweet Treat Showdown Event:

Halloween Haunt Re-run Event (A Haunting Home/Halloween Begins Quest):