The Sims Mobile- Time Limited Quests

These are all the time limited quests that have been available in The Sims Mobile, some of them are part of events (find all event posts here) while others are quests on their own. These quests aren’t all currently available but they may return one day.

Hot Tub Dreams Quest & Event:

Spring Egg Hunt:

ASOS Fashion Show Event (Catwalk This Way Quest):

Summer Backyard Barbecue Event (Garden Gnomes Quest):

Dreams of Space/Space Explorers Quest:

Back to School Event (Going Study Crazy Quest):

Countdown to Halloween Quest:

Halloween Haunt Event (A Haunting Home Quest):

Harvestfest Event (Recipe Research Quest):

Welcoming Winterfest Quest:

12 Days of Winterfest Quest & Event:

A Slice of Nice Quest:

Winter Warm-up Quest & Event:

Lunar New Year Quest:

Quest for Love:

Be My Valentine Event (Love Everlasting Quest):

Illamanati Quest:

Dance Instructor Quests (Career and Advanced):

The Perfect Fit Quest:

Anniversary Party Quest & Event:

Just My Luck Quest:

Top Secret Mission Quest:

A Mystery Is A Foot Quest:

Backyard Barbecue Event (Growing Gardens Quest):

Super Throwdown League Quest & Event:

World of Luxury Event (Extravagant Ideas Quest):


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