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The Sims Mobile- Wedding Quest


In this post I am going to explain how to get sims married in The Sims Mobile and how to complete the wedding quest.

Once you reach level 7 in the game and your sims reach the Lover stage of their relationship (level 7) you will get the option to complete the social event ‘Propose’ once you complete this you will unlock the wedding quest.

NOTE: Your sim that proposes needs to complete the following tasks

Wedding Stage 1 of 2

  • Sim has 3 friends to lean on- you need to complete the share interests social event with acquaintances and then begin a friendly story to make them friends with your sim

  • Work on wedding vows at the table- select the option on a table

  • Your partner needs you- reassure their cold feet (select the interaction on your sims partner)

Reward for completing Stage 1: 10XP

Wedding Stage 2 of 2

  • Have Wedding Arch- you can buy one from the featured section or garden section of build mode

  • Decorate with a Floral Pillar and Rose Lattice (you need two of these)- again you can find them in the featured section as shown in the image above
  • Time to Get Married under the wedding arch- select the option on the wedding arch then select who they want to get married to

Reward for completing Stage 2: 10XP

Your sims will now be married!

Click here to watch my Sims Mobile playlist on YouTube- new videos are added each week!

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6 thoughts on “The Sims Mobile- Wedding Quest

  1. Hy is the sims mobile over here in the uk now

  2. Is it available in the US already??

  3. How did you get the Sims Mobile?

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