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The Sims Mobile- Getting Married


In this post I am going to explain how to get sims married in The Sims Mobile.

Once you reach level 7 in the game and your sims reach level 4 in their romantic relationship you will get the option to complete the social event ‘Propose’ once you complete this you will be able to get your sims married!

There is no longer a wedding quest but you do need the following items to be able to get your sims married:

  • Wedding Arch- you can buy one from the featured section or garden section of build mode

  • Floral Pillar-  you can find them in the featured section as shown in the image above
  • Rose Lattice- again you can find them in the featured section as shown in the image above

Getting Married

Once you have placed the wedding arch, floral pillar and windowed rose lattice in your sims garden one of your sims who is getting married can select the option on the wedding arch then select who they want to get married to:

Your sims will now be married!

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32 thoughts on “The Sims Mobile- Getting Married

  1. Hy is the sims mobile over here in the uk now

  2. Is it available in the US already??

  3. How did you get the Sims Mobile?

  4. i still don’t know ho to get married, bcs when i tap on the other sims, there’s no share interest quest

  5. Hey I’m not exactly sure how to get my sims to be lovers? I thought this worked like the freeplay where the advance to romance after friendship but this is stuck in the best buddy chapter. .

  6. My sim already become fiance, but i can’t find any propose option and i just finished the relationship story (10). I am on level 12 now. What should I do then ?

  7. How to resize the room if ever u want to resize it?

  8. hi I’m now on level 12 and my sims status is fiance but why can’t I still get married? I already have a wedding arch. I don’t find any propose event 😦

  9. Hey my the sims are Fiance status , relationship status 10 , but there i s no option to get married. They were in the Fixer Upper story.Do they need the soulmates story?. How do I change the story to soulmates?

  10. Hi I’m on level 12 now and my sims status is fiance but why can’t I still get married? I already have a wedding arch 😦 please help me. I really want my sims to get married and have babies

  11. I got my sim and another one I met in the game engaged and then I bought the wedding collection and got them married. I didn’t do the reassuring action or practicing vows, but it still let me marry them. A screen came up saying “congratulations, your Sims are married” they were married for a while, but when I left and came back in the game later, not only were they not engaged, they were no longer married! They we’re just “sweethearts”. I have two possible theories as to why this might be. 1. Their relationship lvl when they we’re married was only lvl 8, not 10. I don’t know why that would be a problem since it still let me marry them. 2. I have unlocked and purchased the second playable Sim slot and created a Sim, so now there’s no open one. I thought maybe you need an open slot to get the Sims married and living together, but again, if it were a problem I don’t know why the game would have allowed me to marry them in the first place. I’ll buy the third playable Sim slot if I have to, but only if I hate to. If anyone knows why I can’t KEEP them married (I could have him propose and marry again, but it would probably do the same thing to me, the option to marry is there, they just don’t stay married) please reply and help me out, thanks!

    • This has changed a bit in the latest update and I have updated this post now.
      Either the game didn’t save your progress or this was one of the glitches that was fixed in a small update that was released today, I would suggest you update the game and try getting them married again, hopefully they will stay married this time!

  12. So, this is a funny question. I made 2 female sims. Can they still marry one another?

  13. I have my 2 Sims at bff but I can’t get them to another social story. How am I able to switch the story after already reaching level 10 on another?

  14. I got married to other player’s sims and I’m gonna ask him to move in. What will happen then? Will he really live at my sims house and become playable for me? Cause I have one free slot for him.

  15. I can’t seem to find an answer to this question – what if another player marries my Sim? Do I lose control of them or have a say in the matter?

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