The Sims Freeplay- Guide to Infant Sims

imageThis is just a quick guide to those who are new to the game or if you have just created a baby sim and don’t really know what it does!

To unlock babies you need to complete the two and a half sims quest first!

Firstly to create a baby you need a cot placed in the house of a married couple, when you see the blue add sim circle above the cot you are ready!

Creating a baby costs 3LPs or simoleons (if you have completed the life dreams and legacies quest) the simoleon cost varies depending on how many other sims you have in your town already.

It takes a day for ‘the stork to deliver the baby’

Once you have the baby you can change its name, choose its gender, eye, skin and hair colour and outfit.

You cannot change the name, gender or skin colour again unless you use the ultimate makeover which costs 12LPs.

Fulfilling babies needed- select an interaction as shown below to fulfil your baby sims needs (except bladder as they will go in their diaper when they need to!)

The first picture is the interactions you get when a baby clicks on an adult and the second picture is when an adult clicks on a baby:


Have Birthday– This will turn the baby into a toddler (you have to bake a birthday cake first and have completed the quest for toddlers)

Pick Up Infant– This means the baby can get out of its crib (you need to start the Nanny Knows Best quest to get this option)  If you are the baby instead of Pick up Infant you will see Cry for a Sim– This also allows an adult sim to pick up the baby

Change Diaper- This improves the Hygiene need

Cuddle– This improves the Social need

Entertain– This improves the Entertainment need

Give Food– This improves the Hunger need

NOTE: There is nothing you can do for the Bladder need, you have to wait for the baby to go in its diaper then you will need to change its diaper

If you are the baby and you click on the baby you will see these options:


Have Birthday– Again you need a birthday cake to become a toddler

Go to Sleep– This improves the Energy need

Hibernate– This improves the Energy need again but by sleeping for a full day


Once the sim is holding the baby you can click on objects around the house to get interactions:

  • Bed- Quick Bouncies and Bounce marathon
  • Bath- Bathe Infant and Bath Time Fun
  • Sofa- Sit with Infant and Relax with Infant

They can also travel to other sims houses while holding the baby (they will only count as one sim unless they put the baby down)

If you click on the sim you will get these options:

  • Let Infant Crawl- 3 seconds
  • Change Diaper- 8 seconds
  • Give food- 9 seconds
  • Practice Walking- 12 minutes

Let Baby Crawl option- when an adult let’s a baby crawl you can then control where the baby crawls by clicking on the floor

They can also use the sofa to practice balancing and exercising legs and interact with dogs and cats!

They can be fed in a highchair (once you complete the goal to buy a highchair in the Nanny Knows Best quest)


Musical Expressions hobby- complete the Nanny Knows Best quest to unlock the xylophone to start this hobby!

Putting a baby back in their crib
A sim needs to pick the baby up then click on the crib and select put infant in cot
The other option is calm to sleep

Babies can interact with teens, adults and seniors, they cannot interact with toddlers or preteens.

Watch this video for more information:

Thank you for reading!