The Sims Freeplay- A Bump-y Ride Quest

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys

LEVEL UNLOCKS: 8 UNLOCKS: pregnancy and pregnancy events

Pregnancy has arrived in simtown! Once you complete the Two and a Half Sims Quest you will be able to build the maternity store in simtown from level 8 (you can find it next to the real estate agency and near the mall) once the store is built this quest will begin. When you complete the quest you unlock pregnancy so your female adult sims will grow a baby bump!

You cannot complete this quest at the same time as any other discovery quest

The price for building the maternity store will vary depending on how many businesses you have already built

In this quest you will be completing the pregnancy event, there is a 9 day time limit for this event and if you complete in the time limit you will unlock the baby bonus but you can still complete this once the time limit is up.

  • Have a Doctor explain pregnancies- 30 seconds (call a Doctor using a phone, they will appear at that house so you can select the option)

  • Talk pregnancies with a sim- 30 seconds

  • Purchase the maternity outfit from the maternity store- black and grey outfit costs 500 maternity tokens

NOTE: your sims can only wear the maternity clothes when they have a baby bump (check out my maternity store post here) 

Once this quest is over you can still earn maternity tokens to buy all the items from the maternity store by completing another pregnancy event!

  • Place empty crib- buy one from the infant section of the home store

  • Start the pregnancy event- for this you need an adult female, this event takes 9 days! Click on the crib and select the pregnancy event option and then select the adult female who you want to become pregnant:

  • Select sim icon- click on the pregnancy event button in the corner of the screen then click on the picture of your sim

  • View pregnancy daily goals- head back to the pregnancy event tab

Daily goals have to be completed by the pregnant sim, no other sim can complete these goals. Your sim has 9 days of goals to complete, you don’t have to finish a days goals on time, if you are behind you will start on the next day as soon as the previous days goals are complete BUT you cannot complete day 9 once the time is up, the baby will be born straight away once the time is up and you will only get the baby bonus if all goals and tasks are completed before the time is up (keep reading for more information). Completing pregnancy events earns maternity tokens used to buy maternity clothes and nursery furniture from the maternity store.

  • View pregnancy support tasks- head back to the pregnancy event tab

Support tasks can be completed by any sim, you need to complete all support tasks and daily tasks within the 9 day time limit to earn the baby bonus

  • View baby bonus- go back to the pregnancy event tab and click on the ‘i’ icon above the picture on the event tab

If you complete all the daily goals every day and all the support tasks you will earn bonuses for that baby, they will earn more experience points when they complete actions, complete actions faster, are not affected by low motives (low needs) and they will have these bonuses for life!

  • Complete the pregnancy event

You need to complete all 9 days of daily goals and support tasks to earn the baby bonus, once the 9 days are up you will no longer get the baby bonus but your sim will still give birth. The 9 days symbolise a month a day so once you complete day 3 and start day 4 your sim will reach the 2nd trimester and their baby bump will appear, they will then start wearing the maternity clothes you brought earlier in this quest. Once you complete day 6 and start day 7 they will reach the 3rd trimester and their baby bump will get bigger

NOTE: I know I said in my video that appointments aren’t going to be in the update but I misunderstood when they told me appointments were going to be removed- they were talking about the aerobic and ultrasound appointments not the doctors appointment which is still available, sorry about that!

TIP: If you cannot afford the simoleons for the appointments select the LP option instead, this post may help if you need to earn some LP quickly!

Stuck on a daily goal or support task? Check out my list here that explains how to complete each goal!

If you don’t manage to complete this event in the time limit you will miss out on the baby bonus but the baby will still be born!


Pregnancy has now been unlocked on the crib, so you now have two pregnancy options:

  • Pregnancy Event– you have 9 days to complete all the daily goals and support tasks to earn the baby bonus and maternity tokens for the baby is born
  • Pregnancy– takes 6 days but there are no daily goals or tasks to complete, your sim will just grow a baby bump and then give birth after the 6 days!

For more information on Pregnancy in The Sims Freeplay check out my Guide to Pregnancy

Watch my video of this quest and the completed pregnancy event here:

Last updated January 2020


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226 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- A Bump-y Ride Quest

    • This is the early access version, this isn’t my game, I just get access to this version to create these posts and videos before the update is released so I get a lot of currency on that to speed my way through it.

  1. Can I still do this quest if I don’t have any availability for another Sim or will it mess me up? Like I have 28/28 right now and can’t get another Sim for another 1.5 levels.

  2. Uhmmm helloooo I’m wondering what’ll happen if, for example, I didn’t get to finish the quest in time limit?

    • There is no time limit for this quest, there is just a time limit on the pregnancy event, if you complete that in the time limit you will earn the baby bonus and you will still unlock pregnancy on the crib once you complete the event.

  3. the support task ‘have 11 sims wash Jean’s dishes’ do the sims have to do this at the pregnant sims house (Jean’s) or can it be done simultaneously at 11 separate houses? This task takes 10+ hours each time !

    • hi, one of the baby bonus is that your new sim will not affected by low motives (low needs), what exactly does that mean? i’m sorry i’m just confused about that part.

      • This means that when their needs are low (red) on the bar next to their picture at the bottom of the screen, they won’t walk around slowly, start to smell or pee on the floor.

  4. How do you complete “take a relaxing walk around the Park lake” daily goal? I’m having trouble. Please and thank you.

  5. I’m working on the support tasks and can’t figure out how to “plan a baby budget”. Any ideas? Thanks!

  6. So far every day of the pregnancy is costing 140000-180000 for the doctors appointments and yoga appointments 😦 at this rate it will cost over a million for the baby

  7. Hi, on my support tasks I need sims to wash dishes, but I can’t seems to figure out how to get them do wash them. Do you know how I can get them to complete the task?

  8. I’m currently doing the pregnancy event and I moved the family into a smaller home but the crib did not move with them. I thought of putting a crib in the new home and maybe it would just transfer but it didn’t. The crib with the progress being made is at the old house alone and I have no way of moving it to the new home. How do I get the crib to the new home? Please help! Thank You!

    • Unfortunately you need that crib in order for your sim to give birth so you will not be able to move it until the pregnancy is over and don’t demolish that house or you will lose the crib and your sim will not be able to give birth

      • I did the same, and I demolished the home before getting my cot out. As stated, now she won’t give birth. Help!

      • Unfortunately you need that crib in order for your sim to continue with the event and give birth, the makers are aware of this issue with players who have removed the crib and are working on a fix

      • I had to kill off an exisiting sim and then replace a crib and was able to start the pregnancy challenge. Hope that works for you. Good luck!

  9. I’m thinking about not completing all the tasks this time because those appointments are so expensive and I don’t have the money saved up. Is there anything I would miss by just allowing the time to go by this time and going through another pregnancy event later?

    • I agree, they are too expensive! The only things you miss out on are the maternity tokens and the baby bonus for that sim, you can still complete more pregnancy events in the future

  10. If we don’t use the tokens before the 9 days are up, will I still have them? And be able to purchase from the maternity store?

  11. I am doing well on the daily goals for my pregnant sim, but the support tasks are quite daunting? If have to spend way more than I have to finish on time. I have 2 questions: 1, if I use a time extension and finish it within the extended amount of time, will I still get the baby bonuses at the end? 2, if I don’t end up finishing the support tasks in time, will I have the opportunity to get the baby bonus if I start another full pregnancy experience, or is that just for the first time around?

    Thank you in advance, and for your wonderful posts! I don’t even Google these things anymore, just go straight to your amazing site!

    Either way, I’m so excited about this quest–i have been waiting for this! I love the little actions they perform like feeling the baby kick etc, it’s adorable! It would be so cool if they could go to the hospital and go through a delivery, since everything else is so realistic it’s kind of a letdown that it’s just a really quick action at the end to have the baby.

    • Can you use a time extension on this? I am not sure if you can! If you can and you do finish in the extended time then you will get the baby bonus
      Yes, each pregnancy event has the baby bonus reward if you complete it in the time limit but it is only for the baby who your sim is going to give birth too

      You’re welcome and thanks!
      Oh that would be great if they went to the hospital!

      • So my first couple is having the baby, they live in the house by the ocean/sea. During the quest before this, where you could purchase babies, I bought a second one because why not. I’m trying to continue this quest but it won’t let me because I have apparently reached the limit of babies in that house, this house has 5 bedrooms. So I have two baby sims and I really don’t want to get rid of one. Is it ok if I use a different couple for this? Like move the crib to a different house and use someone there? Thank you

  12. So I did the 9 month and completed all goals and tasks. Got the baby bonus. Now I’m doing the second 9 month one. But I thought I didn’t need to get the baby bonus again. I thought it was for life. Am I wrong? Or confused.

    • You got the baby bonus just for the baby who was born in the last event, you would need to complete all the goals and tasks again in this event to get the baby bonus for the new baby

  13. I just started the quest and in the video you had said they were taking away the doctor appointment but I had it on mine😣 do you have any idea why?

    • Sorry I misunderstood when they told me appointments would be removed- they were talking about the aerobic and ultrasound appointments not the doctors appointment which is still available, sorry about that!

  14. I didn’t finish the request in time and my sim is still pregnant. So now I have to pay for a baby and wait a day? I thought at least the baby would still be born. That’s unfair or am I wrong idk

  15. I’m just starting the pregnancy event and i am on the 2nd support task. It is have 10 sims calm down another sims over the phone. The counter for how many sims is currently proforming the task does not register any of the sims. It worked perfectly fine with the first task any suggestions please.

  16. I accidentally deleted my crib before starting the event and now it’s just asking to add a baby not start event but my town is full. Help

  17. Thank you for this! This was really helpful even though I’m not going to be able to win the baby bonus because I don’t have enough money to pay for the doctor appointment in the task but I will be able to complete the plan a girls night in! I’m but I thought that if I don’t complete the tasks I can’t grow a baby bump! But do I have to complete the bump-y-ride to grow a baby bump first??

  18. Hello, what happens if you finish the daily goals but you haven’t finished the support task and the quest is over in 14hrs!! What do you do?? And if I end up not finishing the support task can the rest of my sim town have baby bumps? OR no?!!

  19. I moved my sims to a new house after she got pregnant. When the nine days were up she didn’t give birth in the new crib so I tried moving them back to the house with the old crib and it still wouldn’t let her give birth. It kept saying that only she could give birth in that crib, but it was her trying to use it! I don’t know what else to do.

  20. Hey I was wondering how do I get extra tokens because in the video you got 500,000 and I don’t and I dont have enough money to even get a crib what do I do???

  21. I was doing the bumpy road qwest. Then the chic boutique started and my bumpy road qwest disappeared. And i was not finished with it. My sims is still pregnant. What do i do?

  22. I missed out on this event 😦 is there absolutely no way I can do it now? Or have my sims get pregnant? I’m so sad about missing it.

  23. The time ran out on the pregnancy event, and my sim is still pregnant. What’s going on? The icon is gone, and the other icon above the crib is asking what kind of pregnancy event I want to start.

  24. My sims daily goal says go for a relaxing walk by the lake so I pressed on it and it started the action. The action was 2 hours and 15 minutes long but I came back 4 hours later and it still was on 2 hours and 15 minutes so it won’t let me go onto the next day help! What do I do now??? Thanks

  25. Was just wondering if there is a max sim count for a sim town or if I can keep increasing my number of sims as I keep leveling up. I am currently at levele 54 with 34/34 sim count, so is there another way to increase the amount of sims allowed in a town?

  26. I did not finish the tasks and my sim is still pregnant 4 days after the event is over. I do have the option to start a new pregnancy event on the original crib. Is my sim going to stay pregnant? I don’t want to try to start another event until I can figure out this issue. Thank you!

  27. I’ve done the first two steps but It doesn’t give me anything for the outfit. It just says I need to be farther ahead in the quest. Help?

    • To be honest if you cannot complete in the time limit then I wouldn’t worry that much, you can still complete the daily goals and support tasks once the time is up so your sim can give birth which is the most important thing!

    • If you don’t get all the quests done in the Bumpy ride, will you still get the baby bump and move up day by day, or will you have to complete the whole thing before you can have the baby

  28. When the maternity shop is ready, do you have to start the pregnancy event the same day? Or is it possible to start the quest itself immediately and the event the next day?

  29. Like Daily Goals, are there support tasks that change each day or we have to complete one list of support tasks over 9 days?

  30. Will having a nine day pregnancy count as a discovery quest every time you do it, or just the first one (when you unlock the store)

  31. Hello! I currently have two male Sims that are married and living in the same house with no children yet. I am planning to make them have a child but I wanna do this with the pregnancy event. Can I use a female surrogate with this and still make the child she will give birth to the male Sims’ biological child?

  32. Hi. Thank you for your great site. I have a question about the bumpy ride quest. If I go to bed(in real life) and have 7 hours in Sim time before my next day starts, and my pregnant sim is doing a 6 hour task, but I don’t wake up for 8 hours, will the task count for finishing that day or will I have missed it?

  33. My pregnant sim who is on trim 3 is unable to do one of the support tasks for some reason when it says to generate nursery ideas; every time I try doing the activity the sim will show the 2-foot signs bubble chat above its head… Literally stuck

  34. Wait, did I miss something. I was looking a one of the dispay pics of the phone catalogue. When did they make it possible to adopt without having to go through an in-app purchase.

    • That is a screenshot from the early access version which the makers provide to me so I can make walkthroughs ahead of time, in app purchases cannot be made on this version which is why it is a different colour.

  35. I’m a level 22 and it has never given me the option to build the maternity store or start the bumpy ride quest? It always seems to just place another Discovery Quests in the way as a requirement once my level requirement was reached…it was Back to the wall, now it’s grooving guru? Will I ever get it or am I missing something? :/

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