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The Sims Freeplay- Guide to Pregnancy


Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys- may differ from actual version

In this post I will explain how the two types of pregnancy work! The Add a Baby option is still available if you still want a baby without pregnancy

You firstly need to complete the Two and a Half Sims Quest and A Bump-y Ride Discovery Quest to unlock pregnancy, once you have you will find these three options when you click on a crib:

  • Pregnancy Event
  • Pregnancy
  • Adding a Baby

Pregnancy Event:

  • Takes 9 days to complete, each day represents one month of pregnancy
  • There are daily goals and support tasks to be completed
  • Daily goals have to be completed by the pregnant sim, there are 9 days of goals to complete
  • Support tasks can be completed by all other sims
  • If you complete the daily goals every day and all the support tasks the new sim (baby) will earn baby bonuses- they will earn more experience points when they complete actions, complete actions faster, are not affected by low motives (low needs) and they will have these bonuses for life!
  • If you do not manage to complete all the daily goals one day then it will go straight onto the next day so you will not be able to earn the baby bonus for that event
  • Completing the goals and tasks earns you maternity tokens which are used to buy maternity clothes and nursery furniture from the maternity store
  • Once you reach day 4 your sim will reach the second trimester and will grow a baby bump and change into their maternity clothes
  • Once you reach day 7 your sim will reach the third trimester and the baby bump will get bigger!
  • All daily goals and support tasks have to be completed before the baby is born
  • If you don’t manage to complete this event in the time limit you will miss out on the baby bonus but the baby will still be born once all the daily goals and support tasks are complete

NOTE: You can only complete one Pregnancy Event at a time

Stuck on a daily goal or support task? Check out my list here that explains how to complete each goal!

TIP: If you cannot afford the simoleons for the appointments select the LP option instead, this post may help if you need to earn some LP quickly!


  • Takes 6 days
  • There are no daily goals or tasks to complete so you cannot earn maternity tokens
  • Pregnancy skips the first trimester so your sim starts with the baby bump and after 3 days the bump will get bigger
  • The baby will be born once the 6 day time limit is up

NOTE: You can only have one Pregnancy Event but can have many pregnancies at one time


  • You need to complete the A Bump-y Ride Discovery Quest to unlock pregnancy, build the Maternity Store to start this quest
  • Only adult female sims can become pregnant but they don’t have to be married!
  • Pregnant sims have maternity leave so they cannot participate in professions, careers, hobbies or live events until they give birth
  • Once the quest is over you can still earn maternity tokens to buy all the items from the maternity store by completing another pregnancy event!
  • TIP: If you cannot afford the simoleons for the appointments select the LP option instead, this post may help if you need to earn some LP quickly!

Check out my Guide to Pregnancy video here:

Thanks for reading!


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157 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Guide to Pregnancy

  1. I have a pregnant sim. Shes on her ninth day (not all of the tasks are completed) , and she hasn’t given birth. The cot i clicked on to start this event was placed in a house i demolished without remembering the cot was still in there (but i have a new cot) so do i need that same cot? I need my sim to give birth so i can have other pregnant sims.

  2. Finished the pregnancy quest and my new baby won’t complete her xylophone hobby. Stays at 0% with no bubble appearing. It only takes three hours instead of 3:10.

  3. When the pregnancy is over does your sim automatically revert back to the original outfit they were wearing?

    I ask because the sim I was planning to compete with is wearing the black/green “medieval” bodice that’s only available to teenagers now but used to be for adults. I used a life orb to keep her and the outfit alive and don’t want to lose it.

    Thanks so much

  4. I accidentally deleted the crib that I had during the event, and when I add a new one, I’m not getting the pregnancy icon over it. How do I get a crib with the icon?

    • Unfortunately you need that crib in order for your sim to continue with the event and give birth, the makers are aware of this issue with players who have removed the crib and are working on a fix

  5. Can a pregnant sim also help with support tasks?

  6. I love the new baby! The green diamond even sparkles!! The timer needs to be adjusted on the baby’s hobby. It says it only takes 3 hours to play the xylophone, but the bubble won’t appear until about 10 minutes after it reaches 0%. The normal time for the hobby is 3 hrs, 10 min.

  7. I completed all the support task and the pregnancy task on time within the 9 days. I only received 39,840 maternity tokens by the end of the event, minus the few tokens spent on the first maternity clothes required to purchase. I need more maternity tokens in order to purchase from the maternity store. How do I earn more without another sim getting pregnant?

    Thanks for all your help over the last few years!!!

  8. Do you still get to choose weather the baby is a boy or a girl and the name ?

  9. How do you get another sim to take pictures of the bump plz. I can’t seam to find it. Thank you.

  10. I finished my 9 day event and my sim won’t go into labor labor

  11. So mine is stuck pregnant… it’s been 10 days and she won’t have the baby. Unfortunately, i didn’t know it had to be the original crib that starts the event and I got rid of it… what do you suggest to make her not be pregnant anymore…?

    • Unfortunately you need that crib in order for your sim to continue with the event and give birth, the makers are aware of this issue with players who have removed the crib and are working on a fix

  12. I completed the pregnancy, and have a baby with the bonus. Her action timer sticks on 0 until the normal time has passed, negating the action reduction.

    • Are you trying to complete the xylophone hobby? There is a glitch on this where it says the hobby takes 3 hours but it actually takes 3 hours 10 minutes so you have to wait the extra 10 minutes for the baby to finish

  13. What if by some human error I accidentally tap on the crib and begin a 9-day Pregnancy Event with a sim? Is there any way to cancel that?

  14. How do you know if the baby has the baby bonus? I didn’t finish all of my daily tasks on time but I managed to catch up and complete them all within the 9 day timer. Does my baby not have the bonus?

    • If you completed all the goals and tasks in the time limit your baby will have the bonus, once born you can see if the baby has the bonus on the simtracker, their is a golden circle around their picture and when you are playing as the baby the plumbob above their head will be extra sparkly

  15. My Pregnancy menu is messing up, every time I try to open it for more goals and support tasks it crashes my whole game. After the 9 days are up and I make her go into labour, do u think once I start a new pregnancy this issue will stop?

    Thank u so much for all your help!!

  16. What is the benefit of doing this event? I used alot of Lps the first time I completed the event. And I don’t see the point.

    • Completing the quest unlocks the other pregnancy option so you can have pregnancy sims without completing the event and completing the events earns you maternity tokens to buy items from the maternity store but I agree with you its expensive!

  17. I love that the mommy sim stays inspired throughout the pregnancy!

  18. My unmarried sim who lives with her parents had a baby. Now it says the baby is her sister and the grandparents are her parents! That’s kinda creepy.

  19. Hi, I’m confused about the support tasks, I’ve just started the pregnancy quest, I’ve almost finished the last of the 1st day daily chores but what do I have to do to get those 10 likes and what is a Simterest post?

  20. how do i get my pregnant sim to take a relaxing walk around the park lake? there isn’t an option showing for her to do that task when she is at the park?

  21. I don’t understand how you managed to complete the event in a day? I’m still on the 5th day when I should be on the 8th day. I won’t be able to finish the event on time.

    • I didn’t! This is the early access version, this isn’t my game, I just get access to this version to create these posts and videos before the update is released so I get a lot of currency on that to speed my way through it quickly to create that content.

  22. Hi. I have a question. I have two female sims leaving together (they’re best friends) and one of them is in a relationship with male. I want them t have a baby. When I put a crib in girls’ house and then click I can choose female I want to get pregnant, but there is nothing about father, will her boyfriend be father or baby will have two mums, since women leave together? Also, can a single female have baby without any relationship?

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