The Sims Freeplay- Guide to Pregnancy

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys- may differ from actual version

In this post I will explain how the two types of pregnancy work! The Add a Baby option is still available if you still want a baby without pregnancy

You firstly need to complete the Two and a Half Sims Quest and A Bump-y Ride Discovery Quest to unlock pregnancy, once you have you will find these three options when you click on a crib:

  • Pregnancy Event
  • Pregnancy
  • Adding a Baby

Pregnancy Event:

  • Takes 9 days to complete, each day represents one month of pregnancy
  • There are daily goals and support tasks to be completed
  • Daily goals have to be completed by the pregnant sim, there are 9 days of goals to complete
  • Support tasks can be completed by all other sims
  • If you complete the daily goals every day and all the support tasks the new sim (baby) will earn baby bonuses- they will earn more experience points when they complete actions, complete actions faster, are not affected by low motives (low needs) and they will have these bonuses for life!
  • You don’t have to finish a days goals on time, if you are behind you will start on the next day as soon as the previous days goals are complete BUT you cannot complete day 9 once the time is up, the baby will be born straight away once the time is up
  • Completing the goals and tasks earns you maternity tokens which are used to buy maternity clothes and nursery furniture from the maternity store
  • Once you reach day 4 your sim will reach the second trimester and will grow a baby bump and change into their maternity clothes
  • Once you reach day 7 your sim will reach the third trimester and the baby bump will get bigger!
  • If you don’t manage to complete this event in the time limit you will miss out on the baby bonus but the baby will still be born

NOTE: You can only complete one Pregnancy Event at a time

Stuck on a daily goal or support task? Check out my list here that explains how to complete each goal!

TIP: If you cannot afford the simoleons for the appointments select the LP option instead, this post may help if you need to earn some LP quickly!


  • Takes 6 days
  • There are no daily goals or tasks to complete so you cannot earn maternity tokens
  • Pregnancy skips the first trimester so your sim starts with the baby bump and after 3 days the bump will get bigger
  • The baby will be born once the 6 day time limit is up

NOTE: You can only have one Pregnancy Event but can have many pregnancies at one time


  • You need to complete the A Bump-y Ride Discovery Quest to unlock pregnancy, build the Maternity Store to start this quest
  • Only adult female sims can become pregnant but they don’t have to be married!
  • Pregnant sims have maternity leave so they cannot participate in professions, careers, hobbies or live events until they give birth
  • Once the quest is over you can still earn maternity tokens to buy all the items from the maternity store by completing another pregnancy event!
  • TIP: If you cannot afford the simoleons for the appointments select the LP option instead, this post may help if you need to earn some LP quickly!

Check out my Guide to Pregnancy video here:



269 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Guide to Pregnancy

  1. I need help! My sim has been pregnant for a month and won’t give birth. What can I do? I moved someone out of the house and still nothing. She can’t do anything because she’s pregnant and I can do make over because she is pregnant. Help!

    I love your page

  2. Completed the 9 day pregnancy challenge, however my sim wont have her baby. Been pregnant for nearly 4 weeks. Any suggestions?

  3. Help, how do I know when it’s going in to the next day? I don’t want to miss it but I can’t work out or see anywhere which shows how long I have left

    • The time is 24 hours from the time you started the event so if you started at 5pm you will have taken a day by 5pm the next day but you have to complete all the tasks before you can move onto the next day. There is an overall timer on the pregnancy event tab but you cannot see a daily count down.

  4. Does each day end at midnight or after 24 hours have passed, I’m really worried about not having enough time to complete the daily goal because I started the pregnancy event late in the day!

    • It should work but don’t add another sim to your town if you only have one sim space left until your sim count is full for example 12/13 sims otherwise you will have problems when it comes to adding the baby as you won’t have space for them.

  5. I can’t seem to find it in your post, if my sims are maxed out I can’t add a baby correct? So I shouldn’t start this quest.

  6. Can I earn baby bonus once the quest is over? Will I able to complete all days’ daily tasks if the time limit is over and will I get baby bonus in this case?

  7. I have a toddler through the pregnancy event and the baby does not have a dad even though the mom is married and was married before the pregnancy. How do I fix this? Is there a way to fix this? Would ageing him to a preteen and adopting work?

  8. ‘All daily goals and support tasks have to be completed before the baby is born’

    I’ve done the Pregnancy event 3-4 times, and I’ve never had to complete all the daily goals and support tasks in order for the baby to be born, even if I don’t complete it in the time limit for the baby bonus. After the nine days are complete, the baby is born even though I haven’t completed all the daily goals and support tasks.

    I find this weird because I though it was the same for everyone, but it obviously doesn’t sound like it.

    • This appears to have changed since pregnancy was added to the game, you used to have to complete all the daily goals and support tasks before a sim could give birth but I think because a lot of people couldn’t afford the appointment tasks they changed this.

  9. Is there a limit to the number of baby bonus babies you can have? I have 4, and the last time I completed the pregnancy event, I completed all the tasks and i even saw the baby bonus icon light up at the end of the event like it usually does, but it was a regular baby. Thanks!

  10. I am at 90% of the quest “A Bump-y Ride” and I am doing the pregnancy event. My question is, do I have to wait all 7 days for the baby to be born or it will be born as soon as I do the daily goals-support tasks? ‘Cause I wanna do more quests but I am stuck with this one.

  11. If my sim gets pregnant before she is married (she has a partner) will the baby have a father? If she married her partner after the baby is born, will he become the father?

  12. How much simeleons do yo need to pay all of the appoitments and how much maternity tokens do you eran throught the event?

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