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The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Musical Expression


This is another time limited hobby, if you complete in 7 days you unlock the infant bouncer (not the easiest hobby to complete in 7 days, I used so many LPs to get it done in time- this post may help)

Who can be a musician?


Only one sim can complete this hobby the first time, after that 3 babies can complete this hobby at one time

How can you be a musician?

You need to complete the nanny knows best quest then buy a xylophone from promotions r us (S2,000), it will go into the hobby and career tab in your inventory for you to place in your house


Where can you be a musician?

At home

What is the musical expression option?

Play Xylophone- 3 hours 10 minutes

What are the musical expression levels?

  1. Atonal
  2. Big Hitter
  3. Beat Keeper
  4. Melody Maker
  5. Performer
  6. Musical Virtuoso

What songs are there to collect?


What do you win?

The first time you have 7 days to complete to unlock the infant bouncer, which can be found in the infant section and costs S4000. An adult has to put a baby in it then they can bounce for 1 minute or 15 minutes

If you don’t complete in time you still unlock the play mat once you complete the collection, this costs S5500 and can be found in the infant section. The option is play with toys for 10 minutes and an adult can join in play session.

Complete the collection six more times to unlock a new outfit for a female and male baby each time!


Further times you receive 3LPs for completing the hobby

I can’t find one of the songs, any tips?

The only advice I can really give you is to keep going, that is the only way you can find them- there is no trick to it, its completely random.

Is it worth using the lucky spin?

I would say no, it doesn’t give you one that you need it just gives you one at random so really it is probably just a waste of LPs, it would be cheaper just to speed up the option instead of using a lucky spin.

How do I start the collection again?

Once you have finished the collection you can click start a new collection on the list to start over.

Confused about hobbies? Read my Hobbies Frequently Asked Questions post

I hope this helps!

Thanks for reading!



Author: weightlessmagic

I'm a 22 year old from England who is passionate about being creative, I would like to say I'm good with words but I'm really not! Hopefully you will find my blogs helpful and entertaining! Enjoy! x

206 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Musical Expression

  1. I’m so annoyed I couldn’t complete tg e time limited quest because it’s so hard and I just want to completely reset my game and do all the time limited quest before you actually have to do it because I never get them done its so annoying by the way I love your blog you are like my idol

  2. Is anyone else having an awful time getting a baby to level six before they age up to toddler? I have had a baby doing this since the minute they were created but they still age before they’ve done it enough times to unlock the last two songs! I even tried using lp to speed up the 6 1/2 hours but it just made the baby age faster. I’ve give through four babies already and there just isn’t time. How did you manage to complete it?

  3. Your posts are really helpful. I finally, got the baby Mat after constantly going and refilling the baby’s need meter when it goes down. I just added a ‘baby Sibling’ in the crib to one of my families that has a toddler girl, as soon as that baby comes I can finally age this one, but I will difinitely get the outfits. I am almost done with the finger painting hobby, I only use one toddler for it, but not as stressful. Though, I level up faster than I can keep up with the quests, I am level 23 and I am doing level 15 Quests, and Will the quests stay in the queue until I do them one at a time? Some discovery quests if I don’t think I can finish in time then I choose not to do it, like I haven’t done the salsa dancing one, and since reading the post it did not interest me to do it.

    • I’m glad they help!
      Yes, the quests will stay in the queue until you get to them so don’t worry! 🙂

    • I just finished the Nanny Knows Best quest, and just started the Musical Expression hobby. But I get back on the game today, and it tells me I’ve run out of time to get the baby jumper! I just finished the quest yesterday!! What happened?!

      • A lot of people are having this glitch at the moment on timed hobby events, you will need to contact EA about this so they can sort this out for you as I am unable to fix technical issues.

  4. Awesome! Got a new, awesome song: Hot Cross Buns. I just set my Infant Sim to Play Xylophone again, I hope this time I get a new song too!

  5. I love your blog it really helps and I refer to it quite regularly.
    Is there a time limit for the outfits?

  6. hi, questions… i didn’t complete the quest in 7 days cause i didn’t have time to play. i got the xylophone & the play mat but no bouncer 😦 do you know if there’s any way i can still get it??

    • No sorry, you needed to complete the hobby in the time limit to get the bouncer.

      • I am on this quest, and I have played the xylophone 5 times but the other hobby chart it shows I’ve only played 3 songs. Since the third time my infant has played the xylophone it just says it sounds much better the second time I play it. Am I doing this right?

      • You won’t find a new one each time you play it, you have only got 3 new songs but played it 5 times so you got 2 that were the same, just keep going because you are doing it right!

  7. This is probably my least favorite hobby..
    The music is just so annoying, I like to play with sounds on so I avoid staying at the house where the baby is at for too long and I still need to complete the collection five more times for the outfits. *sigh*

    Thank you for your great blog though, it helps a lot!

  8. I’ve been tried to finished this super annoying hobby for more than a week now. The baby has got all 6 levels completed, but not all the songs. Does anyone have an idea whats wrong? Im super annoyed right now😑

  9. I didn’t finish the nanny know best quest on time. What other way can start the musical expression

  10. For some reason, after completing the nanny quest in time, I cannot find the xylophone at the kids store. Help!!

  11. I wasted my last 60 LPS for just the last song, and I wasnt even able to get it in time :/

  12. everyone time I click on the xylophone for my baby to play the baby just shakes his head and won’t play it. I’m really confused on why he won’t do it and I even moved the xylophone to the center of the room.

  13. My baby won’t play the xylophone how do I get them to do it he just shakes his head

  14. Just to be sure.. If I don’t complete this quest in time, I will not get the bouncer. I can still get the outfits though, even if I didn’t make the quest in time. Right?

  15. I completed musical expressions in time and got the prizes. But had no idea . I had to do it again to get infant clothes. So I didn’t reset it. Now the chart is gone. What do I do?? I have the babies playing but no chart. I really want the infants clothes what can I do?

  16. I’m also having trouble getting my baby to level 6 before it ages. Once I complete the quest once, will future babies still need to get to level 6 to get the level 6 songs or will the babies be able to get them anyway? Thanks

  17. My baby is on the floor just right next to the zylophone. Just shakes his head, wont play it. Annoying! Help!!

  18. Is the infant bouncer worthy to get?
    btw i love your blog it helps me a lot with earning LPs 🙂

  19. Hi, it’s me again. I’m on level ‘music expession’ right now. You said that only one sim can complete this hobby the first time, after that 3 babies can complete this hobby at one time. I had a baby played it and I got one song, but I cann’t do it to three babies, because only one xylophone available for one town. when I wanted to buy another xylophone, it said one per town. how you did it? thank you..^^

  20. Should u be able to pick the pair outfits you want?
    Completed the hobby for the 2nd time and tap on the pair of outfits I want but it wouldn’t let me pick it
    I want all them but there one or two I want before the rest….

  21. My baby won’t play the xylophone.

  22. Just so you know with the new update the time for the hobby is now 3 hours 15 minutes!

  23. Can a toddler play the xylophone? I haven’t finished the birthday cake yet but it’s gonna finish soon. Should I just let my sim, who baked the cake, stand there and wait for the quest to finish before celebrating the birthday?

  24. I complete musical expression hobby,and I have got a baby playmat and pink dress and shirt and trousers for my babies! They are adorable! Thanks ! 🙂

  25. Hello there..
    I just wanna ask, is there any other hobby babies can do beside playing xylophone?

  26. I started the musical hobbies quest last night and when I opened my Sims this morning it said that I’ve already ruin out of time to complete the quest. Three must have been a glitch. Is there anything I can do ?

    • A lot of people are having this glitch at the moment on timed hobby events, you will need to contact EA about this so they can sort this out for you as I am unable to fix technical issues.

  27. I lost all my music collection tonight and i dont know why. I still have 5 days to finish the quest. And one more thing, the first gifts i saw were bouncer and toys but now it turned into baby onesie event.

  28. I needed one more song to finish it, and then it automatically deleted everything for the baby onesie eventDo you think everything will be back again after the event?

  29. my musical exression quest is missing when the baby onesie event started.
    how is it?

  30. I clicked yes on the onsies quest and the musical expressions quest vanished.. Would you know if I would still get the bouncer if I completed it before 7 days? Sigh…..

  31. I don’t know what to do. My baby won’t play the xylophone. It says incorrect age group idk what to do please help!

  32. Just completed this hobby on time with 10hrs left and Used less than 10 LPs. 😃 all along, I thought the prizes were free though 😂

  33. I can not find the xylophone in the inventory and I completed the nanny quest. What do I do?

  34. Hi, I love your blog!❤️It’s helped me so much so far! I’m currently doing this an I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it on time. Before I spend my money using LP, can you please tell me if the baby bouncer is worth it? Thanks in advance☺️

  35. Do i have to do the musical expression ?? Or can i skip it or choose to not do it? Is it mandatory?

  36. Thanks for all your advice and tips. I have a question: I’m confused about the toddler girls’ clothes. Some new outfits come with scarves around the neck (a style I hate even in real life), but some new outfits include plaid or floral dresses, which I love. If I put my babies to re-start the Musical Expression hobby, which style will I get? Or will I get both styles?

  37. I have to take a break from the game for a couple of days. Is there any way to pause the quests w/out loosing the prizes like the musical expression. I 💖 your blog. Thank you!

  38. Yessss! Thanks to your blog I managed to complete the Nanny Knows Best quest in the time limit (so I got the overalls) AND I managed to get the baby bouncer with five hours to spare (Whew) Is there any chance you could add me to your party boat and I could add you to mine? I’ve visited the neighbours needed post and added a few but I would love love love to be your neighbour. You’re my Sim Freeplay Idol lol!!! Also is the In Da Clubhouse trike worth it? It seems cute and all but I just want to know if it’s worth me saving my LPs for. Correction my 2 LPs for. Do you have any tricks for someone with 10 sims (counting 2 babies) on how to get LPs? Anyway, thanks so much for your lovely blog, it’s my go to for anythings Sims Freeplay!
    Love Ya
    Rosie Rose
    Ps When is your next competition aka Houses going to be? I would really like to enter and start creating a grand picec of architecture (Not!)

    • I’m glad it helped! 🙂
      It depends what device you are playing on and what method you are using to add neighbours as I cannot add on game center or facebook, I can only add via google+ right now, sorry!
      The trike is cute but it doesn’t do a lot, a toddler can only ride it for a minute at a time

      This post explains how I earn LPs:

      I have no plans for another competition just yet but I will start thinking about it for sometime in the future!

      As for your question about the Latin Rugs you asked in the other comment- I personally don’t like the rugs as they all cost SPs and the quest itself isn’t that interesting, it is a discovery quest so you can just leave it until one day when you have more LPs to complete it in time if you really want the rugs though 🙂

    • I am replying to your other comment on this one as you didn’t want me to post your Google+ name.
      Your name is very common so it would probably be easier if you were to follow me on Google+ ‘The Girl Who Games’ and then I can follow you too 🙂

  39. Any idea if there will be another chance to get the baby bouncer? I missed it by 1 song (I got the last song less than 1 hour after the time limit ended)!

  40. Hi. I can’t get the xylophone. I have bought the to my home store, but there it says, that I its locked and a limeted object. I have lokkede in all my houses for it (if I bought it in an axident) but no.
    Do you know what to do???

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