The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Fashion Designer


Only Adults can be a Fashion Designer, to begin this hobby you need to buy the fashion studio from the promotions r us store and place it in one of your sims houses.

I cannot find it in my home store to place it? You need to look in your inventory under the hobby and career items section

I cannot place the fashion studio, it says its locked/ limited item, what do I do? You will have this problem if you try and place it from the new items tab, look in your inventory instead to be able to place the fashion studio in one of your sims houses.

You can buy as many as you want so you can have as many adult sims as you want completing this hobby at once

Once placed tap on it and select one of the options:

  • Design Fashion- 10 minutes
  • Work Overtime- 1 hour
  • Tailor Chef-d’oeuvre- 6 hours
  • Create Next Big Thing- 12 hours

After the time has passed come back and click the exclamation mark above your sims head to find one of the fashion collectibles. Every time your sims complete one of the options above their fashion hobby skill level up percentage will increase, once they reach 100% they will level up, there are 6 levels. You need to reach level 6 to be able to unlock all of the fashion collectibles, once unlocked you will be able to find them.

The table below shows the level up percentage for each option:

This may change in future updates

 LEVEL  10 minutes 1 hour 6 hour 12 hour
1-2 2% 12% 74% 150%
2-3 1% 11% 66% 133%
3-4 1% 8% 49% 100%
4-5 4% 24% 50%
5-6 2% 12% 25%

For example if you did the 12 hour option, you would need to do this 4 times or the 1 hour option 50 times to reach level 6 from level 5

NOTE: it says 150% but you will start from 0% at level 2

The next table shows you for each level what fashion collectibles you unlock (so you can then find those ones too) and also the level up reward that a second and future sims will receive when they level up in this hobby:

1 Fashion Disaster Brown Fishersims Hat, Fishersims Overalls and Gum Boots are unlocked in the hobby collection
2 Fashion Faux Pas Blue Overalls are now unlocked in the hobby collection 250XP
3 The Look Striped Shirt and Red Boots are now unlocked in the hobby collection 500XP
4 Fashionista Dress Pants and Leather Shoes are now unlocked in the hobby collection S750
5 Whats Hot Vest and Shirt Combo and Pink Dress are now unlocked in the hobby collection 10,000 Town Value
6 Fashion God Black Coat and Chichi Heels are now unlocked in the hobby collection.

You can now complete the collection!


NOTE: only the first sim completing this hobby needs to get to level 6 to unlock all the collectibles, future sims will be able to find any collectible even if they are only on level 1 in this hobby (and they can do the shortest option to try and find the collectibles quicker!)

You won’t find a new collectible each time, you will get repeats, if this happens just keep going, you will find them eventually! If it is still taking too long you can use the lucky spin on the row where you cannot find the item, this will cost LPs, when you click on the LP button it will clear the row and give you a random collectible on that row so you aren’t guaranteed a new item (you will get back any other collectibles you already had in that row) Need to earn some LPs to use the lucky spin?


The completed fashion designer collection is shown below, once you complete the collection you need to click ‘start a new collection’ at the top of the hobby collection screen, this clears the board so you can complete the collection again to earn more rewards (you will only get the option to restart the hobby collection when you have completed the collection):

You will earn XPs when you complete a row in the hobby but to complete the collection you need to find all 12 of the collectibles

The rewards for completing this collection are fashion outfits, lucky hat and 3LP:

  • The first time you complete the collection you unlock the fashion outfits (you need to build the costume and swim store then you will find them in the outfits section, the female outfit costs S9,500, the male outfit costs S8,500)
  • The second time unlocks the lucky hat (which can be found in the wardrobe for adults under hats)


  • From the third time onwards each time you complete the collection you will earn 3LP


Time Limited Hobby Events– the fashion designer hobby appears often in these events, to complete these you have to complete the fashion designer hobby a certain amount of times during the time limit to unlock all of the prizes, you can find a list of time limited hobby events here. If you want to complete these time limited hobby events then have one sim get to level six in this hobby before the next event starts so you only have to do the shortest option when the event begins!

Confused about hobbies? Read my Hobbies Frequently Asked Questions post

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109 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Fashion Designer

  1. Should I use 1 hour or 6 hour option to find the chichi heels? Does it increase my chances using a longer time?

  2. I didn’t press the start collection again button at the bottom. Is there anyway to start the collection over with a new Sims or am I just stuck? I did the same thing when I completed the Horse Tricks Hobby, I didn’t click the start collection again button.

  3. Amazing blog. I have a problem with my fashion hobby. I was doing 10-minute actions all the time but once I reached level 5 I don’t seem to go any further if I do only 10-minute actions. Is my best choice 1 hour now?

  4. I have completed the long hair and the dress and man suit lines, plus the green hat one and have completed the 3lp once now for fashion studio… I have the hat in the wardrobe option, but the dress, heels, jacket and mans outfit and shoes did not show up… Glitch? I can even see the hat in the salon… I dont know whats happened…?

  5. Your Sims freeplay article for the hobby “fashion designer” mentions place that you call the “Fashion & fancy dress shop”. I can’t find ANY building (or place to build either) with that name? Does it have a different name, & what is it next to?

  6. So I just completed the entire set, and it says I got the new outfits, but I don’t know how to access them? Like I would click the wardrobe to change their outfits and (I’m not sure if it has anything to do with the new update) there’s nothing new there. Thank you c:

  7. You’re right. The lucky spin was a waste of LPs. I will keep trying to complete the sets and get the long hair styles!! XD

  8. Can you help? My sim is on level one fashion designer, and I have completed the first set of clothes. How do I get other sets of clothes? I keep getting the same!!!!

  9. I finished the set but have not built the custom & swimming store if I reset the hobby will I loose the fashion outfit till next time I finish the set or I can reset and then build the store and they will be there?

  10. If you quit a hobby, I know you lose all your experience, but do you lose the physical items you’ve won? Like outfits?

  11. Sorry, but I’m not sure to build the Costiume stor, because I need money for the Mall. Are this outfits free?? Like wedding outfits. I get wedding outfits free in salon, but I’m not sufe for this outfits… If theye aren’t free, than I’ll stop doing the hobby because I don’t have Coustiume and Swim store 😥

  12. I can’t get any items other than the top row of the collection, the brown fishermen hat, overalls, and gumboots. I have been playing for 3 hours. I have even had 3 people creating fashion. I have tried the different times of making items like the 10 minute and the hour one. I get the same result. Is it really this hard or is there a glitch?


    please read before asking

    Where can I find the Promotions R Us store?

    The location of the promotions r store can be found on my sim town map post

    Is there any way of wearing the items you make?
    You unlock the suit and the dress rows items once you complete the collection for the first time

    I have completed the collection for the outfits but they are not in my wardrobe, why?
    You need to build the costume and swim store then you will be able to find them in the wardrobe for adult sims

    What is the point of the lucky hat?
    It is just for your sims to wear

    Why haven’t I found a certain clothing piece yet?
    Some take longer to get than others so just keep going, you will find them eventually!

    Read this post for general hobby information: Frequently Asked Questions About Hobbies

  14. I’m not sure if there’s anything that can be done, I’m just curious if anyone else had this problem or knows how I can fix this. I’ve been doing this hobby for at least a month…I’ve been level 6 for quite some time and I still have not gotten the last item which is the chichi heels. I’ve tried doing the 10 min option over and over and over again. I’ve done the 1 hour option all day as often as I can and still can’t get it. Is this a glitch or am I just really unlucky? Has anyone else had this problem?

    • This isn’t a glitch, you are just unlucky, unfortunately the heels are rare so they take longer to find, all you can do is keep going, I know it is frustrating but you will get it one day!

  15. (OT) If I didn’t finish the quest on time, I will not be able to get the free limited items. Is this the same for all quests?

    I’m at level 26 and I’m still on the Sous Judgmental quest, I always run out of time 😦 Your blog is really helpful, though. Thanks for this!

    • You have to complete quests in the time limit to get the time limited prize, but you can still complete quests once the time limit it up.
      I’m glad it helps, you’re welcome!

  16. I really love your blog! It really helped a lot.
    I just want to share that before, I was disappointed that I did not get the Latin villa template and wasted so many LPs… Then I’ve search and read your blog and been following your tips eve since.. especially the hobbies and quests. Now I have unlock vaulting, horse jumping, broomstick flying, breakdancing, completed the infant outfits, and had a pet dragon 🙂 All I did is to keep going just what you advised.. even though I did not get some of the limited prizes, I keep on playing 😀 big thanks to you 🙂

  17. Hi,I just completed the collection once. I have already built the costume and swim center. But I couldnt find the outfits anywhere. I checked in the costume store and also their wardrobes..but the outfits couldnt be found. Do you have any idea where they might be?
    Also, I really like your blog! It is seriously so helpful! 🙂

      • I can’t find the fashion studio in the promotions r us store. Is it a work station for your home or do you just visit the store? This quest is confusing me. I have 2 sims doing the fashion hobby and they are working on fashions, clothing, however how do I get them to do hair items? I don’t seem to be able to start this. I have sent several sims to change their hair style, is this how this quest starts and what happens next? When I click on the fashion quest it shows the row of hair styles greyed out so I can’t click on them and what it shows if the completed fashion section is clothing, how do I do hair do’s? Thanks heaps, so stuck…

      • The fashion studio is under the hobbies tab in the promotions r us store or check the hobby and career items tab in your home store. A pop up will appear when you can start one of these time limited hobby events, once that does and you click yes to begin you will be able to complete the fashion hobby collection to unlock the hairstyles. Greyed out means that you haven’t unlocked them yet. You need to complete the hobby until you earn all the collectibles to fill up the grid and then you will earn one of the hairstyles, so 12 different collectibles= 1 hairstyle.
        This post may help:

  18. Hi! Do you know which fashion designer option is the most efficient (time wise) in increasing the percentage of a level? I currently need to level up to be able to unlock a clothing piece, and can’t decide if I should do the 10 mins option repeatedly or the 12 hr option instead. Thanks in advance! I love your blog btw. :))

    • The 10 minute option increases your percentage very slowly each time so I usually do the longest option but if you have the time to do the shorter options you can see the percentage it increases on the first few times so you can work out how many times you would need to do it using that option to level up to see if it is worthwhile doing that option compared to another one but if you are going to be busy throughout the day stick to the longest option

  19. Hello, I can’t find the dress in the costume store after collecting all the clothing pieces 😦

  20. Occasionally there are free fan created outfits. How do you create a submission or get the outfits?

    • First time you level up you unlock the new fashion designs to be able to complete the collection, further times
      Reaching level 2- 250XPs
      Reaching level 3- 500XPs
      Reaching level 4- S750
      Reaching level 5- 10,000 added on to town value
      Reaching level 6- 1LP

  21. Do you need the costume & swim store to finish the hobby? I have 1 item left to unlock and have been working on it back to back for days, and have not gotten it.

  22. Hi I’m currently doing the hair botique event and all by sims are level 6 and I got all clothes in like 1 day and a few hours but I just can’t get the heels and days are passing and I’m trying to get atleast 3 or 4 of the hair. Please help

    • If your sims are level 6 then try to do the 10 minute option over and over, the heels can take a long time to get so doing the 1 hour or 6 hour options is going to take you even longer to get them.

  23. Hi, im doing social task . The task is doing design fashion in a neighbor’s house . So anyone have fashion studio in your home, pls help me to come your home in the sims . Can i know your facebook name if you have fashion studio in your home in the sims freeplay ?

  24. If I have all but one item and I’ve been trying to get it for months, would using the lucky spin get it for me or just one I already have?

  25. I might keep spamming this hobby instead of the cooking one for more LPs. Having to check back every minute, with the alternative being staying on this game forever, feels like too much of a hassle. What do you think?

  26. Hey!
    I finished the entire set and it never said I’d get the clothes for the guy and girl.
    Is it a glitch? Am i gonna get them at all?

    P.S.- I love your blogs, they help a lot!

  27. Heyyy! Love ur blog it’s amazing 🙂 Hv a small prob right now tho. I hv a sim on level 5 but no matter how much I do the 10 min option the skill level hardly increases. Is it actually like tht or is it glitched? And what should I do next?
    Thanks 🙂

  28. I haven’t built the Promotions R Us store yet, but the game has told me that the Long Hair Event is in 2 days. Will I still need to buy it in order to get the fashion kit?

  29. Hi is there more chance of getting a rare item if you do longer things, ? I have been doing various ones for ages and I still can’t get the chichi heels? Any advice?

  30. Why are those chichi heals so hard to get?! I mean cmon it’s a tad ridiculous… probably have a better chance at winning the lotto than those popping up.

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