The Sims Mobile- Massive February 2018 Update

The latest update for the sims mobile is a big one! In this post I will show you what is new and what has changed, it is important to remember that as this game hasn’t been released worldwide yet there are still some big changes being made to the gameplay so my older sims mobile videos may play very differently to the version everyone eventually gets their hands on!

-Izzy Fabulous and his Fashion Shop have arrived in Parkside, visit the shop and Izzy will create some custom fashions with cool effects just for you. It costs 20 Fashion Gems to create a new design:

When you sim wears this fashion piece they will earn a bonus from the trait shown on the board, so the flirty long sleeve of fortune has the lucky trait

You earn Fashion Gems by completing the give stickers goal on the to do list:

You only seem to earn 2 a day though so it could take a while for you to be able to create new outfits!

-Sims can now complete events on their own and earn the maximum rewards instead of earning less which is great news if you run out of energy at the end of the day and cannot complete one!

-You can now see other players sims in your game and interact with them (look out for the blue plumbob sims!) You can also send these players stickers- the sticker tab is next to that sims name when you click on them:

You can also receive stickers, I personally don’t really see much point for the stickers other than to be able to complete the daily task to give stickers and earn the fashion gems

-You can now see other players houses too!

-There are now loads more stories so instead of just social event stories you can now complete hobby and career stories, you can find these in the sim info button (keep reading for more information):

-Loads of new quests are now available, and the quest button location has changed, you can now find it just above the to do list (I am not sure yet if you still get the wedding quest and baby quests as well but when I find out I will update this post):

-The sim info button is now an image of a sim and the plumbob symbol rather than 3 dots and when you click on it it opens to your sims stories, relationships and traits and underneath the image of your sim you can click to change their appearance (I have no idea where the career tab is now to change your sims career, I am hoping you still can- again I will update this when I find out):

-Most of the workplaces have had a makeover- I love how much brighter they are now!

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NOTE: The Sims Mobile is still not available worldwide yet but you can pre register to be informed when the game is officially released!

Thanks for reading!


NEW GAME: Home Street- The Basics

A new game was released this week called Home Street, I am going to explain the basics of the game and what I think of it so far. 
When you first begin the game you customise your character and then they move into a house that you can also customise as you progress through the game:

The aim of the game is to produce materials on workstations to complete jobs and tasks. You start with the easel workstation to produce paintings and new workstations can be brought from the shopping cart when you level up and unlock them:

Once a material has been produced a pop up of that item will appear, click on it to collect it:

Materials will go into the storeroom which has a capacity of 40 items to start with:

To produce materials you need to use thoughts, you produce these in the thought bubble icon by clicking on the thoughts at the top of the screen, underneath them it tells you how long it takes to produce them. I think they could change this to make it easier to see when an item has been produced:

You do only have space for 40 thoughts which fills up quickly, I hope this won’t be another one of those games where the items you need to upgrade are hard to find!

How do you know what thoughts and materials you need?

Underneath the picture of the item you are making there is a picture or several pictures of the items you need to make that item, for example, cupcakes require 1 fun thought and carrot cake requires 1 fun thought and 1 vegetables. Vegetables aren’t a thought, they are an item you make using the garden bed:

Once you have created materials you can complete jobs (phone symbol) if you have the materials you need click complete to earn your reward, some jobs require thoughts instead of materials:

Producing materials and completing jobs helps you to complete tasks, completing these unlocks places around the town:

Where are these icons located?

  • Tasks (top left corner)
  • Shopping Cart-buy items and decorate your house (bottom left corner)
  • Friends- connect to facebook to add friends and save your progress (next to Shopping Cart)
  • Jobs (bottom right corner)
  • Thoughts (next to Jobs icon)
  • Walls icon- changes the walls in the house to half wall, full wall and no wall (top right corner)


So far I like this game, it does remind me of SimCity Build It with the material producing and also the new The Sims Mobile game although I think the controls and graphics are more basic than those games. This game does crash a lot on my poor old iPod so I haven’t been able to play it for long however that’s due to the age of my device and not the game itself but I will definitely be playing it more once I get a new iPad and I will actually be able to play The Sims Mobile when it is released (which disappointingly isn’t compatible with older devices, just so you know!) as well as many other new exciting games!

Have you tried Home Street yet? What do you think?

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EXCITING NEWS: The Sims Mobile!

As you can probably tell by the title of this post there is a brand new sims mobile game called The Sims Mobile. I don’t have much information for you yet apart from what I have been told by EA “In The Sims Mobile, we’ve included a bunch of the features you know and love from both The Sims 4 and The Sims FreePlay, as well as introduced some brand-new features, including creating and customizing Sims, building their homes, shaping your Sims’ legacy, and playing together with friends!

UPDATE: The Sims Mobile is Out Now!

Here is the official trailer:

I cannot tell you how excited I was watching that trailer for the first time!

As you can see from the trailer it looks like it is going to be a really high quality game and it does remind me of the sims 4 in a lot of ways especially with all the options in create a sim:

The screenshot above is from The Sims Mobile page on the EA website

The game will be FREE but I don’t know when it will be released in your country, it is currently only available in Brazil, I haven’t got my hands on it yet either but as soon as I find out anymore information I will update this post!

Keep a look out in your app store:

Will the sims freeplay still be updated? I really hope so as these are completely different games so hopefully they can co-exist together! It would be such a shame if they got rid of the sims freeplay due to this new release.

UPDATE: The Sims Mobile is Out Now!

What are your first thoughts?

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