EXCITING NEWS: The Sims Mobile!

As you can probably tell by the title of this post there is a brand new sims mobile game called The Sims Mobile. I don’t have much information for you yet apart from what I have been told by EA “In The Sims Mobile, we’ve included a bunch of the features you know and love from both The Sims 4 and The Sims FreePlay, as well as introduced some brand-new features, including creating and customizing Sims, building their homes, shaping your Sims’ legacy, and playing together with friends!

UPDATE: The Sims Mobile is Out Now!

Here is the official trailer:

I cannot tell you how excited I was watching that trailer for the first time!

As you can see from the trailer it looks like it is going to be a really high quality game and it does remind me of the sims 4 in a lot of ways especially with all the options in create a sim:

The screenshot above is from The Sims Mobile page on the EA website

The game will be FREE but I don’t know when it will be released in your country, it is currently only available in Brazil, I haven’t got my hands on it yet either but as soon as I find out anymore information I will update this post!

Keep a look out in your app store:

Will the sims freeplay still be updated? I really hope so as these are completely different games so hopefully they can co-exist together! It would be such a shame if they got rid of the sims freeplay due to this new release.

UPDATE: The Sims Mobile is Out Now!

What are your first thoughts?

Want to know more? Watch my Frequently Asked Questions about The Sims Mobile below:

Find the game confusing? Check out my FAQs here

20 thoughts on “EXCITING NEWS: The Sims Mobile!

  1. I will be glad cuz on freeplay i on lev 55 and i am bored i tired of them quest like what we did for prom i neva finish i miss the other type quest what is be like 7 days thing

  2. it’s exciting but I hope they don’t get rid of Sims freeplay I’ve spent so much real money on it and years playing it. I will not be happy if they suddenly take it away or ‘force ‘ people to buy the new one.

  3. First thought: Tentatively excited. Tentatively because I worry, like you mentioned, about FreePlay being fazed out. And that would be really sad for a lot of people, especially anyone who’s spent tons of time and/or any money on the game. But I’m also excited for something more like the actual Sims computer game or Sims 3 on mobile.

  4. I’m Brazilian and the game was released here yesterday. Unfortunately, I can’t download it, which is weird, because they say is compatible with Android 4.1 and I have a Zenfone 3 with Android 7. I hope they fix it soon. Good news: it’s free.

  5. I’ve worked so hard on my Freeplay game to get it where it is. If they take it away, I will prob not do the new one.

    • I haven’t been playing super long but I understand (and can only imagine how much worse I would feel if I’d been at it longer). I’ve spent hours and hours building up simoleons and lps because I love, love, love the endless architect options and have already done so much (but have tons of other ideas) that I don’t want to lose. Honestly there are so many new architectural or behavior options they could add to freshen the game instead of potentially redoing it and fazing out this one.

    • Same here. Did you play club penguin? I spent so much time and money on that game, and they took it away then created a new one. I was devestated. I really don’t want it to go away! Cross your fingers, everyone!

  6. Saw the Sims Mobile trailer, and to be honest, NOT excited at all. Mainly because I am afraid they may faze out Freeplay! Other than that, and I have to be totally honest here, but the graphics on Sims Mobile are horrible!!! Nothing is detailed like Freeplay. Not the houses, furniture, plants, trees, etc. The characters all look fake, not realistic at all!! That’s why I love Freeplay… the graphics!!! A lot of skill and creative thought went into Freeplay. Their artists are amazing. If they want to do anything then they should make some improvements to Freeplay ( always room in any game for improvements ), and not come out with a different version of the game!!! I most certainly won’t be playing it as they lost me with their lack of attention to detail. Personally I applaud the artists of Freeplay. They are the best!!!

    • Agreed about just improving this game. There are so many suggestions people have made/been making that they could still implement. Like just today I was working on a new house and thinking of all kinds of things that I wish they could add for even greater customization options (like oddly shaped rooms similar to patios).

    • Right! The graphics do nooooooot look promising at all. FreePlay is stunning for what it is now and what it can be in the future. Instead of making a whole new game with a lot less effort, they could have put those resources into improving FreePlay even more. 😦

      • Glad I am not the “only” person around that thinks the graphics in Sims Mobile are bad… really bad. Granted, Freeplay needs to improve the graphics of their Preteens, and Teens, but I believe that is the ONLY area of graphics that need “a bit of help”, so to
        speak! The Devs could have improved Freeplay with better “Build Modes” ( as Elinor mentioned ), and added some of the ideas they have for Mobile ( like Careers/Hobbies ) to Freeplay. The possibilities could have been endless especially since Freeplay has such incredible graphics!!!
        ( Just something to think about!! 🤔 )

      • I think the whole point of this new game is to look more like the sims 4 so the graphics are the same as that, personally I like the look of it! But I also like the graphics in the sims freeplay and sims freeplay isn’t going anywhere so its not like they won’t still make the chances that you have suggested about build mode 🙂

      • Yes, I believe they have based Mobile on the ever popular PC game “Sims4”. Was never very “fond” of the graphics it contained, so never downloaded it to play it, until I was introduced to Freeplay awhile back, but must give credit where credit is due… Sims4 has an extremely awesome build mode, and many of the players are, themselves, very talented!!! Have you seen some of the player’s created house photos. Most of them are stunning! If EA incorporates this feature into Mobile then it would be, to me, worth playing simply for the build feature alone.
        Please don’t get me wrong. I wish EA all the best of luck with Mobile. I simply thought they could have improved Freeplay by putting their resources into it instead of another version of the Sims, and again the “Build Mode” must be credited to Elinor, not me. I simply mentioned it because it was a great idea for Freeplay.
        Aside from that I keep having one expression that continuously runs through my head which is: “You can never go home again!”
        Guess we just have to wait and see.
        I would also like to add a big Thank you to you for all the support, help, and encouragement you give to all of us who follow your blog. 😊

  7. I am Really Excited…, I hope The Sims Mobile will be ‘Free’ and compitable with iphone 4s with ios 8 or ios 9…!!! just really hopes

  8. I was able to download the early release of the game, and am absolutely loving it so far! Gameplay is different from The Sims FreePlay, so I am optimistic that they will keep updating both games. So far I am very impressed!! Very addicting as well …I have already leveled up to level 21. I will be interested in hearing your thoughts once you are able.to check it out!

  9. Love sims freeplay and been playing for 2 years or more, so i hope they dont take it away, i would be very sad if they do and probably wont play anymore. It would be to much time waisted and some money too….keep it!! keep it!!

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