The Sims Mobile- Massive February 2018 Update

The latest update for the sims mobile is a big one! In this post I will show you what is new and what has changed, it is important to remember that as this game hasn’t been released worldwide yet there are still some big changes being made to the gameplay so my older sims mobile videos may play very differently to the version everyone eventually gets their hands on!

-Izzy Fabulous and his Fashion Shop have arrived in Parkside, visit the shop and Izzy will create some custom fashions with cool effects just for you. It costs 20 Fashion Gems to create a new design:

When you sim wears this fashion piece they will earn a bonus from the trait shown on the board, so the flirty long sleeve of fortune has the lucky trait

You earn Fashion Gems by completing the give stickers goal on the to do list:

You only seem to earn 2 a day though so it could take a while for you to be able to create new outfits!

-Sims can now complete events on their own and earn the maximum rewards instead of earning less which is great news if you run out of energy at the end of the day and cannot complete one!

-You can now see other players sims in your game and interact with them (look out for the blue plumbob sims!) You can also send these players stickers- the sticker tab is next to that sims name when you click on them:

You can also receive stickers, I personally don’t really see much point for the stickers other than to be able to complete the daily task to give stickers and earn the fashion gems

-You can now see other players houses too!

-There are now loads more stories so instead of just social event stories you can now complete hobby and career stories, you can find these in the sim info button (keep reading for more information):

-Loads of new quests are now available, and the quest button location has changed, you can now find it just above the to do list (I am not sure yet if you still get the wedding quest and baby quests as well but when I find out I will update this post):

-The sim info button is now an image of a sim and the plumbob symbol rather than 3 dots and when you click on it it opens to your sims stories, relationships and traits and underneath the image of your sim you can click to change their appearance (I have no idea where the career tab is now to change your sims career, I am hoping you still can- again I will update this when I find out):

-Most of the workplaces have had a makeover- I love how much brighter they are now!

Click here to watch my Sims Mobile playlist on YouTube- new videos are added each week!

NOTE: The Sims Mobile is still not available worldwide yet but you can pre register to be informed when the game is officially released!

Thanks for reading!


25 thoughts on “The Sims Mobile- Massive February 2018 Update

  1. Hi Hun , Thank  You so much for keeping me updated on everything, i am bummed that I don’t have a good enough phone to play this on it but I will get a new one eventually lol….Have a great weekend 🙂 ROBIN ANN

  2. Can you please explain to me in more detail the stickers. How do I give stickers to people? I have used them and now I don’t have any. But I need to give 6 a day so I can complete my to do list.

  3. Hey so with the update I noticed the traits thing is also different, yes you still need to get 4 but when I got all my traits I should of been given the option to retire but I haven’t? Do I need to get to 10 in hobbies and jobs to be able to retire

    • I think they have just changed it to make it longer before your sims can retire, I haven’t had a sim retire yet but my baby sims are now staying as babies for a lot longer than before.

  4. Every time that I want my sim to work atvthe coffee shop like literally clicking the pink star it keep on saying “choose later” what should I do?

  5. Great review! Can you tell me how on earth I change jobs? The restaurant is open and I have finished my barista career, but when I click on the briefcase in the restaurant it just says “choose later”. How do I quit the barista job?
    Thank you!

    • I have asked this myself but am yet to get an answer from the makers so this is a guess- when you click on the briefcase at the restaurant above where it says choose later it will ask you what story you want to tell, click on the image in the circle in the middle of the screen and you should switch career- please let me know if this works!

  6. Hello! Just got the game yesterday and had a quick question… I started a relationship story last night that would have run for 2 hrs. I ran out of energy on both sims and still had 1hr 48 min left. So I closed the game and went to bed. Checked this morning and the event still had 1hr 48min on it. I thought they’d finish on their own. Does the event timer stop when you close the game? Thank you in advance!

    • The event should have ended once the time was up, if it still shows the next day you may want to try force closing the app and closing it completely so it isn’t running in the background, sometimes when you just come out of an app and go back on it it doesn’t update the amount of time you were away if that makes sense! I know with freeplay sometimes if I put sims on to complete a 2 hour action and close the app when they have 1 hour 50 minutes I can come back several hours later and it still says 1 hour 50 minutes and needs completely closing to complete it. Sorry I can’t explain it any better than that!

  7. I notice their aren’t no teen life stage in this game or teen items. I find that odd. Is it best to work on a few friends stories in stead of a lot?

    • Yes it is a bit strange, I also find it strange how as soon as they retire you can no longer play as them!
      As for the stories personally I think a few is better than loads as you will have plenty of time to complete them all with future sims you don’t have to do them all right now.

      • Hi, thanks for replying! I know you are busy. I’m mainly focusing on my main couple who started a family. I decided to keep a few friendships only at level 3-4. It’s expensive to furnish the workplace, should I save my simoleans to furnish my house? I’m level 15 and I notice the price goes up after the initial first item is bought. I did some looking around about the life stages and apparently teens are ‘Young Adults’ before they become adults but they look similar.

      • Some items you can place in workplaces give you bonus start to the career events so it is worth placing those so career events don’t take so long.
        My child aged yesterday and I noticed they go straight from children to adults, there is no teen or young adult stage.

  8. Hi there. I’m not sure if you’ll see this message since I’m writing I on an older post, but I have a question for you. I’m attempting to do the current update. I received a message today (March 28) upon opening the game that said it is time to update, and it directed me to the App Store. I’m not seeing a button to update. Usually where my apps say OPEN it will say UPDATE instead but there is nothing there. My game won’t open without the update. I really hope I can figure it out. I’ve invested so much time in the game and was doing so well with it 😔

    • If you go directly to the App Store and update it from there instead of clicking on the game and it taking you to the App Store you should be able to update it without a problem

      • Every time I update an app, I always go through the App Store itself and the ‘open’ button in the app store says ‘update’ instead. Not showing up this time. I’ve restarted the iPad several times, opened and closed the App Store, etc. Nothing happening. Any ideas?

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