NEW GAME: Home Street- The Basics

A new game was released this week called Home Street, I am going to explain the basics of the game and what I think of it so far. 
When you first begin the game you customise your character and then they move into a house that you can also customise as you progress through the game:

The aim of the game is to produce materials on workstations to complete jobs and tasks. You start with the easel workstation to produce paintings and new workstations can be brought from the shopping cart when you level up and unlock them:

Once a material has been produced a pop up of that item will appear, click on it to collect it:

Materials will go into the storeroom which has a capacity of 40 items to start with:

To produce materials you need to use thoughts, you produce these in the thought bubble icon by clicking on the thoughts at the top of the screen, underneath them it tells you how long it takes to produce them. I think they could change this to make it easier to see when an item has been produced:

You do only have space for 40 thoughts which fills up quickly, I hope this won’t be another one of those games where the items you need to upgrade are hard to find!

How do you know what thoughts and materials you need?

Underneath the picture of the item you are making there is a picture or several pictures of the items you need to make that item, for example, cupcakes require 1 fun thought and carrot cake requires 1 fun thought and 1 vegetables. Vegetables aren’t a thought, they are an item you make using the garden bed:

Once you have created materials you can complete jobs (phone symbol) if you have the materials you need click complete to earn your reward, some jobs require thoughts instead of materials:

Producing materials and completing jobs helps you to complete tasks, completing these unlocks places around the town:

Where are these icons located?

  • Tasks (top left corner)
  • Shopping Cart-buy items and decorate your house (bottom left corner)
  • Friends- connect to facebook to add friends and save your progress (next to Shopping Cart)
  • Jobs (bottom right corner)
  • Thoughts (next to Jobs icon)
  • Walls icon- changes the walls in the house to half wall, full wall and no wall (top right corner)


So far I like this game, it does remind me of SimCity Build It with the material producing and also the new The Sims Mobile game although I think the controls and graphics are more basic than those games. This game does crash a lot on my poor old iPod so I haven’t been able to play it for long however that’s due to the age of my device and not the game itself but I will definitely be playing it more once I get a new iPad and I will actually be able to play The Sims Mobile when it is released (which disappointingly isn’t compatible with older devices, just so you know!) as well as many other new exciting games!

Have you tried Home Street yet? What do you think?

Unsure where to find the storage or how to upgrade your storage? Check out this post!

35 thoughts on “NEW GAME: Home Street- The Basics

  1. I’m on level 9. It’s fun but it’s too expensive to expand storage and it won’t let you discard items. You can only get rid of them by selling and no one is buying mine.

  2. Is anyone else confused as of how your items can be bought on the ‘market’ as mine are for sale but haven’t been bought and I can’t do anything else as my storage is full. I’m level 9 and can’t kevel up anymore because of this. I’m thinking I can’t sell until I’m level 10 which is when the ‘community’ unlocks? 🤔

    • It may just be because the game is new so not many people are playing to be able to buy the items yet, hopefully it will pick up so you can sell them! I don’t know for sure but it seems odd that you unlock the market to sell items before the community if the community is needed for that!

  3. I’ve tried Home Street. It’s ok for a time filler, but I want babies and toddlers, lol, so personally, I’m not as excited about it as I am about the upcoming Sims Mobile and the Sims 4 console coming out. My son has a PS4 (I haven’t owned a PC for about 4 years now), and he promised to let me use it, but I’m not a real gamer other than Sims FreePlay, so I hope I don’t kill all my sims! Home Street is very task-oriented and structured, and that’s ok, but I prefer to just create and decorate and micromanage the little people. Maybe they’ll get a family concept going, but for now, it’s not what I’d hoped it’d be. Thank you for your great posts. You’re fantastic :).

  4. Just wanted to say thank you for the how to. I’m an older lady and have never played anything like this. I remember my kids playing Sims but I was working and raising them so I never played.
    I can’t find a “help” on the game
    It does seem like a fun time waster.
    Hope you get a new device soon!

  5. I have been playing for 1 week now. With the new Halloween event you have to join a neighborhood. Not as easy as it sounds. I have applied to two of them and so far was denied by one and have not heard from the other one. Not exactly friendly if you ask me.

  6. Hi im new to this game also. I am actually on level 8 and I can’t seem to find the storage could you please help me with this if possible. Thank you

    • You need to save your game to facebook or game center. Game center is only on an apple device so if you are transferring from an apple device to an android then you need to save with facebook instead and then you will be able to connect to that social platform on your new device and download your saved data.

  7. Wish they would put a help, how to…
    Do you know how to leave a group? I joined one just clicking to see what it would do and can’t figure out how to leave…it’s all in another language! 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

    • In the middle of the town there is an arch, click on this and it will show you the neighbourhood information, on the bar at the top there is a red button, it should say leave (or the equivalent in that language!) click this to leave the group

  8. Can you get married and/or have children in this game? I’m looking for more games where you can customize your characters and start families (other than the Sims, of course).

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