The Sims Freeplay- Making 10,000 Simoleons in LESS THAN 2 HOURS!

In this post I am going to explain how to easily make 10,000 simoleons in less than 2 hours! I was using 10 sims to do this so if you are using less sims it will take you longer to reach 10,000 but if you are using more sims it will take you less time!

Firstly make sure your sims are inspired (sparkling) to do this you need to fill up their bars by fulfilling all their needs, once they are inspired they will sparkle and earn more money when baking and gardening which is really important for this:

We are going to continuously grow carrots using 10 sims every 5 minutes. As you can see in the image above sims will earn S48 growing carrots when inspired compared to S32 normally (which including the S3 cost for growing them leaves your sims with S45 each time rather than S29)

This table shows exactly how much money I made from this method in just over an hour:



0 (starting amount) S140,875
5 S141,625
10 S142,175
15 S142,725
20 S143,275
25 S144,125
30 S144,775
35 S145,425
40 S146,375
45 S146,945
50 S147,395
55 S148,085
60 (1hr) S148,655
65 (1h5m) S149,465
70 (1h10m) S150,275
75 (1h15m) S150,965

I used this method while trying to complete the Multi Story Renovations Quest in the time limit, I only had S140,000 and I needed S150,000 to build the community center and after 1 hour 15 minutes I had enough money!

This is really easy to do when watching TV in the evening, you can put your sims onto grow carrots and then set a timer on your device for 5 minutes so you remember to go back onto the game regularly

Other money making tips:

  • Remember to upgrade your island monuments, you randomly get simoleon bonuses when gardening, baking and working when you upgrade The Riches of Terra
  • Lettuce is no longer as risky to grow as it used to be, it still may turn into a sim eating plant but you can usually now watch an advert to still get a reward rather than negotiating with it (it isn’t the full amount but I got S310 and 120XP each time I did this) this doesn’t work every time though (thanks Catharina for this tip!)


What is your favourite way of making money in The Sims Freeplay? Let me know!


The Sims Freeplay- Which Career Earns The Most?

I get asked a lot which career at the highest level will earn sims the most money and XPs, in the table below I have put the amount they earn each time they complete a shift at the highest level in each career:

Artist 7 hours Level 5 1,260 1,740
Athlete 6 hours Level 5 1,800 1,600
Filmmaker* 8 hours Level 6 1,890 1,320
Level 10 (specialised) 2,100 2,040
Firefighter 9 hours Level 5 1,500 1,500
 Medical Staff* 12 hours Level 6 1,890 1320
Level 10 (specialised) 2,100 1,920
 Musician 7 hours Level 5 1,750 1,250
 Police* 8 hours Level 6 1,640 1,200
Level 10 (specialised) 2,020 1,920
 Politician 7 hours Level 5 1,220 1,780
Real Estate Agent Levels 1-3= 7 hours

Levels 4-5= 5 hours

Level 5 1,525 1,475
 Scientist 8 hours Level 5 1,400 1,560
 Teacher Levels 1-3= 7 hours

Levels 4-5= 5 hours

Level 5 1,045 1,955

*Profession Careers

P.S. is now optimised for mobile devices which means you can navigate your way around the site while on the go easier than before!

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The Sims Freeplay: How do I have so many LPs?

I constantly get asked this question, “how do you have so many LPs? I don’t have any!”

The one word answer: Cooking!

The cooking hobby is the best way I have found of making a lot of LPs very quickly, some people seem confused about how this works so I will be explaining exactly what I do in this post.

Firstly you need to complete the Bread Winner Quest to unlock the cooking hobby

Then you need:

  1. Sims– as many as possible, you can have 1-10 in one house, obviously the more you have the quicker you are going to complete the collection
  2. Oven, Toaster and Counter for each sim– if you have 6 sims, you will need 6 ovens, 6 toasters and 6 counters (TIP: if you have a toaster on a corner counter and it cannot be accessed by any sim you only need one toaster in the house for all sims to use)
  3. Space– I use an empty house with all sims in one room, they are spaced out in their own workspaces with an oven and toaster on the counter, just so another sim doesn’t get in their way and cause them to cook a meal without getting a collectible- this can happen if they are squashed together. NOTE: you don’t need all your sims in one house, I just do because it is easier


Next you need to start cooking!

The one minute option, cheese and tomato on toast is the one you want to select

So click on the oven, click cooking and then on cheese and tomato on toast, it costs S5 each time but you get a lot more simoleons back when you find a new item.


Every time you make a dish a plate is left on the floor,  I clean each one up after each dish is made, otherwise the house will be full of dishes and it really slows down the game.

TIP: If you have no sinks in the house, they will take the plates to the trashcan. A quick way to get rid of the plates is that if you kick over the trashcan the plates will just disappear OR if you store all the doors and remove all sinks from the room then the plates should disappear!

20140911_162359Black circle under plates– if a black circle appears under your plate this means you have so many plates in one pile so when you clean up it will take you several goes at cleaning (as you have so many plates to clean up) before the black circle will gradually decrease and the plates will disappear.

TIP: to save time click clean up, then cancel the action when they bend down to pick it up, the dish will disappear and you save some time!

Once you have completed the whole collection you will get 5LPs (you need to complete this hobby once to unlock chopping boards before you start earning LPs when you complete it) with lots of sims you can complete this collection in under an hour!

Make sure you then click restart collection before another sim finishes making the dish


This video shows me completing the cooking hobby very quickly:

You also earn simoleons!

Each time you find a new collectible:

Bronze= S25
Silver= S60
Gold= S150
Bronze= S25
Silver= S80
Gold= S250
Chefs Knife
Bronze= S50
Silver= S100
Gold= S275
Bronze= S75
Silver= S200
Gold= S500
Rolling Pin
Bronze= S500
Silver= S500
Gold= S500
Measuring Spoon
Bronze= S500
Silver= S500
Gold= S500

And XPs!

Each row you complete you get an XP reward:

  • 1st- 750XPs
  • 2nd- 1000XPs
  • 3rd- 1500XPs
  • 4th- 2000XPs
  • 5th- 3000XPs
  • 6th- 5000XPs

And a reward for each time you level up:

Level 2 Hot Mess Maker= 250XPs
Level 3 Ready Meal Maestro= 500XPs
Level 4 Home Cooking Hero= S750
Level 5 Flavor Savior= 10,000 town value
Level 6 Hail to the Chef= 1LP

Once your sim gets to level 6 cooking it is a good idea to put them onto a different hobby for one go at that, I use the ghost hunters hobby as it is quite quick too, then I go back to cooking to start from level 1 again.

This means you will get more money, XPs, town value and an LP for levelling up to level 6 again.

Don’t worry- going back to level 1 doesn’t mean they will just find level 1 items as you have unlocked them all now!


Hope this helps!

Thanks for reading!

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The Sims Freeplay- 15 Ways To Make Money and LPs!

I always get asked “how do I make money and LPs quickly?” so I have come up with a list of the main ways you can make money and LPs!

  1. Buy them– you could always buy them if you are struggling, if you were to buy one of them I would go for LPs over simoleons as LPs are harder to make!
  2. Level up– when you level up you get LPs. You can level up quicker by reaching relationship milestones that give you 100+XPs and by completing rows in hobby collections
  3. Complete goals– each goal you complete gives you a reward, whether it’s money, LPs or XPs and when you complete a selection of the weekly goals you receive more money and LPs.
  4. Increase town value– you receive LPs when you reach certain values!
  5. Garden and bake– if all of your sims are gardening you can earn loads of simoleons. If you are busy put your sims on gardening and baking tasks for that length of time, e.g. While you are sleeping make all your sims plant beans for 9 hours. Or if you have a spare hour or so you could set up a plant growing plot for lots of your sims as shown below and grow some carrots or corn over and over to make even more money! Remember if sims are inspired they earn more money!
    Thanks Nige for the picture!
    Thanks Nige for the picture!

    Thanks Nige for the picture!
    Thanks again Nige!
  6. Pets finding treasure– the more expensive the pet the more likely they will find LPs but they mostly find simoleons
  7. Go to work– the more they go to work the more money they will make as they get promoted
  8. Party boat– the more neighbours you have the more prizes you get, you mostly get simoleons from this but it is possible to get LPs
  9. Competition center– this will give you a certain hobby and you enter a sim who has the highest level in that hobby for 24 hours and it will give you a position and a reward, if you are first you will get 3 LPs! You still get a reward wherever you are placed in the competition.
  10. Bingo hall– you can enter your seniors in this for a day, I have never won at bingo yet though!
  11. Hobbies– you get simoleons for finding a new piece and once you’ve completed the collections to collect the main prizes, complete it again for an LP reward! The cooking hobby is my favourite because you can make lots of money and LPs relatively quickly with several of your sims working on it at once! How Do I Have So Many LPs explains this in more detail.
  12. Collect revenue from car drives– if you buy the 1 story mansion you get a free car with it, you can use that to drive about town, click on the music notes and collect the money- the more expensive the car the more likely you will find LPs
  13. Daily reward– the mailbox gives you simoleons every 24 hours, the amount is based on your town value, the higher your value the more money you get but there is a limit on this
  14. Money from houses (house revenue)- click on the money and XPs signs on the town map for simoleons
  15. Free Simoleons/ LPs/ SPs from the paperboy- a paperboy appears in your town with a film reel in a bubble above his head, click on this to watch an advert, once you have watched it you will earn either furniture, simoleons, LPs or SPs! 

Don’t cheat! Using the time cheat is more trouble than it is worth, if you use it other things will go wrong with your game, for example:

  • Buildings take longer to build
  • Daily rewards don’t arrive
  • Babies take longer to arrive

It is possible to get lots of money and LPs without cheating, you just have to work hard.


Need Social Points? Watch this video: 

This method still works but they have unhelpfully made the social point flower cost 20LPs now instead of 5 so a bit more cooking is needed!

Thanks for reading!