The Sims Freeplay- Car Dealership and Driving

The car dealership is where you can buy cars so your sims can drive around and collect driving revenue.

Check out my town map post if you are unsure where to find the dealership!

Once it has been built it will look like this:

Buying a Car

You can then click on it and go through the choices of cars, 3 star cars find you more money and LP than 1 and 2 star cars

I’m not going to show you a picture of every car as a lot are the same just in different colours

1 Star Cars

1 Star Cars: Prius and Sedan

  • Blizzard Pearl Prius- S8,900
  • Classic Silver Metallic Prius- S8,900
  • Clearwater Blue Metallic Prius- S8,900
  • Sea Glass Pearl Prius- S8,900
  • Winter Gray Metallic Prius- S8,900
  • Yellow Sedan- S10,000
  • Red Sedan- S10,000
  • Green Sedan- S10,000
  • Blue Sedan- S10,000
  • Red Supercar- S800,000 (complete Influence Island: Season 21 to unlock)

Red Supercar

Red Vintage Car

Blue Hatch

Blue Vintage Car

Luxury Black Sedan

Yellow Beach Sports Coupe

Red Convertible

2 Star Cars

2 Star Cars: Vampmobile, Sedan with Racing Stripes and Hearse

  • Vampmobile- 20LP
  • Sedan with racing stripes- 25LP
  • Hearse- 25LP
  • Yellow Supercar- 80LP (complete Influence Island: Season 21 to unlock)

Yellow Supercar

Pink Vintage Car

White Vintage Car

Pearl Purple Sports

3 Star Cars

3 Star Cars: Sci-Fi and Luxury

Red Sports Car

Surf Van

  • Sci Fi Car- 30 LP
  • Luxury Car- 60LP
  • Black Stretch SUV- 75LP (complete the Party Time Live Event to unlock)

Black Stretch SUV

Pink Stretch SUV

Purple Stretch SUV

Cream Wedding Limo

White Wedding Limo

Two Tone Wedding Limo

Blue Beach Sports Coupe


To buy a car click BUY and it will ask you to select a sim, pick a sim who doesn’t have a car or it will switch their car to this new one. Once purchased go to their house and the car will be sitting in the parking space in front of their house.


To use the car click go for a drive:

Then go to the town map, you will see the car driving around if you follow it you will see music symbols in bubbles appear:

Click on those and it will give you money for driving.

A teenager can also learn to drive for 6 hours but an adult is required for this action.

Last updated: March 2023


29 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Car Dealership and Driving

  1. Ha! I never bothered looking through all of the cars so I was surprised to read that there is a hearse. Since I own two IRL, I’m going to have to save up the LPs so my simteen can drive one. I love your guides they have been helpful. Thanks.

  2. Hey thegirlwhogames! I’ve been trying to get my teenage girl Sim to drive the car, but every time I click on it, it saids ‘Learn How to Drive’. I’ve done it 2 times already with her and her dad. I guess my question is: is there even a way for teens to actually drive the cars or all they can do is ‘learn’ it?

  3. thanks for posting all these about the game 🙂 so glad to have found it cause i restarted my entire game just so i can complete the book of spells quest in time for the dragon. now i can “plan ahead” and do stuff faster 🙂

  4. The game will also give you free cars if you buy certain houses. I bought the beachside getaway, two designer homes, & the Scandinavian. If you create a Sim or move one in that doesn’t have a cars; the cars were just parked in the driveway when the house was ready.

  5. Is it possible to buy the dealership before the raiders of the last artifacts quest? It keeps telling me I have to complete that first

  6. For some reason, recently one of my Sims weren’t able to drive. Only the bubble with footprints appeared. It’s a luxury car that came with the mansion.

  7. For 3 star cars, does the Luxury car give you more LP when driving than the Scifi car? Anyone have both and know? I want to get the one that provides the max LP to collect driving but the Scifi car is half the LP cost to buy so if they provide the same LP drive collection rate I’ll go with that one. Thanks! And your site helps a bunch!

  8. Hmmm, that was whar I tried, unfortunately all my sims live in houses with cars, and one of those cars is a cheap model, that I wanted to get rid of, replacing it with the luxury car that came with a newly built house. Thanks for answering anyway, the next house I build may work for getting rid of the wreck.

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