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The Sims Freeplay- Online Store


This is a quick post for those of you who have asked me what is the online store and where it is.

The online store is the store in the game where you can purchase simoleons, LPs, SPs and items for real money (please don’t buy anything without asking the bill payer first!)

Where is it?

It is the purple cart located at the bottom middle of your game as shown in the picture:


This is one of the pages you will see when you click on the cart, there you can see the different sections for simoleons and LPs, social and specials


The In App Purchases post shows you what you can buy from the online store

When you buy items from the online store you now earn VIP Perks, this post explains the Perks

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26 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Online Store

  1. I can’t access online store, every time it says server timed out. and because of that I can’t finish tutorial task buy basic pack. what can I do? please help

  2. Hi can you please help me, i can’t connect to the online store but i need the complete home package 😑

  3. I have this itunes giftcard, can I buy things in the online store with it? I already activated the card so when I buy something does it go automatically from the card?

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  5. Ios and android store are different?

  6. I notice the Android store is different in one way, it does not have the FREE button, so us Android users can’t get any free lp’s this way. I wish they would change this. 😦

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  8. Eek… any way I can contact EA. I purchased simoleons and reset and thet disappeared 😦 I did it right away and didnt realise theyd go.

  9. I see that in your online store it’s reflected as British currency as you are from England, I’m a Canadian, so are the prices in my online store reflected as Canadian?? Or are they American?

  10. Hi, for the specials I only have Adidas clothing and fish aquariums but can I not buy anything else?…can I buy long hair, I did not pass that task

  11. Oh okay thanks

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