The Sims Freeplay- 10..9..8.. (New Year Fireworks) Quest

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! And most of you got your reindeer. Now it’s time to have a great New Year- with Sims Freeplay fireworks! Complete all the goals within the time limit- you only have 2 days!To unlock the fireworks and start your new year off in style!

The goals:

  • Invite friends on the phone- 11 minutes
  • Send email invitations on a computer- 4 minutes
  • Call fireworks r us on a phone- 20 minutes
  • Use a fridge to make tomato punch- 7 hours
  • Deep sleep in a bed- 6 hours
  • Check fireworks shipping on a computer- 45seconds
  • Make a sim try not to panic in a lounge chair- 9 hours
  • Call courier on phone- 1 minute
  • Be nice to a sim- 1 minute
  • Have a sim sift through garbage-8 hours (firstly kick over garbage-2 seconds to get this option)
  • Have a sim sift through another sims garbage- 8 hours
  • Email delivery slip on computer- 13 minutes
  • Spend  S8000 in home store
  • Invite 6 sims over
  • Make 6 sims dance to stereo (completes as soon as they are all dancing)
  • Check voicemail on phone- 4 minutes
  • Send sim to park
  • Send second sim to park (preferable ones you want to kiss each other)
  • Activate fireworks (click turn on on fireworks on pier)
  • Make 2 sims kiss- 2 seconds

And that is all the goals! If you complete within time then your fireworks can be found in the outdoor decorations section!

Thanks for reading!


69 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- 10..9..8.. (New Year Fireworks) Quest

  1. Some of them seem to have outrageous times once again. Thanks for posting! Maybe I can finish without having to use too many LPs. 🙂

    • Yeah I hate those outrageous times too! I would say make sure you have 3 star appliances to help you complete actions sooner. I’ve also found that save LP’s by only using them to instantly complete actions that I’m halfway through. If a a goal is eight hours then I use LP’s halfway through so I spend 4 instead of the full 8. If you know the goals ahead of time your other sims can work on them but you just can’t click on them until the goal appears.

    • I used santas chair for my lounge chair, I don’t know whether that is 3 star or not, I didn’t use a 3 star fridge as the option wouldn’t appear on my 3 star one, but the phone was 3 star

  2. accidentally sifted through garbage while visiting anothere sim. Hallelu. you Can sift through garbage 2x at once. guessing next would be wash hands, clean under fingernails and the 35min shower…

  3. Well adding your list together I have 32 hours left in this quest (not including what you haven’t included yet lol) and 42 hours. This isn’t gonna happen lol.

    • Try doing a few things at once, you can deep sleep while making the punch and do both the garbage tasks at once, the rest of the tasks are much shorter so you should be able to do it!

      • I do not have a longue chair, is there another way to complete that part? Can i find a lounge chair at a neighbors house.?

  4. Hallo
    I have completed all tasks and it said you can unlock your own firework bundle,. However, I cannot find any… Is that a bug or something?

  5. do you know if for the kiss quest i have to use only two adults? or can i make two teens kiss too?

  6. Are the fireworks worth 20lp in your opinion? I won’t be able to finish the quest tomorrow so I have to choose between using lp to skip it all tonight or just not doing it at all

  7. After finishing the Xmas quest thing, once I go to a neighbors town I get 3 lp for finishing the quest. I go to my neighbors a lot now to get lp

  8. finally… completed New Year Quest which given 6 kinds of firework 😐 thanks to your post so i was able to manage finishing all goals in time 😀

  9. I don’t know if I am doing something wrong. I had one of my sims try not to panic in a lounge chair. Did it two times, took 9 hours both times and never got credit for it. Should I maybe try a new house or a new chair?

    • This happened to me as well. Very frustrating as there was only an hour or so left and the game cancelled out the entire 9 hour action. Was able to complete the quest line though and received the fireworks.

      Even though the fireworks are basically just sparkly outdoor lights, they are fun and unique. I was worried that they were consumable — then wouldn’t be worth the effort. But because they’re lights, (and appear to be reusable), I definitely think it’s worth doing.

      I would enjoy a second set of fireworks (but also really want a dappled reindeer so am trying to save the LP)… So many choices, so few LP! :-$

    • When my sim finished this, the “Try not to panic” goal (it works with any chair) it got hung up at the end, and she ran around for 20 or 30 minutes with the task showing completed – when I touched her, the bar over her head showed 0 seconds, 0 minutes…I had to use an LP to finish!

  10. i just wasted 16 LP since i have 2 hour left to complete the quest. if only i read this before i might save my LP. i hope that 2 hour enough for 8 more goal.

  11. Heres a tip for the Deep Sleep and the Tomato Punch to help speed you along: Start 1 sim doing the Tomato Punch in 1 house, and another on Deep Sleep in another house…As soon as the Tomato Punch is done, and the Deep Sleep goal comes up, go to the other house where your sim should be finished with his Deep Sleep, and it will instantly complete the goal for you!
    These aren’t that bad guys, they didn’t take too long

    • If you set the garbage one for 8 hrs then get another sim to do the garbage one at another sims house, let the first garbage one complete then go to the other house, you will be able to complete it in the time

  12. I am quite pissed off. I wish I had known sooner about the goals. I have 6 hours left and the park still needs to be built! I do not have 47 LP….. -.- this is the 3rd quest I have been unable to complete because of the park and I have been saving up to those 250000 simoleons. I was almost there too 😦 this sucks. Oh well

  13. My Sim has done “Make a sim try not to panic in a lounge chair- 9 hours” 3 times and I never got credit for it.

    I give up.

  14. For spending 8000 in the home store can it be under the pet tab at the home store or is that considered the pet store?

  15. Ok so every time I go to a neighbor’s town it says I completed the Christmas quest and it gives me a reindeer and 3lp is this happening to anyone else

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