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The Sims Freeplay- Beginners Guide


I get loads of comments asking me how to do simple things that I think you should all know how to do so I’ve put together this guide to help you get the most out of the game! Please feel free to comment if you think I have missed anything out.

Life stages

You don’t start the game with all these life stages, you will only have adults, you need to complete certain quests as shown below to unlock the other stages.

Babies– complete two and a half sims to unlock

Toddlers– complete quest for toddlers to unlock

Preteens– complete preparing for preteens to unlock

Teens– complete teenagers to unlock

Adults– complete adulthood to age teens to adults

Seniors– complete seniors to unlock

Sim needs

Your sims have a selection of needs that have to be kept full to make them feel satisfied, if they aren’t happy they mope around and take ages to walk anywhere. If you fill up all their needs almost completely they will be inspired, being inspired is great because they earn more money when gardening and baking.

Hunger need- use the fridge to fill up this need

Bladder need- use the toilet to fill up this need

Hygiene need- use the shower, sink or bath to fill up this need

Social need- use the phone or talk to another sim to fill up this need

Energy need-use the bed, chair, or coffee machine to fill up this need

Entertain need- use a computer, tv, plant to fill up this need


The Simtracker helps you navigate through your sims so you can quickly see who is doing what and whether they have finished an action, if they have finished an action on the picture of them on the simtracker it will flash between their face and the xp symbol.

Sending a sim to a public place or someone elses home

To do this first make sure the sim isn’t busy then go to the place you want the sim to be, click to open the simtracker then click on the whistle symbol as shown in the picture:

Sending a sim home

To send a sim home go to the sim you want to go home then click to open the simtracker, make sure they aren’t busy, then click on the house symbol with the arrow inside it as shown in the picture:


This video shows you how to use the simtracker: 

Star ratings on items

The star ratings indicate how good that item is, the more stars the quicker it will take to do the action.

Essential Items

These items you should have in every house because they fulfil all your sims needs!

1-Fridge– Hunger

  • Baby and Toddler: CAN’T USE
  • Preteen- Seniors: Leftovers

2-Toilet– Bladder

  • Baby: CAN’T USE (goes to the toilet in its diaper when it needs to)
  • Toddler-Senior: Use the toilet

3-Shower– Hygiene

Depending on what age your sim is will give you different options for the shower, babies and toddlers cannot use the shower.

  • Baby and Toddler: CAN’T USE
  • Preteen: Quick Rinse, Good Scrub, Rich Lather, Waste Hot Water
  • Teen- Senior: Quick Rinse, Good Scrub, Rich Lather, Sing Heart Out

4-Bath- Hygiene

Depending on what age your sim is will give you different options for the bath, babies cannot use the bath but toddlers can, they require an adult to bathe them though so keep that in mind.

  • Baby: CAN’T USE
  • Toddler: Quick Dip and Take a Bath
  • Preteen-Senior: Quick Dip, Hot Bath, Long Soak, Fall Asleep in Bath

5-Phone– social

I often get asked how do I call a friend? It is very simple, you need to select the option from a phone. Be careful when you select options on the phone because you can now adopt children using the phone which costs real money! (These can be identified by the purple highlight boxes)

  • Baby and Toddler: CAN’T USE
  • Preteen: Prank Call (fun not social), Call Grandma, Call A Friend, On Hold to Tech Support
  • Teen: Quick Chat, Call Mom, Call a Friend, On Hold to Tech Support, Chat to Besty
  • Adult: Quick Chat, Call Mom, Call a Friend, On Hold to Tech Support
  • Senior: Quick Chat, Call Grandchildren, Call a Friend, On Hold to Tech Support

6-Coffee Machine– energy

A coffee machine is useful if you don’t have time to sleep, this will quickly fill up your energy levels, there are options for pre teens to have a chocolatey fudge drink too!

  • Baby and Toddler: CAN’T USE
  • Preteen: Triple Fudge Hot Chocolate
  • Teen: Espresso, Double Shot, Skinny Latte, Fancy Coffee
  • Adult and Senior: Espresso, Double Shot, Fancy Coffee

7-Computer– fun

Use a computer to check emails, search the internet or play games, the higher the star rated computer the quicker the actions complete.

  • Baby and Toddler: CAN’T USE
  • Preteen and Teen: Check Email, Browse Internet, Use Simbook, Watch Cat Videos, Update Blog, Play SimCity
  • Adult and Senior: Check Email, Browse Internet, Play the Sims, Watch Cat Videos, Play SimCity

8-TV– fun

Use the TV to quickly watch the news or spend the whole day watching movies! The higher star rating the tv the quicker actions complete.

  • Baby: CAN’T USE
  • Toddler: Complain about News instead of Watch News
  • Preteen-Senior: Watch News, Watch Show, Documentary, Watch A Movie, Movie Marathon

9-Bed– energy

Use the bed to have a long sleep, I rarely use the beds for adult sims, I just use the coffee machine when they get tired and they plant during the night.

  • Baby: Go to Sleep, Hibernate (in crib)
  • Toddler: Power Snooze, Catnap, Deep Sleep, Hibernate
  • Preteen: Jump on Bed, Power Snooze, Write in Diary, Deep Sleep, Sleep Through Alarm, Hibernate
  • Teen: Power Snooze, Write in Diary, Catnap, Avoid Chores, Deep Sleep, Sleep Through Alarm, Hibernate
  • Adult and Senior: Power Snooze, Catnap, Deep Sleep, Sleep Through Alarm, Hibernate


There are different star rating ovens, sometimes they can set on fire when certain goods are made, so an oven with a higher star rating means it is less likely for an item to burn.

See baking for how to use

Also use to complete the cooking hobby

Garden Plot

Some seeds can cause a sim eating plant to be grown

See gardening for how to use.


To cancel or speed up an action click on the sim who is doing the action then you will see this bar appear:


Click on the red x to cancel the action, it will bring up a warning saying you will not get any XPs for cancelling, are you sure you want to? Click yes or no

Click on the orange use button to use LPs to speed it up, it will show you on the left hand side of the button how many LPs it will cost you to complete the action early.

Click on the green arrow if you clicked on your sim by mistake and don’t want to do any of the options above.

Making money


A good way to make money is to garden, buy a plot for S20 and select the item you would like to plant, pay attention to the time, once your sim has finished gardening click on the round pictures above the plot to collect your money. Adult and Teen sims can plant.

Some plants can turn into sim eating plants: Lettuce, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Eggplant, Spinach- I wouldn’t risk planting these unless you had a goal to make them, if they turn into a sim eating plant you won’t get any money or Xps from them and you will need to negotiate with the plant to be able to use the plot again.


Baking is similar to gardening, buy an oven and select the food you want to bake, once your sim has finished baking click the round picture above the oven to collect your money!

Some items can burn: Brownies, Waffles, Donuts, Banana Bread, Rocky Road and Soufflé- I wouldn’t risk making these items unless you had a goal to make them, if they burn you won’t get any money or XPs for them and you will need to extinguish the fire to be able to use the oven again

The wedding cake doesn’t do anything so don’t waste your LPs on it!


Another way to make money is by getting a job, to get a job click on the menu at the right hand bottom of the screen and on the jobs tab find the sim that you want to get a job and click on unemployed next to their picture, this will bring you up the list of jobs available- give this post a read for more details

Towards the beginning of the game you don’t have too many options until you build all of the workplaces, once you have built them all the list of jobs to choose from is: Scientist, Firefighter, Actor, Musician, Artist, Teacher, Real Estate Agent, Athlete and Politician.


Another way to make money is by your sim having a hobby, once you have decided on the hobby for your sim you need to get them started on the hobby. Different aged sims can have different hobbies.

Baby: Musical Expression

Toddler: Toddler Playhouse, Seashell Collecting, Finger Painting

Preteen: Karate, BalletDivingFigure SkatingSeashell Collecting, Skill Tester

Teen: Teen Idol, CookingDivingFigure Skating,  Juggling, Spell Casting, Broomstick Flying, Surfing, Breakdancing, Arcade Gamer, Catwalk Model, Bowling, Dog Obedience, Dog Agility, Archery, Fashion Hunter, Makeup Artist, Potion Brewing, Snorkelling, Storyteller, Survivalist

Adult: CookingDiving,  Figure Skating,  Fashion Designer,  Fishing, Ghost Hunting, Horse Tricks, Vaulting, Showjumping, Woodworking, JugglingSpell CastingBroomstick Flying, Salsa DancingBreakdancingSurfingCatwalk Model, Bowling, Dog ObedienceDog Agility, Archery, Fashion Hunter, Makeup Artist, Potion Brewing, Snorkelling, Storyteller, SurvivalistPinball Enthusiast , Jester, High Striker

Senior: FishingCookingQuilting, Bird Feeding, Pinball Enthusiast Dog ObedienceStoryteller, Survivalist

At the start you won’t have many places unlocked to be able to do these hobbies. Click on each hobby to find out how to unlock it and more details about it.

If you want to change a sims hobby just get them to do something else, it will come up with a message saying something like ‘if they start this hobby they will lose all previous progress’ click ok or cancel if you don’t want to!


READ: 15 ways to make money and LPs

Living With…


If you want two sims to live together as friends they can be roommates, you need to be friends with the sim to get this option. Make sure the sim living in the house you want them to live in asks the other to be roommates.


If you want two sims to be a couple you can click be romantic, if you don’t want them to get married they can live together now, if you want them to get married, ask to marry before moving in.

read relationships for more information

Family Life

Only 4 sims can live in a house at one time


It is best to ask a sim to marry another sim before they live together, they are less likely to say no if they live in separate houses, you will have to buy the most expensive ring too which costs 10LPs, the better the ring the more likely they will say yes.

More information on getting married

Having a baby

You need to complete two and a half sims first! Then to have a baby you need to buy a crib, it will cost you 3LPs or simoleons to make a baby and they will take a day to arrive.

  • You can bake a birthday cake using an oven for 5LPs to turn a baby into a toddler (once quest for toddlers has been completed)
  • Then to a preteen (once preparing for preteens has been completed)
  • Then to a teen (once teenagers has been completed)
  • Then to an adult (once adulthood has been completed)
  • Then to a senior (once seniors has been completed)

More information on birthday cake ageing


To buy pets you need to build the pet store, you can buy cats and dogs for LPs

Choose the house you want the pet to go in (you can only have 2 pets per household)

Pets find money and sometimes LPs around your houses! The most expensive the pet the more LPs they are likely to find

More information on pets

Building Houses

My favourite part of the game is building houses, you can choose a pre-made house, these guides can help you decide:

Part One

Part Two

 Or if you want to decorate a house yourself but don’t want to build it have a look at the templates

Or a houseboat (on the mysterious island)

The building, deleting and resizing rooms post may help if you want to build your own houses

And once you have completed the multi story renovations quest you can add stairs 

And finally once the all going swimmingly quest is completed you can add pools to your houses



Promotions R us– You can buy promotional items, hobby items and musical instruments here.

Costume and Swim Store– You can buy and put on outfits and costumes from here.

Hair Salon- You can change your sims hair and makeup from here.

Pet Store– You can buy pets from here.

Supermarket– You can buy discounted seeds and recipes from here.

Car Dealership– You can buy cars from here.

Nightclub– Your sims can socialise here. 

Restaurant– Your sims can enjoy a meal here.

Mall– Your sims can shop here.

Sim Town Map 

Mysterious Island Map


Weekly Tasks

You have a set of normal goals (blue symbol) in the bottom left of the screen, once you complete all these goals you receive a key- you use these keys to unlock mystery boxes that contain different items, the more keys the rarer and better the items! You can also get rewards for completing 25%, 50% and 75% of the goals.

Once you have completed the week of goals you will have to wait until the next week to access the mystery box shop to spend your keys.


All quests HAVE to be completed in order, the level a quest unlocks at doesn’t mean anything if you haven’t completed the previous quests. You have to complete a quest before you can move onto the next and you cannot skip goals or quests. Quests waiting to be completed will be in your quest queue

The main quests can be found here

Social Tasks

These goals have a purple symbol on them, all these goals have to be completed at your neighbours town, each goal you complete gives you a reward- some give you social points, which you can use to buy items in the home store. To get neighbours you need to connect your game to game center or facebook or both!

If a neighbour doesn’t have an item you need you can add new neighbours or skip the goal for 10LPs.

More information on completing quests

Adding Neighbours

If you are playing on an android product you only have the party boat which connects to Facebook, if you are playing on an apple product you also have game center, to add someone on game center you need to open it, go to the requests tab and type in their nickname, to change your nickname go to the me tab

You can only have 100 neighbours so the people with the highest value town appear first on your party boat

More information on adding neighbours


You need to connect to the cloud to be able to save your game. You also need to connect to the cloud for your neighbours to see the most up to date version of your game, for example, if you add a mirror to your town for a friend to use and they still can’t see it- connect to the cloud and it will appear!

More information on the cloud

Thanks for Reading!



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    In the app you can use picture for the various family members, and if I could use this feature it could be helpful.
    So, I was wondering if there was any way to download the pictures of your sims from the simtracker?
    I just want a picture of their face, thanks!

    • Thanks!
      You can’t really do that but the best way would be to browse clothes on a wardrobe then you can get a good view of your whole sim and then screenshot (look up online if you are unsure how to take a screenshot without having to use the camera button on the game screen)

  11. So I finished my first quest which was to complete the cooking hobby. After I finished, it didn’t give me a new quest to work on. Is this because I should level up first? Any suggestions help!

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