The Sims Freeplay- Guide to Completing Quests [FAQs & TIPS]

Quests are a main part of The Sims Freeplay, in this post I will explain the different types of quests and the frequently asked questions I get asked about them as well as some tips to completing them.

Why is there more than one type of goal?

There are:

  1. Weekly Tasks (complete all the weekly goals in the week to earn a key, keys can then be spent in the Mystery Box Shop on prizes!)
  2. Main Quests (once you get to level 5 you will unlock the first of the main quests, these have to be completed in order)
  3. Discovery Quests (once you unlock the discovery quests you will see the goals you need to complete to complete the quest here
  4. Seasonal Quests (these are available for a limited time)
  5. Social Tasks (unlock from level 7. Social tasks have to be completed at a neighbours town- to earn social points to buy items)
  6. Simtown Market (once you unlock profession careers you will be able to complete simtown market events to unlock prizes)
  7. Time Limited Events also are shown here, these include hobby events and live events (these are also available for a limited time)

To find out what goals, events and quests you currently have available go to the goal tab.

Where is the goal tab?

This can be found at the bottom left corner of the screen, it will say something like 3 active tasks, this means you have 3 different goals, events or quests to be completed, if you click on this it will open and show you all of the available goals:

If it says ‘limited time prize available’ this means you need to complete it in the time shown, for example with the An Alien Concept Weather Machines Quest the time limit is 2 days, complete in the time limit to unlock winter clothes for your sims, if you don’t manage to complete in the 2 day time limit you can still complete main and discovery quests once the time limit is up, you just won’t get the time limited prize:

Can I complete all goals once the time limit is up and still get the prize?

Main Quests– yes, once the time limit is up you will still need to complete the quest before you can move onto the next main quest that is waiting in your queue
Discovery Quests– yes, once the time limit is up you will still need to complete the quest before you can move onto the next discovery quest
Weekly Tasks– once the week is up a new week will begin giving you another chance to earn the keys to buy the mystery boxes
Social Tasks– there is no time limit on social tasks
Seasonal Quests– no, once the time limit is up you will have to wait for the seasonal quest to return before you can try and complete it
Time Limited Events– no, once the time limit is up you will have to wait for the event to return before you can try and complete it
Simtown Market– no, once the time limit is up you will have to wait for the next simtown market to try and earn the next prize, they usually repeat the prizes so if you didn’t manage to get it the first time you can try again in the future

It says there are quests waiting in the queue, what does that mean?

These are quests that will appear as soon as you finish the previous quest goals, for example at level 7 you receive the Money Grows on Trees Quest and it will say the Love is in the Air Quest is in the queue as that is also unlocked at level 7. Once the Money Grows on Trees Quest is complete, the Love is in the Air Quest will begin straight away:

It also works if you are behind in completing quests, if you are on level 17 but are still on the Alien Concept: Weather Machines Quest (which unlocks at level 16) it will tell you that the Multi Story Renovations Quest is in the queue. The number in the green square under the current quest goals tells you how many quests are in your queue:

Read more about the Quest Queue here

I’m on level 12 and the toddler quest hasn’t appeared yet, what’s wrong?

Nothing is wrong, you are probably still on a previous quest. You need to complete all main quests in the order they appear, it says it unlocks at level 12 but cannot be started until quests that unlock at lower levels have been completed, you will probably see that it says A Quest for Toddlers is in the queue.
The order of the quests can be found in this post, you can’t skip quests and all goals have to be completed before moving onto the next quest.

What does the orange LP symbol next to the weekly tasks and social tasks mean?

This means that the goal can be skipped for 10LP, you cannot do this with quest goals.

I can’t find an item I need at a neighbours house, what do I do?

You could always skip the goal for 10LP or add another neighbour via the neighbours needed page

I struggle to complete quests within the time limit, how do you do it? [TIPS]

  • Start Goals Early– A lot of the quests contain goals that you can start early, if it is a task you can usually do, for example, reading the big book of stuff in the Raiders of the Lost Artifacts Quest, then the goal can be started while still on the Mysterious Island Quest so the quest can be done in a few hours instead of taking 20! This also works for all baking and gardening goals. This post explains Starting Goals Early in more detail
  • Speed up tasks with LP– LP are actually quite easy to make by completing the cooking hobby, you earn 5LP each time you complete the hobby (after the first time in which you earn chopping boards). This post explains how this works in more detail. Once you have the LP click on the sim completing the task you want to speed up and click on the orange LP button:

TIP: You need an LP to speed up for each full hour the action will take so if the action will take 2 hours 30 minutes this will cost you 2LP to speed up but if you wait until the timer reaches 1 hour 59 minutes it will only cost you 1LP

  • Plan ahead– if you take a look at all my quest posts here you can plan ahead to know exactly what tasks are coming and how long you have left
  • Set timers– it is easy to lose track of time so if you set a timer on your phone for when the task will complete you will be able to finish it as quickly as possible
  • Use 3 star items (if possible)- 3 star items give you the shortest amount of time to complete a task

Last Updated April 2019


The Sims Freeplay- Main Quests

Main Quests have to be completed in the order they appear on this page, even if you are on a high enough level to unlock another one, the previous quest has to be completed first.


Bread Winner

unlocks the cooking hobby (level 5)

Money Grows On Trees

unlocks the simoleon sprout and life point lotus plants (level 7)

Love Is In The Air

unlocks the ability to get your sims married (level 7)

Two and a Half Sims

unlocks babies (level 8)

Ocean View Estate

unlocks the beach side premium houses (level 9)

The Mysterious Island

unlocks the island and monuments to get bonuses on actions (level 10)

Raiders of the Lost Artifacts

find materials to build the monuments (level 10)

Need for Steed

unlocks stable and horses (level 11)

A Quest for Toddlers

unlocks toddlers (level 12)

It’s All Going Swimmingly

unlocks the swimming center and garden pools (level 13)

The Hidden Unicorn

unlocks the show jumping hobby (level 14)

In Da Clubhouse

unlocks a toddler hobby *this quest requires a toddler sim* (level 14)

Preparing for Preteens

unlocks preteens (level 15)

Sous Judgemental

unlocks the restaurant (level 16)

An Alien Concept: Weather Machines

unlocks the weather machine and snow park (level 16)

Multi Story Renovations

unlocks multi story houses and stairs (level 17)


unlocks teens (level 18)

Higher Education

unlocks education for teens (level 19)

The Pirate and His Goddess

unlocks pirate ship *this quest requires a teenage sim* (level 19)

The Road to Fame

unlocks teens musical hobby *this quest requires a teenage sim* (level 20)


unlocks the ability to age teens to adults (level 21)

Ghost Hunters

unlocks the ghost hunting hobby and haunted items (level 22)


unlocks seniors (level 23)

Bird Feeding

unlocks seniors hobby (level 24)

In Stitches

unlocks seniors hobby (level 25)

Life Dreams and Legacies

unlocks death and automatic ageing (level 26)

Looking for my discovery quests list? Click here

Frequently Asked Questions about Main Quests

I have missed a main quest! Why can’t I start it yet?
You cannot miss main quests they have to be completed in the order they appear in this post

Can I complete a main quest even though I am passed the level it unlocks at?
Yes, it will start automatically once previous quests have been completed

What happens if I don’t complete in the time limit, can I still finish a main quest?
Yes you have to finish it before you can move onto the next quest

I didn’t complete in the time limit, can I restart the quest?
No, you cannot redo quests

Can I still get the prize if I don’t complete a quest in the time limit?
No, the only way to get the limited time prizes is by completing the quest in the time limit

I don’t like this quest! Can I just skip it?
No, you have to complete this quest before you can move onto the next one

What do you mean when you say a goal can be started early?
Any goal that you can normally do can be started early because you will have access to it and any goal that you can’t normally do you will have to wait until you get the goal to be able to complete it
The tip with this method is to put the sim doing that action early in a different house that you cannot go to until you get that goal or it will not work

Some times are slightly different on my game, why is this?
Times may vary depending on the star rating of the item you are using as the higher star rating an item has the quicker you will complete a goal

Some times are really off/ different goals show for me, why is this?
This will be because the quest has been updated recently, I try my best to keep the posts up to date but it is difficult as I cannot redo every quest each time the game is updated. If you notice any changes please let me know so I can update the post

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