The Sims Freeplay- What We Want To See In Future Updates!

This is a list of things that Sims Freeplay players would like to see in future updates, if you would like to add something to this list please read it first before posting the same suggestions then leave a comment below!

 Opening game

Stop the bombardment of pop ups when you open the game:

  • Stop saying when bingo and competitions are on, they are always on
  • List everyone who has to go to work or has finished work together so we don’t have to click on several different pop ups


  • More outfits/ clothes/ shoes:

-“because it seems like everytime I get more outfits from completing a quest in the time limit or something it’s just outfits that they deleted from the game in the past”

-Bring back some of the clothes you took away from adults but gave to teens

  • More hairstyles:

-‘better hair styles like longer hairstyles and Katniss hair.’ Not just by completing the quest!

  • Be able to have more than 4 sims living in one house.
  • Be able to have more than 10 sims in one place
  • Maybe make sims be attracted to other people like when they see someone they like they have a heart bubble over their head
  • Different sizes and body shapes
  • Different heights
  • Pregnancy DONE!– maybe even with twins?
  • Different range of face shapes DONE!
  • More personalities
  • Sim limits should be per level as you get higher up the game
  • Higher Sim limit DONE!
  • Ability for Sims to talk with others while sitting down
  • Eating with forks, not hands! DONE!
  • To be able to create a family, more than one sim at once (like other sim games)
  • Changing last names of sims only when married not when roommates
  • Woohoo on the bed DONE!
  • ‘The main think I’d like to see is the sims inspired meters go down while doing certain actions that would qualify. Like when gardening, you would want to clean yourself or relaxing in a pool or long periods of time makes your sim want to have more fun, so that meter would go down.’
  • Interact the way they should ‘Like if two sims are married they should randomly kiss or when their both sleeping in one bed, they should snuggle or something’
  • Sims should change into PJs when they get into bedDONE!
  • Sleep underneath the sheets DONE!
  • Add ability to meet all needs in less than a minute in each of the community lots so you don’t have to send them home to inspire them. For example, it should be simple to add “wash hands” as an option to public restrooms and “eat snack” to the vending machines without having to add additional items.
  • It would be nice to have some tasks that take longer than 1 minute when doing relationship building. Maybe something like “have heart to heart talk” that takes 5 or 10 minutes.
  • Your sims should have the option to woohoo FOR BABY then the woman would get pregnant as a result of that(or it could sometimes be unsuccessful to make game more interesting, like the sims 3)

More things for teenagers and preteens to do:

  • Teenagers and preteens should be able to babysit (so adults can go to work)
  • Teenagers should be able to have jobs, maybe at the supermarket
  • More things for preteens to do. Toys for them to play with, etc. Why does the spaceship just sit there, why can’t my preteen play with it? Why can’t they play with some of the toddler toys the way they can use the swimming pool?
  • Preteens/ teens work at a hourse riding studio
  • Let more than one sim play the teen idol instruments. DONE!
  • Stop preteens skipping.
  • There should be the ability for a preteen to be able to carry her/his sibling(etc, a baby or toddler) under supervision of an adult
  • Preteens should be able to be romantic to teens and other preteens!
  • Be able to play video games on TV


  • Letting the toddlers play together with toys, at the sandpit in the community centre.
  • More things for toddlers to do DONE!


  • High chairs, walkers, to get them out of their cribs  DONE!
  • Able to pick up babies/ carry holder  DONE!
  • Babies crawlingDONE!


  • Pets should be less money and more variety, also should be more active, could also have a life bar do you can see what they need.
  • Be able to walk dogs

More pets:
-exotic pets like lizards and snakes that you can actually interact with. It should be a hobby
-more breeds of existing ( how about equestrian ?)

  • More furniture DONE!
  • Bunk beds! DONE!
  • Making your house a 2/3 storey should not be so expensive DONE!
  • building pools also should not be so expensive. DONE!
  • More decoration/clutter items
  • More building lots
  • Balconies! DONE!
  • Inside Swimming Pools
  • Gazebos
  • Patios DONE!
  • Gates for around front of houses
  • Tree houses
  • I wish we could save our customized houses as a template, like if we want to make the same house on another land plot we could click the button to make a new house and the saved house would be there. Or that we could move a currently built house to another empty land plot (a bigger one for example).


  • More ways to earn money because just planting and baking seem… unrealistic. Part time jobs? In real life, we usually do part-time jobs such as working at a library/restaurant/salon… or babysitting, writing novel…
  • Timings to be more realistic, not take so long to do things forcing you to use LP’s.
  • The building times and prices go up far too steeply between levels, change this as I feel it would keep people more interested in the game.
  • Easier ways to earn money


  • I want to be able to queue actions. By that I mean some things have to be done at certain times. Mainly sims job start times. That conflict with real life schedules. I want to be able to tell it to send my sim to work at that time when I am able to play the night before or what not. But this can also be a do this now and then this after. Like how the PC game we could queue 5 or 6 tasks. That would be beneficial for short tasks such as needs maintenance.
  • Minigames ‘For example for the store we could bag groceries or for school do simple math problems like two plus two or five minus three. For the club we could mix drinks. For the stadium we could play a game of soccer or something. Just to name a few. These could be optional like a window would pop if u wanted to play or not. Or a seperate bubble for the minigames. The prizes could be mostly money but occasionally lifepoints.’
  • I’d like to see that when you different actions with the same appliance that it looks different. For example when it you select the microwave to do pot noodles the sim sits and eats what looks like a hamburger! Exactly the same as if you select microwave hot snack! shouldn’t be like this!!
  • More realistic book reading times
  • Able to have a party and decorate house
  • Able to keep a photo album in the game (like in deluxe sims)


  • Houses or items as goals to work towards when doing weekly quests/tasks DONE!
  • During the tutorial stage of the game there are some aspects of the game that go untouched after it is over. I can’t quite put my finger on what is missing other than inter-sim relationship building.
  • When you get a goal that says something like ‘go fishing at the park’ you should be able to click on the goal and go straight to the park (will be helpful for those of us whose game crashes on the town map)

New quests:

  • Driving instructor
  • Hobby tasks, this should be like social tasks line no time limit to finish a variety of tasks associated with hobbies and mixed up such that it doesn’t feel too repetitive.
  • Hotel quest


  • More levels


  • I wish you could see how many xp before leveling up. Like 500 earned out of 1,000 needed. DONE!


  • To be able to send your sims to work whenever you can- “There are jobs I really want my sims to take but they don´t fit my schedule :’(” DONE
  • Send sims to work automatically
  • Tasks within the careers DONE!

More careers:

-Law enforcement (catch criminals) DONE!
-Medical DONE!
-Waiter/waitress (at a cafe/ restaurant maybe?)



  • More than one person being able to fish at one time (if several sims have this life dream its not possible for them all to do it)
  • More special content unlocked through hobbies (a way to add that extra customization). I do like getting LPs, obviously, but maybe if it alternated every collection, one earns LPs then the next gets a new set of furniture or clothes.
  • More than one hobby for each sim

More hobbies:

-Horse riding studio for preteens to work

horseback riding as hobby DONE!
-Exotic pets hobby

Surfing hobby DONE!
-Swimming hobby
Gardening and Baking

  • Make the later-unlocked veggies and baked goods make sense. It’s been a while since I unlocked anything that’s actually a better deal than the ones I already had.
  • Stop the sit and wait mode, e.g. do some short stuff for 5 minutes give or take then this big long wait for 24hr give or take. And with all those other sims left there is basically just farming to do. Which makes me feel like there is no more to the game than that. Seeing as this is a quest/goal oriented game perhaps the solution to this area is more simultaneous quests/goals (without more simultaneous time limits). I’m in a farming cycle or get to next long task and put all my sims to work farming until that long task is done. So that I’m only popping in game for 1 minute give or take to set sims on 2-9 hours at a time farming until long task is complete. Rinse an repeat.
  • cakes less expensive to bake.
  • Plants should constantly regrow- like in real life so you can go away for a few days, even weeks, it would be fine cos you’d always have something growing so it will always be ready to harvest.


  • No dead zone buildings like schools work etc. all buildings can be visited.
  • The supermarket should be given the ability to give you the items straight away, instead of waiting for instance 1 day for a birthday cake, this would help with tasks and growing up.
  • I think that it would be great if Fire Monkey and EA added colleges so that adults/ teens can work on their careers/hobbies. Their could be three different colleges: 1 star (costs less money but the sims get a better education,) 2 star (costs more money than 1 star and a better education,) 3 star (most expensive but best education.) The better the education, higher tour skill level goes up each time you go to college. You could go to college for your personality (I haven’t done the quest that unlocks the orbs yet so I am not to familiar with how that works) or for your hobby or even where you work. At some work places, you should be required to have a college education.

New places:
A horse stable DONE!
-A zoo (where you can work and pay to visit!! That could be a whole task in itself to put on the island!)
Have a restaurant as we have a nightclub but no other social establishments. DONE!
-A nursery for toddlers to go to like school they earn the town money
-Icons on town map for player generated public spaces, a museum?

-Church and decorations to buy for houses, e.g. crosses
-The survey they did mentioned a Harry Potter-like area with magical careers and hobbies. I’m all for that!

-An airport
New worlds: Maybe magic, alien, or supernatural? (like in other sim games!)
Social Points and Neighbours

  • Get rid of social points or make them easier to earn
  • Message board when you visit a neighbour
  • More than one sim being able to visit another neighbourhood
  • The ability for sims to go on holiday to another sims world and for the other person to be able to interact with you
  • Stop all sims looking depressed when you visit another town, there is no point to this
  • The GIVEN neighborhood, Another Sim Town ought to be set up with most if not all things in case a person playing doesn’t know others or didn’t want to connect with facebook or game center or not want to add strangers
  • Be able to connect via twitter or just online (for those who don’t play on an apple product facebook is their only option- some people don’t have facebook or any friends who play)

Life Points

  • Free LPs for every achievement unlocked
  • More activities to generate LPs
  • Earn LP for babysitting
  • Easier to earn LPs

Fixes to life dreams and legacies update:

  • Stop automatic ageing- “I want to be able to decide myself when my sims should age/die.” DONE! (can reverse their age for free)
  • Longer ageing time
  • Faster ways to complete the life dreams and upgrade life orbs because it takes forever
  • Stop the grim reaper from following our sims around, why can’t he just appear at the end? DONE!
  • Option to stop a sim’s aging indefinitely for a reasonable # of LPs (5 or 10? Even 20 would be ok, just not an orb that requires killing off several sims to get.)
  • Make life dreams easier to achieve (go up by more than 0.something%) DONE!
  • Make life dreams all with exact options (for example, don’t just say ‘go snowboarding’ but instead do ‘tricks til tomorrow’)
  • Make age stages longer so we are able to get further in jobs and hobbies
  • We need a graveyard or urn when a sim dies, they can’t just leave nothing behind.
  • Have life dreams achieved by doing variety of things, e.g all sporty actions should increase the life dreams %
  • Adult sims should be able to get higher than a silver orb, don’t say they have completed their life dream- what about trying to get a gold or platinum? If they have time to do it, why not let them!?
  • family tree- remember the departed
  • Go up in years maybe, not stages of life?


  • Specials, half price sales on simoleon/LP packs.
  • Fix bugs with store

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this post! There are some really great ideas here and the makers have already listened to a lot of them!

Thanks for reading!


382 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- What We Want To See In Future Updates!

  1. Easy ways or more easy tasks to earn more LP
    Lower building prices
    Be able to see neighbors house next door when at your own
    Preteens can pick up babies
    Preteens can date
    More clothes for babies, preteens and adults
    Have an alarm clock
    More jobs
    Shorter working times
    Earn more money after you finish work
    Have karaoke system, microphones, dance pad, yoga, gym, hospital, college, retirement home, nursery, etc.
    Have sims Woohoo!, getting girl pregnant right away
    Have a sim stay pregnant for a week
    Have female sim have sickness
    Birthday cakes for at least 2 or 3 LP
    Playground at park
    Play with more animals in the park
    Have REAL celebrities like Selena Gomez, Beyoncé, Iggy Azalea, etc
    Adopt babies, preteens, and teens for simoloans
    Have rugs
    More recipes
    Buses picking preteens and teens up for school
    More than 10 sims in one house
    Bigger house lot
    Take out trash
    Tuck kids in bed
    Twin beds
    More restaurants
    More towns
    More offers to earn more money and LP
    Cell phones
    Study dates
    Leftovers of their choice
    Toddlers make a mess with food and toys throughout the house
    Laundry room, washer and dryer
    Hair brush
    Make beds
    More makeup
    More body piercings
    More hair colors and hairstyles
    Dog bed inside
    Be able to play with rabbit
    House birds
    Mouse traps for running mice
    Fire alarm
    Sleep on a whole couch
    Sleep on floor
    Story time
    More floors aka 4 or 5
    Clean house with broom, mop
    Onesies for preteens
    Juice, koolaid, pop, icees and usable cups
    Take shoes off at the door
    Shoe rack in room
    Towel rack
    Cut grass
    Picture frames
    Dig holes with shovel
    Shed for storage
    Daylight and nighttime with your timezone
    Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, tooth brushes
    Snow, leaves and RAIN
    Cheaper stuff
    Discipline toddlers, preteens AND TEENS
    Gain weight if eats too much
    Fish tank
    Amusement Park


    • hopitap

      Animals in the outdoor quest,

      Long hair to become a discovery quest in the game,

      Diffrent body sizes/shapes

      Have boats that sims can ride

      More hairstyles and colors, strawberry blonde haircolor, curly hair, wavy hair

  2. Outfits must be in trend.
    Build more buildings like hospitals, and can go inside it.

    There should be high tech gadgets.

  3. There should be a cinema. and will have on news like what’s the latest movie.
    Some reporters on the road and paparazzis, Sims on shooting for a film.

  4. I would like it if lps would only need to be used for other items. I wish that it was like the normal sims where time goes by seconds and you can speed up the day! It’s so boring when you only have a few sims and they are all doing a long task. That’s all! 🙂

  5. I think preteens should date
    Teens can get pregnant
    you should be able to fast forward time because with the timed quests i never have time and some tasks take 24 hours…
    have more interactions between the sims like in sims 3/4…
    There are loads others that I can’t think of rn…

  6. Way more stuff for the babies. Like a play rug and an actual changing table. And the soms should be able to woohoo for a baby and have the sim be pregnant for as long as you want like you get to pick the time limit! I also think teens should be able to more as well as preteens!

  7. Should be able to take the blurr off completely in the game.

    Couples should be able to woohoo with clothes off while sensor is off.

    Sims should be able to get Pregnant
    before having the baby even if they aren’t married.

    Tasks should be faster and easier to
    to complete.

    Everthing in the game should be cheaper to build.

    Sims should be able to get older without having to get lifepoints just to buy a birthday cake.

    There should be cuter clothes for the adults and Toddlers.

    There should be other options for the baby like a high chair, a bouncy swing, a walker and a changing table.

    Sims should be able to hold there newborns while they feed them.

    Should be able to have a wedding in the church if there was a church in the game.

    Sims should be able to have morning sickness while being pregnant and there should be pregnacy test.

    Sims should be able to go out on dates.

    There should be prettier hairstyles for the Females and cuter Hairstyles for the Males.

    There should be apartments in the simsfreeplay.

  8. We should be able to have:
    more than 2 kids
    When you have a new baby, you can click random and it mixes up the DNA.
    Family tree
    Get lp for working
    Go by years, not stages
    Birthday celebrations
    Real songs
    Long hair options for everyone
    Better graphics
    When you visit an active town, you should be able interact with users (with consent)
    You have to do work at jobs to get ahead. Work gets harder as you escalate in hobby/job
    Clothes and hair move as you move
    Get arrested
    Different parts of the town
    Have other random sims in the game

    *sorry i got a little rough w/ the last 5 😅*

  9. Running around the park, like in the sunset mall quest, should be an actual action. It probably wouldn’t work as a hobby as there isn’t enough variety but if you could just set sims off running (similar to the “reach nirvana” and “practise ti chi” actions) that would be really cool! Setting two off as running partners could even increase their friendship but I don’t mind if it doesn’t do this.

  10. And this is probably already on there so sorry about that but I would like to show my support for being able to go inside workplaces, and businesses!

  11. And one more… This is only a tiny adaption but I noticed there’s a pond at the stables. As currently all you can do there is interact with horses (which all take ages!) it would be cool if you could fish in that pond, exactly like at the park. It would be really helpful as only one sim can fish at a time at the moment.

  12. New premade house like if you make a house you can publish it and other people can see it and build it

  13. When thesimsdie and we don’t want it to we could do 10 tasks to make them teens but the take the orbs back

  14. I think that there should be a community college or something for when your teens first grow into adults before they start working. Other adult sims could also be able to work at the college as a Professor.

  15. I really want their to be a hospital so i can employ my sims to be doctors and also i want my sims to be able to get hurt. eg. break a leg or arm and be able to bleed also. i would really like is babies could getout of their cribs and crawl and their parents able to pick them up for as long as they want and bring them to where ever they want

  16. More than one tattoo and accessories at the same time so i can put makeup on my sims and multiple other tattoos.

  17. More beds for toddlers, preteens, and teens
    Bunk beds
    Loft beds
    Babysitting hobbie
    Teens could do ballet and karate
    Everyone could use the basketball hoop
    Teen pregnancy
    Single girls can have moms
    Daycare for toddlers and babies.
    Long hair for toddlers, preteens, and teens
    Pjs that you don’t have to do an event for
    toddlers, preteens, and teens should be able to sleep together. Same with toddlers and preteeens could sneak into parents bed.

  18. Could we please have:

    1. Different body types (fit, fat, wheelchair, etc).
    2. More hairstyles for men.
    3. More romantic gestures (dating to married sims should have a cuddle option like woohoo which makes them go to a couch/ bed to cuddle up).
    4. Be able to use magic outside the spell casting hobby for only a number of sims (5?).
    5. Something for fairies (A flower to rest in, which closes when the enter it).
    6. More (and themed) furniture (French, Italian, English, etc).
    7. Fix the glitch that the lights don’t turn off when a sim goes to bed.

  19. New create a sim menu that can have body types


    Long hair to be an actual quest

    Move rooms around

    More ways to get lp

    Phones for adults

    More face features and hairstyles, for women and men

    Animals in the outdoors quest, bears, sqirrlels, deer, etc.

    More time for limited time quests

    Fast foward button like in sims 4

    Fancy furniture

    When sims get out of shower and bath they have towels

    Two sims to whoohoo if they are teens

    Try for baby button

    A hopital

    Sims to get pregnant

  20. Sims should have a skateboard hobby and bmx there should be a skate park and video games too.there should be a gym,playground,hunting and gun displays,more cars!!!classic muscle newer cars trucks not just prius sedans and lp cars! More hairstyles like mohawk skater/surfer hair,fauxhawk,spikey,up in the front. There should also be a soldier job and archery hobby and hobbys should be for all ages

  21. More options for teens to fall in love
    Have ghost sims
    Have young adults and then adults
    Pregnant sims

  22. And random sims that you haven’t made in the park and buildings and interact with them and your sims

  23. I think there is a new update (at least for me). You can pick up babies, bathe them, bounce with them on a bed, etcetera etcetera. And they look different, and there is a new quest as well.

  24. It realky sucks when there are more hobbies than Sims, and each Sim is limited to one hobby. The next update should expand the number of sims. It should always match at least the number of hobbies. If I take the time to reach the highest level in a hobby (and this is a major investment of time and effort in some cases), I shouldn’t have to wipe out that achievement to do a new hobby.

    • YES THANK YOU! I just posted this as a comment before reading yours. One of my neighbors has 79 sims!? I just want one for each hobby.

  25. Make the castle more useful. Right now it serves little purpose.
    Have the ability to maybe grow plants and flowers on garden plots for decoration. Maybe have special flower-planting plots.

  26. Something to inspire your sims so they go away for a relaxation period.
    Hospital and doctor career.
    The ability for adults to work at sim high school.

  27. 1.Have a sensei and a ballet teacher. 2. When preteens are dancing/karate stuffing have their mam,dad and other assorted relations watch them and apploud when they are doing it right. 3. Be able to buy the tutus,breakdancing clothes, salsa clothes and the kids gi (martial arts uniform)
    4. Have second floors cost 20,000 (we’re not ALL rolling in cash, EA) 5. Don’t sell any furniture in the home store for over 20,000. 6.Sleepwear comes with game and so does long hair. 7. Long hair for preteens!🙏

  28. Can Sims please stop eating directly from the fridge unless it’s a snack. They can pull a plate of leftovers out and sit together to eat a meal.

  29. You should have a gym for adult/seniors/teens and daycare for preteen/toddler

    Your teens should have periods and be able to get pregnant

  30. It would be nice to have three stages of adulthood. Like have young adult, adult and middle age. Instead of going straight from an adult to senior.

  31. It would be nice to have a “clean the house” option for the owner to clean up the house (instead of having to clean up messes/dishes individually. The dirtier the house is the more time it would take/the more XP you would earn. Or even a “clean the kitchen” option.

  32. It would be nice to have a job related to animals for the animal lover personality. Maybe a Vet? Or a dog walker? Groomer? Vet’s office would make sense…..but if that comes with pets having to die – forget it…..

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