The Sims Freeplay- Getting Married

This is a guide to getting married in The Sims Freeplay, it can be a bit confusing so hopefully this guide will help! Firstly you need to unlock the ability for your sims to get married, you do this by completing the Love is in the Air Quest which unlocks from level 7 (you do marry two sims in this quest so this post is just a refresher guide)

If you complete that quest in the time limit you will unlock the wedding dresses and suits as well so future sims can get married in style!

Thanks to Ann for the picture!
Thanks to Ann for the picture!

Once the quest is complete adult and senior sims can get married, to do this you need to select the romantic options at each relationship level until you get the option to propose marriage. The table below shows how long it takes to reach the next stage:

Strangers Be Romantic
1 minute
1 time
Budding Romance Kiss Hand
3 seconds
Be Romantic
1 minute
18 times 3 times
Date Kiss Cheek
2 seconds
Be Romantic
1 minute
36 times 6 times
Partner Propose Marriage
6 seconds
Be Romantic
1 minute
5 minutes
1 time
Engaged Be Romantic
1 minute
5 minutes
Get Married
6 seconds
(once engaged bar
is full)
6 times 4 times 1 time
Married Be Romantic
1 minute
5 minutes

For more detailed information about all Relationships check out my post here

When you get the option to Propose Marriage you will get a list of rings to choose from, starting from the cheapest to the most expensive:

  1. Vending Machine Dinosaur Ring- S1,750
  2. Mood Ring- S8,050
  3. Silver Ring- 3LP
  4. White Gold Ring- 6LP
  5. Eternity Ring- 10LP

Which ring should I choose? I always go for the most expensive, mainly because they usually say no if you go for the cheap rings! Why waste more money to just be rejected?

Don’t have 10LP for the ring? Check out my post here on making LP quickly

Once they accept the proposal they will be engaged!

They will then need to be romantic to each other 6 times or woohoo 4 times before they will get the option to Get Married

Your sims can get married anywhere in simtown so you get to choose the house they live in when you select the get married option:


They will take the surname of the sim whose house they will be living in so choose carefully

They will have a quick kiss and then will be married!


Can my sim marry more than one sim? No this isn’t possible, your sims need to get a divorce to marry another sim.

The Getting Divorced post can be found here


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76 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Getting Married

  1. I was wondering how often sims will say yes to the second most expensive ring, the white gold ring? I have 41 lps right now and I’m trying to save for a beachside escape so I want to propose and have them say yes in the cheapest way possible lol 🙂 I also want to say your site has been really really helpful as far as completing quests and stuff so I really appreciate it!!!!

  2. I’ve got the wedding arch but I have no idea how to use it – do you have any advice, please? I’ve got two sims waiting to use it for their wedding as well!

  3. I have the eternity ring. It was free. But when I try to propose marriage it says I don’t have enough lps. Idk what to do I have 5 hrs left to complete the goal.

  4. First, I had 2 sims get engaged. Then, when ready to marry, I had the guy come to girl’s house and the girl chose get married. Now the two are living together in the girls house but both still have their original last names.

    Did I do something wrong? Is this a new feature of the September 2014 update? Or is it a bug I should report to fire monkey’s site?

    Every time I’ve had sims get married/move in the last name of the household took precedence and I wanted that (in fact named my sims originally planning for that).

    Besides using the lp makeover, is there a way I can get the guy’s last name to change? I also don’t want to make the guy move out to try again if it means I’d have use lp to get engaged again either.

    When I went to the add a new sim on a vacant home plot I noticed the “relocate a household” refers to that family by the guy’s last name. I want the two to have a baby but don’t want to unless I can be sure the baby will have the last name I wanted (the girl’s).

    Have you or any of your visitors experienced this before? If so, Do any thoughts on what I can do?

    Thanks so much in advance! Your site has been extremely helpful.

    • This sounds like a glitch to me, I have had this once before but not on this update
      There isn’t really much you can do apart from doing the ultimate makeover for 12LPs if it really bothers you that much, but I personally would just leave it 🙂
      You’re welcome! I’m glad it helps! 🙂

  5. I’m sorry if this is the wrong section, I couldn’t find a post on Sims being married. I apologise if there is one.
    The sims I had married in the quest, their marriage bar doesn’t fill, as it would do for any other relationship.
    Do you know why this is?
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Slight tangent but I have “divorce a sim” as a weekly task. I only have one married couple. I guess they can’t have babies after divorce so I’ve started growing one. Question is, will the baby finish growing if I divorce now? Don’t want to waste the LP I spent to have a new baby! Thanks 🙂

      • I’ve had the task now on both my devices! It’s a pain having to do something so negative with my happy Sims. On the upside, and contrary to what Google brings up, the split doesn’t affect the family. You can’t divorce when a baby is being made – it won’t let you. Afterwards you can build the relationship back up and it looks like you could remarry, but why bother – especially if you already have 2 kids.


  7. Hi! Awesome post by the way! I am really addicted to the Sims Freeplay and I got more than ten couples married and eight of them have kids. One of the kids is now engaged and soon to be married.

    I was wondering that when one of my Senior Sims was baking cookies, I scrolled down and found the “Wedding Cake” option. What does that do?

    Also, I purchased the wedding dress and groom suit from the online store, but I can’t view them. I built the dress shop now because all of the dresses and suits have now been moved there but I can’t find it in there! I purchased it recently because of the upcoming wedding (and the fact is as surprisingly cheap) so I’m not really sure.

    My last question is all through out my Sims marriages, they had to be married in a house that they were living in. Before the marriages, my Sims already moved in with each other. But they still had to be married in a house. Is there another way to not to be married in a house?


    (BTW, hopefully when they get married, I can take some pictures and send them to you!)

    • Thanks! The wedding cake doesn’t do anything, don’t waste your LPs on it.
      They should all be in the outfit section of the costume and swim store, if you can’t find them there maybe the purchase didn’t go through?
      Yes you can, you need to make them good friends to get the option to ‘ask to move in’
      Hope this helps!

    • That doesn’t work to make them like each other, it does the opposite once the bar is full it will probably come up with an option for them to divorce
      Once they are married the bar can’t increase anymore.

  8. So I purchased the two story mansion, and on the backyard there is a wedding arbour. The two sims living there are engaged, and when I click on the arch, there is a Red Cross over their head. What does the wedding arbour do?

  9. Can you please post something about what happens when they get divorced? Where their children live, last name changes, relationship status…etc. I have sims that are married but I want them to have three kids, so I was wondering if I could make them divorce and marry another sim to have the other baby?
    Thanks for your blog! 🙂

  10. Can you marry sims in a different house (someone else’s)? Or does it have to be their own house?

  11. I have a “divorce a sims” tasks today in my weekly tasks. I get really mad about the idea of divorce so I really don’t know what to do? (I don’t want to waste LPs) So I think I need your help but I’ve read another commenter with a problem just like mine and I’ve also read your conversation with that so I guess I’m going to skip that tasks. Instead of remarrying again with expensive rings and stuff! I REALLY HATE DIVORCE! It’s this time of “wasting LPs in tasks” again. I think your convo with that commenter help so Thanks! Im just sharing cuz’ I really appreciate and love this site!! (Best site ever for Sims Freeplay)

    • Yeah I would just skip that one with Lps, I know you feel like it is a waste of LPs but think of the LPs you would have wasted by getting them married just for them to get divorced
      You’re welcome! I’m glad it helped!

  12. Help! I moved a single lady into a house with a married couple. Then when the single woman got engaged I somehow moved her husband in with them all and I figured I could move them out after I made another house. Once the house was complete I tried to move out one married couple but it will not let me, it says I can only move the household. I want them to have babies and I cannot do that if they are all living together. Do I have to have one couple divorce? Hate to do that, I would have to use LPs to get them remarried….

    • you could try relocating one of the sims from the house (click relocate a sim on the house options) then you should be able to get their partner to move in with them in the new house.

  13. Hello, I won the wedding dress bundle but haven’t got the costume and swim store yet. Will I still win the bundle when I get the costume store? Thanks!

  14. I have as one task – get engaged but when I try the rings are all greyed out. My other task is to clean a neighbours pool and my neighbours do not have a pool. I have no lps but have over $30,000 simoleons. Is there a way to fix the greyed out rings thing and or delete the task?

  15. I was wondering if anybody knew whether a sim can be married to more than one sim. I currently have a married sim who is a “partner” to another sim, and has the option to propose marriage. I’m curious if anybody has tried it, and if so, what happens? Do the married sims divorce in order for the two sims to marry? Is polygamy possible?

  16. What if I don’t complete the “love is in the air” quest in time can I still some how purchase the wedding dresses and suits?

  17. I really love your blog. It helped me a lot. Love it !!
    I want to ask can you give name to your sim after you create him/her. When i create a sim, my ipad crash in the middle of the process. When i turn it on again, he doesn’t have a name. Can you help please ..
    Sorry if i ask a question in wrong section.

  18. Hey, I know this is a little off topic but, do you know how to change a sim’s last name when they are already married ? Well, I meant my female sim to get my male sim’s last name but instead it was the opposite ! If there is a soluton please reply . Thanks !!!

  19. Hi! I was wondering if you move out one of your married sims to a different house, would they be divorced? Could I still have them married?

  20. So I just engaged my two sims, and I want the guys face to show on the house. I just built another house, and I tried all 4 combinations- guy moves out, girl asks, guy moves out, guy asks, girl moves out, girl asks, girl moves out, guy asks. But no matter what I do, the girls face shows! I already have two other girls faces showing on my other two couples houses, and I want a guys face to show on my other two. Please help! I just wasted my money- went from 20,000 to 2,500!

  21. I would like to know if I can still get married anytime if I didn’t make the deadline? Please help thanks

  22. I recently finished the Love is in the air quest before my time was up. So where are my wedding stuff? The dress & all?

  23. Wow you are so amazing about this stuff! How long have u been playing ??????

  24. I just spent ages getting 2 guys to be partners but there’s no option to get engaged or move in! Is that just a boy girl thing?

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