The Sims Freeplay- Getting Divorced

If you have two married sims that you no longer want to be together you can get them divorced.

  1. To do this you need to get them to either be rude or complain to each other
  2. Then after that if you click to interact again there will be an option to divorce for 12 seconds


They will now no longer be together but they will still have the same last name and will be living in the same house.


To move one of them out you can either:

1.Move them into a new empty house by selecting the relocate existing sim option

2.Move them in with another sim, either as good friends or romantically (moving in with another sim will change their last name to the sims they are going to be living with)


If they have children you will have to decide who they are going to live with:

  • if the children are babies, toddlers or preteens they cannot move out with the parent who moves out so will have to live with the parent who is staying at that house (once the parent who is leaving has moved out you can select relocate family on an empty house to move the remaining family to a different house if you want to)
  • if the children are teenagers they can move out with the parent who moves out (when the parent moves out they can become good friends with them if they aren’t already and select move in with sim)


What relation are the children to the parents and their new partners if they have one?

  • Their parents will still be their parents so it will say mom or dad when they want to interact with them
  • Their parents new partners will have no relation to the children

NOTE: if they have children with a new partner the children will all be siblings


Who gets who’s last name?

  • The sim who moves out, if they move in with someone else they will get their last name, for example if John Smith moved in with Jane Hill he will become John Hill
  • If the sim moves into an empty house they will keep their own last name


If the mom wants to move out with a new partner will the children be able to come too?

No, the children will remain in the other house, you need the partner to move in with the mom to keep the family together


Do you get the ring back to use again? 

No, you will have to buy a new ring to marry future sims


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