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The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Toddler Playhouse


20140216-163459.jpgThis is information on the newest hobby, the toddler playhouse. To unlock this hobby you need to complete in da clubhouse quest from level 14, the quest list for that can be found here

Who can do this hobby?


Only one toddler can do this hobby the first time, once you have unlocked the playhouse as many toddlers as you want can do this hobby each using their own playhouse.

How can they do this hobby?

Using the playhouse, pictured below:
Where can they do this hobby?

At the swim center and at home (once the collection has been completed for the first time, you can buy the playhouse for 20LPs and place at a house)

What are the options?

  • 2 little bears- 50 minutes
  • Cat holiday- 1 hour
  • Monster mansion- 2 hours
  • Supersim hideout- 4 hours

The first time you do this hobby you will only be able to access 2 little bears, that is because you need to find all 3 toys for that option before you find the 3 for cat holiday and so on, completing a line unlocks the next line.

What are the levels?

  1. Reservoir cat
  2. Cat person
  3. Citizen cat
  4. Lasagne ninja cat
  5. Simshire cat
  6. Catspeare

What are the toys to collect?

2 Little Bears– Grinn N. Bearit, Stronglive Bear, Simulator Bear

Cat Holiday– Catspeare, Reservior Cat, Citizen Cat

Monsters Mansion- Simzilla, The Wolf Sim, Dr Frankensim

Supersim Hideout– Captain Simtown, Judge Sim, Supersim

What do you win?

First time- unlocks the playhouse for your homes

Further times you receive 6LPs- this is a great way to make LPs as the hobby doesn’t take long to do!

I can’t find a piece what do I do?

You just need to keep going until you get it, there are no cheats or tricks, it’s completely random.
Is it worth using the lucky spin?

I would say no, it doesn’t give you the one you are missing it just gives you one at random so you will probably just waste LPs

How do I start the collection again?

Once you have finished the collection you can click play again at the bottom of the list.

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Thanks Lucy for the picture!

Confused about hobbies? Read my Hobbies Frequently Asked Questions post

Thanks for reading!



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56 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Hobbies: Toddler Playhouse

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  2. Hi, great blog, and thanks for putting it all together. For this hobby, can multiple toddlers use the same playhouse at the same time?

  3. I can’t seem to find the playhouse since the restaurant upadate! Help please!

  4. Hi!
    How much will the playhouse cost once it is unlocked?tnx in advance 😚

  5. Hi, thanks for the great blog as always! I am having trouble finding the playhouse, like the other comment said. It’s at the swim centre as before, but I can’t find it in the store… I don’t think I finished the quest in time, actually, so maybe that’s why? Do you know anything about this? Thanks in advance!

  6. I need more neighbors what should i do?

  7. Thanks for having a good blog, its been helpful.
    couldn’t gind the playhouse, came to your page, you always know. My toddler has now started her hobby.

  8. Hi, i was wondering if i can use the playhouse at the swim center instead of buying one, does completing the quest in time or not have any impact on this?

  9. Hi, I was wondering if I clicked the 2 little bears action would I still be able to collect cats, monsters, and others? Or does the animal correspond to the specific action? I have already unlocked the cat holiday section of the hobby and I wanted to try and save some time. Thanks in advance!!

  10. I’m stuck on level 5… I’ve collected all the things and started over, but my toddler is stuck at level 5 and hadent gotten any higher on 5 in a few weeks. This is also happening with my teen idol teen and one of the adults in cooking. Is there a trick to this thing?

  11. Do I need to complete the whole hobby and collect all the toys or just get the first line of toys? Plz answer. THX in advance

  12. Hi I can’t place the toddler playhouse in my house even though I have plenty of space, do you have any advice you could give me or could it be a glitch? Thanks in advance 🙂

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  14. I just got a toddler and went to the swim center. It won’t even let me click on the playhouse there. Am I missing something?

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  16. I finished the In Da Clubhouse Quest but I cannot find the clubhouse to buy anywhere and I’ve noticed other people mentioning this; do you know if it is some kind of glitch? Do you have any suggestions?

    I also wanted to say how much I love your blog, it has been super helpful!! Thanks so much!!

  17. I keep getting the same character in monster mansion…I have put my 5 toddlers to work on it over and over and it still will not give the last one to complete the set…this has been going on for weeks! Any suggestions?

  18. Hi! Your blog is soooo helpful! I was wondering if you got to keep the toys after you level up? Thanks!:)

  19. Thanks so much for your help! When ever I get stuck I look for your blog to find the answers

  20. Where do I buy the playhouse? What section?

  21. I just gotta say…your blog has helped me so much…for the fact is I’m terrible at time and it helped me get the dress-up chest for my most recent quest-“A quest for toddlers”😀

  22. There is no option for my toddler to play at clubhouse at pool . im on level 21. Please help.

  23. Where are the items that are unlocked after each row??

  24. I have completed this not once, but TWICE, yet cannot find the playhouse. I have looked in my buy section, cannot find it anywhere. I went to the hobbies/jobs building in town, and cannot find it there either. Where is it? I did not finish the quest in time, as rarely do I, as the game seems rigged to never give the needed game piece unless I spend a fortune on lifestyle points as a gamble (I did it twice, never got what was needed), or VIP and I dont have any of those. Please help. THANK YOU for all the help I have got from your blog!!!

    • I have no idea, sorry! It should be in the toddler section of buy mode, towards the beginning of the list of items, I don’t know why it hasn’t unlocked for you though, maybe you should contact EA to see if they can fix this problem for you

    • Have you tried the Promotions R Us store?? In the hobby section?? A new update could’ve changed it 🤓🤓

  25. Hello my hero! I only get 1 xp each session of monster mansion! I also keep getting the same toy over and over. It is quite tiresome and feels hopeless. One xp every two hours will be quite a long hard road. Any ideas or comment? Thanks for the great site!

  26. Why i can not add you as a friend on facebook? When i tried to search using your link it keeps sent me to my facebook home and i only discover your fans page. Nice blog by the way 😀 good to have someone who post about sims very specifically.

  27. My toddler wants to talk to cats. I have completed the play house quest but how do I complete my life dream? Please help (sorry if you have already answered)

  28. Hi! Have you had trouble with this hobby since the update? Before the update I could finish the hobby at a reasonable speed. Now it takes multiple weeks of constant playing to get the third Monster Mansion doll… what on earth is going on??

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