The Sims Freeplay- Long Hairstyles Review

This is my review of each of the long hairstyles you can unlock from the Long Hair Event, in all these images the sim modelling has black hair but you can also get each hairstyle in brown, red and blonde.

You can find all the styles you have unlocked for free from a wardrobe, the hair salon or create a sim.

I will be rating the hairstyles from 9 to 1 with 1 being my favourite!

9. Long Cornrows– There is just something about this hairstyle that I really don’t like, I think its that there isn’t enough hair! There are a lot of empty space without any hair, the tied back cornrows I already have is so much better than this one!


8. Long Straight Fringe– Now I like a good hairstyle with a fringe- this is not one of them! The fringe needs to be longer for this one to look better! (look at number 3 for a good fringe!)


7. Long Straight Over Ear– I like this hairstyle, but only from the side visible in the picture! The other side is less hair more ear.


6. Long Back Parted Ponytail– I like the hairband in it but I don’t like how it covers the ears with one bit of hair on each side.


5.Β Long Double Ponytail– the word long in this hairstyles name is misleading- it’s not long but saying that I do like this one (it probably would have been nearer the top if it was longer!)


4. Long Braided Ponytail– I like this one a lot! I would have just liked it to have been longer and look more like a plait in the dark colours (it looks so much better in blonde and red!)


3. Long Full Fringe Ponytail– I prefer this fringe to the one in the other fringe hairstyle, it’s a nice hairstyle but the way it curves is strange!


2. Long Shoulder Ponytail– It was a hard decision between this one and the one above for second place, this one was slightly ahead as the ponytail is longer, straighter and I like the extra accessories in this hair.


1.Long Straight– This is my favourite one, I just wanted a simple long hairstyle and this is it! It’s similar to my actual hair, which is probably why I like it!


Which one is your favourite and have you managed to unlock them all?


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39 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Long Hairstyles Review

  1. Hi, I think I like number 3 in your list the best. And you’re correct about the braids one. They could have put more thought into them but after that long, tedious mission I was able to unlock them all by late Sat only because I used lp to speed things up ugh!

    But I wish that teens and preteens can have the long hair too. And why don’t men have more hair options? Maybe EA will eventually give us that for men but hopefully nothing like that challenge we just going through. My Sims are tired of sewing.

    • I know! They should be avaliable to all ages but also they should be avaliable to all players, we shouldn’t have had to do that quest in a week to unlock them, what happens when new players start? They won’t have long hair :/

  2. Just got all of them πŸ™‚ I think all the side ponytails and the cornrows look good..

    Favorite would be #2 Long Shoulder Ponytail, #4 Long Braided Ponytail comes close!

    Whats your favorite?

    ps. i found your blog a few days ago when i first started the game..nice blog!

  3. I was skeptical at first about this quest because it was really time-consuming and I had to waste simoleons on new fashion studios, but it was really worth it. My favorite would be your #3 – I think it’s gorgeous, and next up are #6 and #4. The rest are nice as well, it’s nice to have new hairstyles, I just wish they had new ones for the male sims, because most of the current ones are horrible.

    Love your blog, btw! Extremely helpful. πŸ™‚

  4. Cool! I have to agree with full fringe ponytail when I first saw it it reminded me of a snake or scarf around her neck 😝

  5. Thank you for posting this πŸ™‚ #8 I don’t mind the short bangs/fringe, but I think what bothers me is that they are too wide, that the hair tapers off towards the ears and then gets long, that makes it look like a mullet from any angle other than straight on lol.. Or when your Mother cuts your hair as a child.. lol, it’s too much, the hair needs to get long at the temples. All in all though, I’m very happy to have long hair! I hope they offer more colors eventually.

  6. Just BC of the fact I started ringlets of fire at a level 5 (just started playing the game). I of course didn’t even get one hair. I don’t know if anyone else is in the same spot but I find this has made sure that EA sims freeplay never gets any money from me.

    • I do think that giving us long hairstyles in a quest that only lasts a week was a mistake, it was too difficult for people like you who had just started playing and what happens when new people start playing? Are they ever going to get long hairstyles? :/

      • Right it’s not that I’m going to stop playing I love sims free style included, just frustrating. Hopefully they will bring the quest back at a later date. If anyone sees this post and needs a friend add me on gamecenter xtiffanyjx.

  7. Hey girl! Love your site – it’s helped me with so many questions I’ve had about TSFP πŸ™‚ Quick questions… I completed 5 of the outfits, but I don’t see 5 hair styles in the salon, CAS, or the wardrobe. If we don’t complete the whole quest, do we not get any hairs? I think I read that say we can buy the long hairs (those we weren’t able to get) from the online store… Where exactly in the store? I totally can’t find them. Thanks in advance!!!

    • You needed to have completed all 12 designs to get one hairstyle, then you needed to do this another 8 times to get them all.
      They will be in the special section πŸ™‚ but beware you only get one for the price and it’s a random one!

  8. I’m kinda grumpy about this actually. I wasn’t ever going to get all hairstyles because I work 8hrs a day and can’t constantly check my sims game for a week. :\ I didn’t get any hairstyles even though I started off with one sim on level 3 with the fashion hobby and started two others from scratch. I’m still not at level 6 with any of them and the majority things I did was 10mins when I knew I would be sitting at home for a while, an 1hr if I was going out somewhere and 6-12 if I was sleeping and unable to check in the morning. It’s disappointing that they only gave us a week to do it too! There’s no way I would pay freaking $4 for ONE hairstyle. All nine? Then I would think about it…but definitely not just one. Ugh.

    • I know, it’s not the best thought out quest ever, luckily I had a few days off so I was able to get them all but with other people at work and school a week is way too short :/
      And 3.99 is far too expensive for one!

  9. But how i get new hairstyle ifthe quest is over before i completed? Please help :’)

  10. I unlocked numbers 9, 8, 7, and 4, with 4 being my favorite of those. I agree about the cornrows! I wish these hairstyles could be used on pre-teens.

  11. I didn’t complete the quest in time and I wanted to buy one of the hairstyles so I went to the online store and I couldn’t find it 😦 please help x

    • Since the latest update they have removed most of the previous items you could have won if you completed quests in time from the store, I have no idea why, it seems a bit weird that they would reduce ways they can make money

  12. i like the long ponny tail .. its looking nice.i like the long straight fringe..looking so cutie.

  13. I missed thid quest 😭 I’ve contact EA developers via Firemonkeys forum to asked about hairstyles also clothes, so how long they’ll respond back?
    anyway this is a lovely blog, it helps me a lot, thanksβ™₯πŸ˜ƒ

  14. Hello.. thanks for havingg this website it’s so helpful:) quick question, how can I unlock the long hairstyle I dont know how I’m on my last quest but I havent started because I dont want my sims to age and die lol

  15. Where are the long hairstyles found? I can’t find them in the salon/mall. Is it only in the create a sim menu?

  16. Hi! I love your blog. I was wondering, since I’m leveling a sim up to level 6 and it’s taking a while, I’m having 2 days left to complete all sets. Do you think I could get all of them? How long did it take you? Thanks! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks πŸ™‚ It took me a day and a half to get them all but I was already on level 6, it is very difficult to tell you whether you will be able to do it, just keep going and hopefully you will get at least a few of them!

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