The Sims Freeplay- Pet Store

The pet store is where you can buy cats and dogs to live in your sims houses.

You can find the pet store on the town map post to see where it is

Once you have built the store it will look like this:

Buying a pet

Firstly select the pet you want, click on the tabs to change between them and the arrow keys to select a breed.

The more expensive the dog or cat the more LPs and simoleons they will find.


1 Star Dog

  • Greyhound- 5LPs

2 Star Dogs

  • German Shepherd- 18LPs
  • Labrador- 20LPs
  • Golden Retriever- 22LPs
  • Dalmatian- 25LPs

3 Star Dogs

  • Husky- 75LPs
  • Robo Dog- 80LPs
  • Poodle (if you completed the Puppy Pals hobby in the time limit)- 82LPs

PUPPIES- complete the A Puppy Odyssey Quest to unlock puppies

1 Star Puppy

  • Greyhound- S10,000

2 Star Puppies

  • German Shepherd- 14LPs
  • Labrador- 16LPs
  • Golden Retriever- 18LPs
  • Dalmatian- 20LPs

3 Star Puppies

  • Husky- 62LPs
  • Robo Dog- 66LPs
  • Poodle (if you completed the Puppy Pals hobby in the time limit)- 68LPs


1 Star Cat

  • British Shorthair- 6LPs

2 Star Cats

  • Maine Coon- 18LPs
  • Siamese- 22LPs
  • Toyger- 25LPs
  • Domestic Black- 30LPs

3 Star Cats

  • Bengal- 75LPs
  • Bejeweled Blitz’s Anchovy- 75LPs
  • Robocat- 80LPs
  • Persian (complete the Internet Kitten hobby)- 82LPs

KITTENS- complete the A Puppy Odyssey Quest to unlock kittens

1 Star Kitten

  • British Shorthair- S10,000

2 Star Kittens

  • Maine Coon- 14LPs
  • Siamese- 18LPs
  • Toyger- 20LPs
  • Domestic Black- 24LPs

3 Star Kittens

  • Bengal- 62LPs
  • Robocat- 66LPs
  • Persian (complete the Internet Kitten hobby)- 68LPs


Select the pet you want and click BUY

Then this list of your sims will appear so you can select the house for your new pet:

NOTE: You can only have 2 pets in each house.

If you completed the Royal Lineage Quest in the time limit you will have Fairies in your pet store, see that post for information on Fairies.

Please read my Guide to Pets for more information on what pets do, other pets and accessories you can buy for them

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54 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Pet Store

  1. I am saving up for a robocat or a robodog. Who is better at finding treasure? I like the kitty because you can hug them, but cats sometimes seem slower at digging up treasure. Thanks!

  2. Today I unlocked the Fortune Box after weeks of saving keys (yay!) and now have 83 LP in total, do you think I should buy a 3 star pet or save my LP for something else? Thanks, and your blog is really helpful by the way!

  3. Does It Have To Be Certain Dogs That Can Dig Up LP Cause, I’m Saving Up LP To Bake The Bday Cake But My Dog Has Dug Like 54 Times And Hasn’t Dug Up Any LP…

  4. Should I get a 3 star car or should I save up for a 3 star pet? I’m not which would be better at finding LPs. I have 50 LPs right now, so I have enough for the Sci Fi car…

  5. Does the amount of money or lps depend on the happiness of your pet? And if your pet reaches the lowest hapiness level will it die or escape?

  6. Hey there. I want to first off saying thank you so much for creating this amazing blog and I appreciate how much you dedicate yourself into making everything so simple and easy to follow and your patience with everyone lol. I’ve been following you for months and REALLY appreciate all the times you saved me LPs on all the advice you’ve given.
    Anyways, I had a question/observation I found today after buying my fifth pet. I had two cats (all 2 star), one 2 star dragon, and two dogs ( 1 star and 3 star ). And when I went to the pet shop today, I noticed the prices (LPs) dropped significantly on the dogs and cats. For instance, the greyhound is 2 LP and a husky is 37 LP and a short haired black cat is 2 LP and the black cat is 31LP (i think).
    Do you know if this is from an update or after buying a certain amount of pets that the prices go down?

      • Ahh thank you! I just saw the pop-up today so I bought robo cat and dog and the bejeweled blitz cat XD

      • I saw the ad for half price pets today (3/6/15) but in the pet store they’ve changed back to full price. Can anyone else confirm this?

  7. Hi just bought my first pet. I’ve noticed that in the home store part there are things to buy for your pets. Are these worth spending the Lps on? Do they make a difference to the amount of treasure your pet finds?

  8. I started a new game on my iPad while continuing my current game in my phone I am on level 10 and I haven’t received a dog for free yet and I think that’s odd do you think I will still get one?

  9. Since the sims can have babies as a way of creating new sims and expanding families why can’t the pets be assigned a gender the way the sims are when the player creates them so that the pets could breed as we’ll? I would love to breed two dogs or two cats and have puppies or kittens.

  10. Just wanted to add that the pet store now has nothing to do with any quests, you can build it anytime

  11. On the King of Basements Quest, you have to play with a pet a home. I tried every pet and the task is still not complete. Does anyone have the same problem?

  12. Hi your page has helped me a lot!!

    I now have 75 lps, should I buy one husky or wait for the robodog? They are both 3 star but it says the more expensive a pet the better they are…

      • Yea that’s what I thought but looks like my owner can’t do it because it never gives me any interacting options….but when I invited another sim, he was able to do it…so I guess that’s my work around it. You know why that could happen?

  13. I have about six pets some of them I have named, but I can remember how I did it?

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