The Sims Freeplay-Christmas Gifts 2014

Once you have updated your game to the Christmas update you will receive Christmas gifts everyday!

NOTE: The gift is free but is in the buy mode, not inventory

Day 1

Dragon Ice Sculpture- can be found in the decorations section of the buy mode, must be placed on a table not the floor



Day 2

Nightlife Discoball- can be found in the decoratios section, place somewhere in your house and it will hang from the ceiling.

Day 3
Floral Breeze- this is a fan and can be found in the electronics section

Day 4
Nightlight- can be found in the children’s store or baby and toddler section of buy mode

Day 5
Balloon Basket- can be found in the decorations section

That is all the gifts but you can unlock some great prizes by completing the Christmas quest can be found here:

Once you have got your key for the weekly tasks you can no longer do anymore that week, you just have to wait until the next week starts- I don’t really know why everyone is moaning about this as there was no point completing more than the weeks worth anyway, you don’t get any more keys for completing more than needed!

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112 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay-Christmas Gifts 2014

  1. Since the Christmas update I’ve completed weekly tasks, got a key but no idea how you now or where you go to spend them… It’s counting down to next weeks tasks starting? Anyone else? Any ideas- do I just wait till my next ‘week’ starts before I can spend or am I missing something obvious!? Thanks all and weightless magic 🙂

  2. My kindle automatically updated for Thanksgiving update but hasn’t updated for the Christmas update. Do you know how to manually updated on a Kindle Fire?

    • Manual update on Kindle: Goto Apps click into store. Bring up side tab (has the favorites star, search, thing that has square with 3 lines, back arrow and home button). Click the square with 3 lines and click update apps.

  3. I never got the dragon sculpture.. Adter the update the firdt gift i got was the disco ball… Any chance i’d get it too?

  4. Have you noticed since this update, no more regular tasks once weekly task key is earned? For folks who complete weekly task list quickly, it means fewer opportunities to earn simoleans and life points.

  5. Do you know if we’re supposed to be doing anything with the Santa in the sleigh flying through the town? I tried clicking on him just to see if anything happens – nada – although he’s moving so fast he’s hard to catch.

    Thanks again for your blog and for being such a resourceful FB neighbor. I’ve learned a lot from your setup.

  6. Do you have any good tips to get free money in the game?
    Also I love your blog I check it out a lot it really helps me out 😄

  7. I got the pop up that said I had a gift (day 4 gift). I saw the gift and accidentally left the yard before opening it. When I went back, the gift was no longer there. Any ideas what to do to get it back?

  8. I updated my game late last night and got two presents delivered back-to-back. First was the nightlight for my baby and the second one was the flower fan you posted above.
    And thank you for all the work you put into this blog, it’s really helped me a lot!

  9. Thank you! for producing this blog, it really helps😃
    Day 4 – gift was a night-light for children.
    But I cannot find it in the store or the inventory (I have not completed or started the toddler quest, I’m on the marriage quest). Any ideas if it could be anywhere else?
    Playing on iPad mini, if it is relevant at all. Thanks!

  10. Do you think they will actually give us real Christmas presents this year, like they did last year? I really enjoyed having the Christmas wall paper, the Christmas candles and cookies for Santa. I’m getting kind of bummed this time so far.

  11. Can you help me? Im stuck in the great Xmas mishap.
    Im stuck in “rest with The thinking Man” i dont understand.can you Post your mission Xmas mishap? Thank you 🙂

  12. How do you complete the thinking man part of the Xmas quest? I have no idea at all 😦 please help!

  13. I just opened my Christmas gift box for day 6, and they said that since it was their anniversary, they’d give me the ocean view painting that I didn’t receive since I didn’t complete the quest in time. I can’t find it though. Shouldn’t it be in Decorations? I even searched under Bathroom!

  14. I got a free gift with the 3 year anniversary. It is the haunted house. Do you where i go to get the gift?

  15. Long time reader, first time commenter. Thanks for always being so helpful! I did not recieve anything as an anniversary gift, any ideas why?

    • You’re welcome!
      Have you unlocked all the prizes for completing quests on time? I don’t know what that players who have done that got as their gift as the gift unlocked one of these prizes
      Or have you just missed it, there will be a parcel at a mailbox at one of your houses

  16. They gave me the elevator and escalator pack for the anniversary. I was so surprised haha it’s actually a really good pack! It came with 3 elevators; a basic one (200 000 simoleons), a techno theme (300 000 simoleons), and a fancy hotel theme (20 Lp). And 4 escalators; a cheap one (100 000 simoleons), a basic one (120 000 simoleons), a fancy gold plated one like the spiral staircase (140 000 simoleons), and a really sick rainbow one (20 Lp). It’s pretty awesome and if you save up, it’s totally worth it!

  17. Thank you for all the advice you give. The info is great! I have a question about day 2 Christmas quest. I read blog about what tasks to do in order. I finished looking for clues and told me done for today. I didn’t get to inspect machine but still has plenty of time to finish. I didn’t get Christmas candle either. Is this a glitch?

  18. I could use some help… I got the teen idol “set” but I can’t find it in the store or my invetory. Any ideas?

  19. Where do I find the anniversary gift “ocean view house” it was a Christmas gift and I can’t find it HELP

  20. Hello, I have been looking for the sleigh to place in my yard and cannot find it in my inventory or anywhere anywhere. I already realized that the inflatable Santa wasn’t it. Please help!

    • It isn’t in the outdoor decorations section of your inventory? If not then sorry I don’t know why it isn’t there, I think you should contact EA to see if they can help you with the issue

  21. Hello, finally hope I can get some help, on first part of the Xmas Mishap task and I need to search for clues on the X marks the spot at Santa’s workshop and I have one of the reindeer floating right above the X……So any sim I send there to do the task wont do it as they are being blocked….any ideas how to get rid of this glitch?

    • I’m not sure how to fix the is problem but I would suggest you send that sim home and close your game, then I would turn the device off and on again and send a new sim to the workshop, this might make the reindeer move, if not you will have to contact EA to see if they can fix this issue for you, sorry!

  22. So…. I managed to leave Santa’s workshop, but I left the sleigh there and now I can’t get back. Anyone know of a fix?


  23. Hmm… I have 3 SANTA sleighs (1 free & 2 purchased with 30 LP’s. OUCH!) placed in 3 different homes and the quest algorithm won’t recognize it. What to do? Can’t move on. Any thoughts?
    Thank you for your time & attention. 🙂

  24. I’ve completed 34% of the Great Christmas Mishap. My current task is to return to Santas a Workshop after talking to the Wumples but Santa is no longer listed on my SimTracker and I must have left his sleigh at the workshop…how to I get back?? Desperate for help…thanks!

  25. I’m doing the Christmas tasks and have the sleigh but where do I place it? No matter which garden I put it I can’t move forward on the tasks

    • You just place it in a garden at one of you houses, if it isn’t working are you sure you are placing the right sleigh? It is the one in the your inventory in the outdoor decorations section, not the inflatable one you won on day 1

  26. Go to your town map and one of the face icons will flash with a picture of the sleigh! That’s where Santa’s sleigh is.

  27. i just sold my sleigh and santa is no longer listed on my simtracker, i have restart the game and santa still not in my simtracker. i`ve reach 46% on Xmash Mishap,can i visit santas workshop with this condition?

  28. Excuse me
    Why Santa did not want to return to his home? I’ve pressed the home button, initially he came home but when I play again, he stays in my house. What should I do?

  29. Is anybody else having alot of glitches with this update? My game restarts alot and makes my sims stop doing what I had them doing. It sucks because I had to use my LPs to catch up for the Christmas quest.

  30. Hi this has nothing to do with this quest but I had a pet Turkey and I put it into my inventory and it is not there. Where can I find it???

  31. How dO I open the boxes once I have completed the quest for the week. I have completed it but there is no option to open the boxes till the next week.

  32. First of all, Merry Christmas! I love your blog, it has saved me from quitting many times. Ok here’s my question: Where do I go to get the pet costumes? I have tried the pet and decoration sections of the “Home Store” and no luck. Thanks!

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