The Sims Freeplay- Empty House Options

When you click on an empty house a pop up will appear, in this post I am going to explain what each of these options means.

  • Add New Sim– Click to be taken to create a sim to add a new adult sim to the game, this option will be greyed out if you are at your sim limit for that level.
  • Relocate Existing Sim– Click to move a sim you already have in the town into a different house, you may want to use this option to separate a sim from a family or just move a sim from one house to another. It will cost you S5,000 and you can only do this while that sim isn’t busy otherwise they will be greyed out.
  • Relocate Household– Click to move a whole household from one house to another, this will cost you S8,000 and you can only do this while all sims from that household aren’t doing anything otherwise that family will be greyed out.
  • View House– Click on this to see the empty house, use this for decorating before moving a sim in.
  • Demolish House– Click this to delete the house and get the option to pick a new house to build on this lot, the price to build the next house will decrease as you have one less house in your town (TIP: make sure you sell all rooms before you demolish the house so you can store all the items in it first and earn money from deleting the rooms otherwise you won’t get any money) Click here to watch this video for more information on deleting houses
When a sim lives in a house the only thing you can do is view house, you need to move out the sim before any of these options will appear.


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16 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Empty House Options

  1. You don’t give yourself enough credit. I have spent more time than I want to admit, looking for the best SFP blog I could find. Hands down, your blog is extremely well organized and user-friendly. You know your Freeplay and it shows that you do your research and put a lot of time into helping others through this blog. Thank you for your time and effort. And KNOW your an extremely smart and advanced blogger. I’d cry if you ever quit!

  2. Sorry if this post is in the wrong place. I really need to increase my hobbies. What are the best businesses to buy to do this please? At the moment I only have fishing and cooking/baking.

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    • Most hobbies unlock when you complete quests, I will list the main ones: diving at the swim Center unlocks when you complete the all going swimmingly quest, woodworking at the community Center when you complete the multi story renovations quest, build the snow park to figure skate, the dance to remember quest to salsa dance and breakdance, book of spells to unlock spell casting and broomstick flying, the mall to unlock catwalk model and bowling, need for steed for horse tricks and vaulting, hidden unicorn for showjumping, ghost hunters for ghost hunting and loads more unlock when you complete the life dreams quest and unlock the new places. This page shows you all of the hobbies I have made posts on so far: just click on them to find out how to do them

    • I didn’t say town value I said it doesn’t decrease the value it costs to build another house- meaning the price does not go down for the next house if you demolish one.

  3. Hey did you know if you have no rooms then you can pick any roof and exterior wall for free and you won’t have to pay extra?

  4. I found the best way to demolish is to go into room mode and click on each room. You get the option to receive so many Simoleans back and have the contents go into inventory. (I did lose a little bit of furniture one time when I inadvertently demolished without doing the room-by-room step.) I also collect all outdoor items, and do the same thing for pools in pool mode. In both cases, you get a red Simolean button. Click it, and the room is gone or pool section is gone, and all items always go into inventory. Repeat as needed. Then I either rebuild on the lot as is (which I think is best if I took down a multi-story house, because the stories cost so much and the option to add them remains even after you take a multi-story house apart this way), or I then use demolish, which allows the option to choose a new home to build from the home list. I only did quick calculations in my head, but rebuilding your own design is usually a little less expensive, but not all always, so I think personal preference plays a role too. Hope this helps.

  5. Hi!
    I don’t know if this question has already been answered but my case is that I bought the 2014 wallpaper during Christmas and now this year I wanted to try the Easter wallpaper thinking that my old wallpaper would be stored but when I clicked on buy, it changed my current wallpaper, then, when I went back to my inventory I couldn’t see my old wallpaper? Did it vanish or is it normal for sims free play not to store my old wallpaper?

    • you can’t store wallpaper sorry, when you remove seasonal wallpaper you will have to wait for the next time they bring out that wallpaper to get it back

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