The Sims Freeplay- Pausing a Sims Life

Once you have completed the Life Dreams and Legacies Quest your sims will age automatically, if you don’t want them to age you can pause their life using orbs, this post explains how this works.

UPDATE: reversing your sims age when they reach the end of that live stage is currently FREE so you don’t have to pause them if you don’t want to!

To pause a sims age you will need an orb, all orbs can pause a sims life but they stay paused for different periods of time:

  • Bronze- 3 days
  • Silver- 7 days
  • Gold- 16 days
  • Platinum- paused forever (it is definitely worth getting a platinum orb to do this for your favourite sims)


How do I get orbs? To earn orbs you need to give your sims personalities and complete their life dreams, once you have completed a life dream for each stage of their life they will leave an orb behind when they die as a senior.

This orb can then be used to build places on the mysterious island, passed onto another sim to upgrade the orb or can be used to pause a sim

My Guide to Life Dreams and Orbs explains this in more detail

How do I make a platinum orb? You need to complete the life dreams of 4 sims to get a platinum orb:

  • Sim 1: Choose personality and life dream, once complete they will get a bronze orb, when they pass on this orb is left behind, you can then store it and give to the next sim
  • Sim 2: Choose personality and select the bronze orb so they can complete their life dreams to upgrade it to a silver, again it is left behind when they pass.
  • Sim 3: Can then upgrade the silver to a gold orb
  • Sim 4: Can then upgrade the gold to a platinum orb

Now you have your platinum orb you can pause a sim at the life stage they are currently at:

pausing means that no matter how many actions they complete they will not age

1.To pause the sim you need to go to the age controller menu (on a small device you will find it on one of the tabs on the simtracker and on a larger device it is in the same menu as the careers and hobby information) find the sim you want to pause and click on the second button that has two lines on it (the pause button):


2.A life orb allocation pop up will appear, here you can see all the orbs you have stored or are working towards right now, select the orb you want to use, then click the green tick. It shows you where it says age pause how long you will be pausing your sim for.

  • Bronze- 3 days
  • Silver- 7 days
  • Gold- 16 days
  • Platinum- paused forever

You could use a combination so using both a bronze and silver orb will pause your sim for 10 days but if you are using a platinum you won’t use up any other orbs:


NOTE: when you use an orb you are spending it so you will need to make more orbs to pause other sims

3.It will ask you to confirm you want to pause ageing on that sim, click yes if you do:


Your sim’s life stage is now paused forever!


You can resume ageing if you want to but you will lose the orb that you worked so hard to earn so I wouldn’t recommend it. To resume go back to the age controller and click on the infinite symbol (where the pause symbol was) to open the life orb allocation tab and select resume ageing:

All orbs can only be used once so if you pause a sim for 3 days with a bronze orb you will have spent that orb and won’t be able to use it again to pause another sim

Pausing and Resuming Ageing:

Is there another way to pause a sim?

The other way is to have them not do anything (just standing around) because they will only age when they are completing actions but this isn’t the best way, if you tried to do this with all your sims you wouldn’t progress with the game.

Or reversing your sims age when they reach the end of that live stage is currently FREE so you don’t have to pause them if you don’t want to:

How does it work? To reverse their age all you need to do is wait until their time is up and the birthday cake appears above their head. Click on the birthday cake and the growing older pop up will appear, just click NO if you do not want them to age. It will then ask you if you are sure you want to reset them to the beginning of that life stage, click yes if you do. Once you click yes the circle around their face on the simtracker will be empty ready for them to start ageing again!


Most of my sims are going to die before I get the chance to pause the ones I want, how can I do this?

I would suggest using your orbs to build all the places first, so either reverse them back to the beginning of their current life stage for free as explained above or you can just remake your favourite sims and build up your town again once you have some platinum orbs!

TIP: if you are trying to get a platinum orb I would suggest completing sporty, geeky or entertainer life dreams- not animal fanatic, without a send to work life dream it takes far longer than the others.

Life Dreams List: Geeky Sporty EntertainerAnimal Fanatic

Still confused about Life Dreams? Read my Life Dreams Frequently Asked Questions Post here


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  1. Hi! My name is Christi Deason & I have a couple questions, but they are not related to this post. First of all, I can’t figure out how to just leave a general question/comment on your blog. So, I tried to send you a message on the Facebook messenger & I never got a response. So, anyways, I’ve been waiting for a general question/comment to come through my email for I get them when they are posted on your blog. But, that hasn’t happened in awhile, so I decided to just question/comment here. So, I have 2 questions. One is are there only two guitars available to practice on? Wondering because I have a social task to practice guitar & I have tried to do so with two different ones & it won’t let me. I wanted to make sure there were only two different kinds before I try to figure out why I can’t do so….. The other question is, am I right you are still having problems with your party boat & excepting friend requests? I couldn’t remember & I used to have you on it awhile ago. Since then I’ve had to start over because an update messed me up & since then I haven’t had you but the other friends I had on the party boat stayed. So, I just wanted to check to make sure it wasn’t just me thinking “Why don’t I have you on my party boat, but have all my other friends I had before I had to start all over?” Thanks again for all your advice!! I love your page on Word Press all about The Sims Free Freeplay! I go to it often whenever I need advice on the game & it is very helpful!

    • Hello,
      Firstly I’m sorry but facebook have suspended my account so I am unable to reply to anyone who messages me on there anymore. I have tried contacting them several times to fix this issue but they just won’t answer me!
      Yes there are only two guitars to practice on, you may not be able to use one if there is something in the way or it is the wrong way around (do blue footprints appear?) you may need to contact your neighbour to get them to move it so you can access it
      Well as I said I can’t access my facebook so everyone who I was neighbours with before will no longer see me as I won’t be friends with them on facebook anymore, sorry again!

      You’re welcome and I’m glad it helps!

      • Thanks for the info & once again for having this blog! That is really weird about Facebook, though. I wish that could get fixed. Has to be frustrating for you for I’m pretty sure you have many followers! Anyways, thanks again!

  2. Is there anyway to give existing Sims personalities & life dreams?
    Also it seems some younger sims are aging quicker than ones I made prior to them. I’m experimenting to see if anything effects the aging like more work, not keeping them happy etc. Have you noticed anything like this?

    Thanks & I want to let you know I love your site! You’ve helped me through quite a few tough spots! 🙂

    • Yes; go to the wardrobe and click on personalities and select the personality you want then you can give them a life dream
      No I haven’t noticed that sorry, but a sim who does more actions will age quicker than one who doesn’t do much
      You’re welcome and thanks 🙂 glad I could help!

  3. Thank You Thank you! This is an extremely helpful and yet another Fantastic post on your site! 🙂

  4. It started at midnight here. I’ve been saving LP’s because I REALLY wanted the outdoor lights. They knocked down the time to complete the task to 1 1/2 hours. I used 86 LP’s because as soon as he started the task I kept restarting him using an LP, only had 2 repeats and finished in 1 1/2 hours.

  5. I like REALLY don’t want two of my sims to become elders and I don’t have to worry about this quest for a while, but how can I earn orbs fasted than those two sims can age? And do they start aging as soon as the quest starts or when it’s over?

    • They will start ageing as soon as the quest starts but what you could do it just leave them, not completing any actions until you have earned the orbs to keep them at that age otherwise they will age

  6. if you have one platinum orb, can you pause all of your sims or is it limited to one sim only? and how long will it take to get a platinum orb..thankyou

    • no, one platinum orb will pause one sim
      It takes a long time as you need to get a bronze to a silver to a gold to a platinum which will cost you 4 sims, the time varies depending what life dream you pick though.

  7. When I get new sims as of now there isn’t a place to get the personalitys. It used to like 3 years ago when I started playing. All I see in the create a sim mode is color name gender and then the clothes face etc.

  8. Can you pass on the orb to any Sim of any age? I also want the Sim I based on myself to live forever so I thought I might have a Sim around the same age quickly get up to silver and then pass that on to a younger Sim to make a gold and then another Sim to make the platinum. I’m prepared to use LPs to extend my Self-Sim’s life for now but I just wanted to know if I will eventually be able to do it.

    Thanks in advance for your help and your blog. It has been invaluable to me as I play through the game!

  9. I gave a platinum orb to pause a sim and now that sim has a bronze orb and I have to select s life dream for them. Did I do something wrong? Also- should I give my favorite sims a platinum orb when I create them or when I choose to pause them? That may be what I did wrong. I find the entertainment life orb is the fastest orb to get including the most lucrative using the musician career and the gardening senior life dream to get orb completed fast.

  10. I was wondering once you finish this quest how long does one sim life typically last if you don’t use orbs and just let their life run its course. Like a couple weeks? I don’t plan on using orbs cause I don’t have a favorite sim lol, I’m just curious if you know the lifespan by any chance.

  11. Hi. I’ve finished Life dreams and Legacies. And now I am sort of regretful, I want to control their ageing process. Do you think it is worth it if I reset the game? I am now on level 31. A part of me says that I should not as I will lose everything that I bought, but then If I would continue with the game, I can’t really get my sims to do anything as they will age faster if they keep on doing stuff. Oh, I don’t know what to do.

    • Personally I wouldn’t reset my game if I was you, I didn’t like it at first but you do get used to it, and once you complete all places you can build up your town again and pause them all with platinum orbs so they live forever. I would suggest you give it a go for a while, if you still don’t like it you can restart the game and stop at the in stitches quest

  12. Hii, I don’t have personalities option in my wardrobe when i choose browse clothes… is it because i didn’t finish life, dream and legacies quest or what?
    All the lovee

  13. When you use an orb to pause their aging is it like payment? Do you loose that orb? Or can you keep using it so on and so forth?

  14. Hi,

    If I’ve completed this quest and would prefer to not let my sims age, can I choose to not give them a personality/life dream?

    Or can the ageing process continue even without a personality/life dream and can only be paused with an orb


  15. Hi!
    So I’ve just read on how to pause a sims life and I have a question. Once you’ve paused their life, does the orb you use become useless, making you have to start again? Like say I used a silver orb to pause a sim, does that make it useless and I’ll have to start by making it bronze again? Also, you’re really helpful, thank you for this blog!

  16. Does your new sims move into the existing houses after the other ones die or do you have to buy them all again.

  17. I just discovered FreePlay six months ago, and have been spending a huge amount of time and effort trying to get caught up. I read this post before I completed the Quilting hobby. I have 28 Sims, and each one is “special”…each one has a family, back story, etc. I don’t want *any* of them to die, nor do I want my kids to age, until *I* am ready. I can create a Sim just for the purpose of dying, but my issue is this: if I complete Quilting, and all my adult Sims will become seniors within 24 days, I don’t have time to create 20 to 25 platinum orbs, right? But if I don’t complete Life Dreams, I can never build the Pet Park, etc. Is that correct? (I am exhausted trying to play through four years of game in a few months, and being faced with grinding through all of this to get the Pet Park, I am ready to give up on the game instead.) Also, if you stop a child Sim from aging “permanently” with a platinum orb, does that mean you cannot age them with a Birthday Cake either?

    • Firstly I would recommend reading this post:
      As you have completed in stitches there isn’t really much you can do unfortunately apart from watch your sims age and die as they start to age as soon as you start the quest, there are things you can do to slow this down though and they don’t age in 24 days, they need to complete 24 days worth of actions so if you left them not doing any action at all then they won’t age.
      I recommend you have a few sims you don’t mind sacrificing (you can make them again later) and add a few new sims if you have space to earn the orbs you need to pause your favourite sims. Concentrate on pausing your sims first if you don’t want them to die before you start working on the orbs you need to build the pet park and other places (which no you can’t build if you don’t complete the life dreams quest but your sims are going to age anyway so you might as well do the quest!)
      Don’t give up on the game just yet, it takes a while to get used to but once you have paused your sims it is back to how it was before

      You can age them with a birthday cake but as explained in the link I have posted above you can just advance them to the next stage for 2LPs saving you money

      • Hi, again, Magic. I’m sorry my post was unclear…I have NOT completed Quilting. I am not going to. To continue: *IF* I completed Quilting, all my adult Sims would become seniors within 24 days, and I don’t have time to create 20 to 25 platinum orbs, is that right? But if I don’t complete Life Dreams, I can never build the Pet Park, etc. Is that correct? Plus: is there any advantage to having at least one Sim maxed out for each Hobby? Or does all advantage “go away” once you have maxed out the Hobby itself, once?

      • If you complete the quilting quest you your sims will age and die yes. But they don’t age in 24 days, they need to complete 24 days worth of actions so if you left them not doing any action at all then they won’t age.
        You won’t have time to get that many platinum orbs before all your sims die but you won’t be able to get any without sacrificing sims as it takes 4 sims to get a platinum. I recommend you have a few sims you don’t mind sacrificing (you can make them again later) and add a few new sims if you have space to earn the orbs you need to pause your favourite sims.
        You cannot build the pet park, carnival, arcade or beach if you do not complete this quest.

        And for the hobby question you already posted on my Hobbies: FAQs post so please read that reply.

  18. Hi magic,

    I have a problem. I finally earned 2 platinum orbs for my favorite Sims couple. I gave them the orbs the way you would normally do it instead of through the pause tab. They are still aging. How can I fix this so they can use the orbs to remain young and alive? I’m afraid I’ll lose the orbs after all the time I put into getting them.


  19. I also want to be certain to thank you for this awesome blog. It has been incredibly helpful as I navigate my way around the game. It is definitely the best resource out there for Sims Freeplay! : )

  20. Hi Magic,

    First, thank you for your help regarding my last Sims dilemma. Everything worked out after all, thanks to you!

    I have a question as to whether the Sims (either teens or adults) will be able to play the instruments (used for the teen idol) at the same time, together, at any point in time.


  21. I have a question.

    Can I stop a Sim from aging at any stage of their life (if I want a Sim to stay a toddler forever) ?
    And if so, will I be able to age them later on without unpausing?


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