The Sims Freeplay- Ageing UPDATE!


Once you complete the Life Dreams and Legacies Quest your sims will begin to age automatically. Previously once the circle that appears around their face was full and red you needed to either age them to the next life stage or use LP to reverse them back to the beginning of the life stage they are currently at.

For example, if your adult sim was ready to age you would have had to make them a senior for free or use LP to reverse them back to the beginning of their adult stage.


Now, instead of costing LP you can reverse your sims back to the beginning of their life stage for FREE!

How does it work? To reverse their age all you need to do is wait until their time is up and the birthday cake appears above their head. Click on the birthday cake and the growing older pop up will appear, just click no if you do not want them to age. It will then ask you if you are sure you want to reset them to the beginning of that life stage, click yes if you do. Once you click yes the circle around their face on the simtracker will be empty ready for them to start ageing again!
This change is a great move as I know a lot of people were using far too many LP to keep their sims at the age they currently are- mostly so they can complete events! Although it does sort of make earning platinum orbs to pause your sims at their current life stage a bit pointless!

How many times can you reverse them? You can do this as many times as you want!

How long does a sim last in each stage before they automatically age?

  • Baby- 5 days
  • Toddler- 7 days
  • Preteen- 8 days
  • Teen- 12 days
  • Adult- 24 days
  • Senior- 9 days

A sim will only age when you are on the game and these times do not mean your sim will age after its been that many days, they need to do the amount of actions that add up to that many days first.

NOTE: You can still reverse your sim for free in 2020


Still confused about Life Dreams? Read my Life Dreams Frequently Asked Questions here



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87 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Ageing UPDATE!

  1. Thanks for posting this. I’ve resisted progressing my game through Life Dreams because I didn’t want to deal with the aging process, but that’s meant there are parts of the game I can’t do. Now I’m willing to give it a try, but I think I’ll keep a non-aging version of the game on a secondary device, just in case I don’t like it.

  2. Please, tell me, is this feature still on? I’ve returned to the game after a long time off it and I was really hoping the aging process can be reversed now. I haven’t proceed through the Life Dreams and Legacies quest yet but I’d love to if there is a way to keep all my sims for free.

      • Hi it’s been 2 years i guess since you posted this. So, is it still free to reverse sims life? And will it decrease sims skills in hobbies or work progress since it makes sims return to their beginning of life? Thank you!!

      • Yes it is still free, they don’t return to the beginning of their life, just the beginning of that life stage so if they are an adult and they are ready to become a senior you can reverse them back to the beginning of the adult stage and they will keep all their skills and progress.

  3. Hey.. I just saw this post and it seems awesome.. I am currently on the pirate and goddess quest but if I complete all my pending quests I can finish all the quests.. I am scared to reach the life orbs quest.. I remember I had once finished quite a bit of the game but then had to delete it.. At that time I had completed this quest.. But now I don’t want my adults to age at all.. Platinum orbs take to long to get.. I don’t know what I shld do. Shld I complete all the quests including the in-stitches quest or shld I stop at the in-stitches quests.. I read your blog to help me with all my quests.. And they all are super helpful.. 😘

    • If you don’t want your sims to age and die then I would suggest you stay on the in stitches quest, you can always change your mind later and finish the quest and then start on the life dreams one! 🙂 I’m glad it helps!

      • Ok.. Thanks so much.. Just another thing.. Suppose you do what the new update says.. That you say that I would not like to age this simply does this action its self need a birthday cake or can it just be done for free.. Like without using LP’s.. And in this update can you say no more than one time get it to the beginning of that age?.. I’m sorry for bombarding you with so many questions.. 🙊🙊

      • It is exactly as the steps in the post show you, no birthday cakes are needed. You just click no and they will reverse back to the beginning of that life stage for free and you can reverse them as many times as you want.

    • I use now my platinum life orbs as a way to win money. You get 300k for a platinum life orb.
      So I choose life dreams like Go to work ( on the adult age – there is no option like this for Animal fanatic so I choose one of the others ) and like this I also advance on their life dreams and make money. Then I bing my Sims to senior and to after life and I get extra money for them. I only keep a few sims I like more, the rest are a way to make money. I need that because at level 55 everything is extremely expensive ( new house, new building, new missions)

  4. Hey, I was just wondering if this is still happening, like is it still free to reset now, or if it was only this event, or only events in general. I have not started the life dreams and legacies quest because I don’t want my sims to die, but if I can do it this way, I might as well finish it.

  5. It looks like EA posted an update on their official website about the aging process that did not mention it was free now. It was posted on April 12, 2017.

    I wonder if this means they are going back to the old way? I surely hope not!

    • That post may have been posted recently but some of the information it contains seems to be out of date, for example, sims don’t grieve anymore when someone close to them passes- they haven’t for a very long time!
      As of the latest update you can still reverse for free 🙂

  6. I’m so scared this is just going to reel me into finishing the quest and then end up costing me later I wish they would update us as to whether it is permanent or not…..thank you so much for keeping us as up to date as possible! I think you’re wonderful!

  7. Thanks to EA Monkeys for finally realising that it was costing the players too much LPs to keep the Sims from aging, but has anyone noticed the catch? Unless I am mistaken, I did find I can reset their ages back to the beginning for free (great!), but not their full inspiration. I have found after resetting their ages (for free), I have to go to the singing inspiration fish to fully restore each of the Sims inspiration and they do seem to age a bit quicker than normal after reversing their ages for free. It is a pity the inspiring singing fish does not work the same for the toddlers and the babies too! Maybe EA Monkeys programmers should be kind to us all and change this. Looking forward to the next set of updates

  8. Hello I just came across your site and I must say it’s everything that I’ve needed to guide me along in the game. I’ve been slowly and steadily progressing towards the end of the game so I’m about three quests out from the Life Dreams quest. I was wondering that with this feature of pausing it for free for an unlimited amount of times, should I do the Life Dreams quest. I basically would like to complete everything if possible (because I’m such a completionist) I just don’t want my sims to age up and die 😦

  9. Is this update still going on? I’m in the sous judgmental quest but I
    don’t know if I should start this quest or not, I don’t want my sims to die, and I only have 8 LP’s. Please help.

  10. Your the best blog I know of, when I have trouble or want to know what is in a quest you
    are the first place that I come to!

  11. I’m glad that the age reversal is free! I have much work to do and hobbies take along time! I really want to finish the potion making hobby, to unlock the furniture set. I don’t really care for the fashion, skating or ‘boring’ hobbies. I wish there are more hobbies for the kid sims since kids can do a lot of things besides skating and diving, just like in real life! Kids can do gymnastics and art, ect. Why limit them! I love the animals in the game and I made the choice to go for the Animal Place on mysterious island. Can kittens and puppies be used there?

  12. I just recently finished the life dreams quest and all of my sims are aging…except for those who have profession careers. I send them to work everyday but they don’t seem to age at all. Is there a reason why they’re different? Thank you for this great blog!

  13. Is this feature still on? Just wondering because I am close to getting to this quest and don’t know if I want to finish the in stitches quest? Thanks for writing this it’s super helpful!

  14. Hi! I don’t want any of my sims to age, so I basically stopped performing the task. But I already opened the age controller. Will my sim still age if I won’t continue it?

  15. Hi, first of all thank you for this blog, it’s awesome! I have a question about what happens now to the sims count when a sim dies. I read on previous posts that a dead sim seas still counted in the total sims so if one has no more space for new sims they wouldn’t be replaced. How does it work exactly? Thank you so much! V

  16. Weightlessmagic you have made my day. I try to read as many of your posts as possible, but this last update re:ageing was hiding from me. I was very close to giving up on the game as there was no way I wanted to keep losing sims or pay to keep them alive. Thank you so much for this post and all the other’s . You have made the game very relaxing as I don’t have to worry about makjng bad decisions…doing the legacy quest was my only bad one. Although, after reading this it wasn’t such a bad decision after all. Thank you again for all your hard work 🙂

  17. This is such a relief for me. I always want to 100% my games, but I wasn’t ready to give up my sims (which is why I have barely played The Sims Mobile), so I was mentally preparing myself to having to go with an ‘incomplete’ game, stopped at the In Stitches quest, while cringing everytime I looked at the Misterious Island. But if this is to be permanent, now I can actually do the stuff?? Infinite cheers, and a blessing to you for the heads up!

  18. I decided to keep giving my sims life goals as the platinum orbs are each worth 300,000 simoleans which comes in really handy when new stores are added and cost a lot to build.
    Love your blog – been so helpful, especially the tip about earning lps through the cooking hobby.

  19. Thank you so much! I’ve been playing for years and I’m at level 55. I never did the last quest to avoid the dying of my Sims and a neighbor that I acquired recently told me I could reverse the aging! I almost didn’t believe it because I had never heard of it before. Checking your blog always is so helpful! ❤️

  20. Wow, I’ve been checking your blog and it really helps a newbie like me. You cover all areas. Thanks so much!

  21. Hi! So…I accidentally aged my nephew and didn’t mean to. Is there a way to go from preteen back to toddler??

      • D: Okay, thank you. He’s only 5 so he’s closer to that age than preteen but oh well. I wish there was an age in between. My daughter is 7.5 so she’s in between those ages too.

        My Sims are so random. I have family, a couple of friends, and then Markiplier, Bunny Meyers and her boyfriend Dogman, The Osbournes (Ozzy and fam), the family from the musical Next To Normal, the 10th Doctor (except he aged so now he’s more like Capaldi).

  22. With the aging process being able to be stopped for free, do you recommend just selling platinum life orbs? Or hoarding them for when you need extra simoleans?

    • Platinum orbs take such a long time to make I wouldn’t recommend selling them, I would rather pause the sims I wanted to keep forever so I don’t have to keep reversing their age but it is completely up to you!

  23. I presume we can still do this for free correct? If so, I was wondering if you can still reverse a Senior life cycle or if they’ll still die off regardless? (I’ve been holding off going to the last quest for ages now, but I had no idea that this edit was made – and I’ve been playing the game for a while now hah!)

    • Yes this is still for free, senior sims can still be reversed but I don’t know if you can do that during the quest, you may have to pass on that sim before you can start reversing your other sims for free

    • Baby- 5 days
      Toddler- 7 days
      Preteen- 8 days
      Teen- 12 days
      Adult- 24 days
      Senior- 9 days
      A sim will only age when you are on the game and these times do not mean your sim will age after its been that many days, they need to do the amount of actions that add up to that many days first.

  24. Hi, I’ve been putting off completing this quest for some time now and I just wanted to know if the Sim age reversal is still free as of July 2021.

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