The Girl Who Games Sims Freeplay Advent Calendar!

Starting tomorrow (1st December) I will be posting a new video everyday until the 25th December to my YouTube:

These videos will be Sims Freeplay tips and tricks and may include information that you don’t already know so make sure you Subscribe and don’t miss out!

Day 1– Inspired Sims

Day 2– Time Limited Hobby Events

Day 3– Deleting a Sim and Sim Count

Day 4– Driving

Day 5– Using Floor Buttons and Automatic Lights

Day 6– Building Costs

Day 7– Social Points

Day 8– Star Ratings

Day 9– Saving to the Cloud

Day 10– Cancelling an Action

Day 11– Babies (includes how do they go to the toilet?)

Day 12– Earning Workplace Resources Quicker

Day 13– VIP Points and Perks

Day 14– Ultimate Makeover

Day 15– Happy Birthday to the Sims Freeplay!

Day 16– Moving Items

Day 17– Lucky Spin

Day 18– Active Tasks

Day 19– Adding New Sims

Day 20– Deleting Houses

Day 21– Starting Quest Goals Early

Day 22– Cleaning Pools

Day 23– Blue Footprints

Day 24– Pausing a Sims Life

Day 25– Cooking Hobby for LPs!!

I hope you’ll be able to check these out ๐Ÿ™‚

Video Playlist here!


3 thoughts on “The Girl Who Games Sims Freeplay Advent Calendar!

  1. Hello, thanks first of all for all the tips you give us, so very very helpful!
    I have quite a weird problem, for me it’s new but perhaps you are already aware of it… here it is.
    I have succeded in building the spa during last event. I have realised there is a problem with bath robes though: I made one of my sims change his clothes with bath robes (the ones on the peg) when entering the spa, he was dressed before with the paint stained clothes which appear on the initial Create a sim menu ie the Artist work clothes. When the sim got back home, his old clothes are nowhere in his wardrobe and apparently cannot be bought at the mall either. I have not built the costumes store yet, can they be found there?
    What can I do to have my sim back in his old clothes? He is a painter and I really liked him like that, color stains and all :((
    Thanks in advance for your help!

    • You’re welcome!
      It may be that in an update they changed it so the artist clothes are only available after you build the costume and swim store but they change what is in the costume and swim store a lot so I’m not 100% sure but this would explain the issue you are having!

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