The Sims Freeplay- Tropical Romance Island

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys

Previously you could only unlock the tropical romance island during the tropical romance island community event but now you can unlock it with simoleons!

To unlock it click on the sea voyage boat and click buy on the tropical romance island, there is also the magical rainforest but that is covered in another post.

Once you unlock it you can access the island but you will still need to pay to unlock everything on the island

NOTE: if you already unlocked the island and some of the places on it you will only have to buy the ones you didn’t manage to unlock during the event.

The cost to build each area may be different for everyone

Hidden Hammock

Costs S200,000 and takes 10 minutes to build

Coastal Dining

Costs S225,000 and takes 1 hour to build

Unlocks the ocean view table and beach fire

Sun Bath Beach

Costs S275,000 and takes 2 hours to build

Unlocks the sun loungers, jogging station to go for a run on the beach and the ocean to go for a swim!

Beach Volleyball

Costs S395,000 and takes 4 hours to build

Suncoast Bar

Costs S342,000 and takes 6 hours to build

Mermaid Reef

Costs S462,500 and takes 8 hours to build

Wedding Coast Venue

Costs S571,500 and takes 9 hours to build

How do you get your sims married here?
1. Your sims can already be married and still use the ceremony to get remarried or your two sims need to be engaged with the option to get married in the interactions between those two sims
2. Have your guests seated- select watch ceremony on the chairs
3. You will need someone to officiate the wedding, have this sim click on the wedding arbour and select the option to officiate wedding
4. Get the first sim into position, have this sim select wait for partner on the wedding arbour
5. Time to get married! Have the second sim select get married on the wedding arbour
6. A pop up will appear asking what how you want your sims to live in when they are married if they aren’t already married (this is the sims last name they will take)
7.They will walk down the aisle, stare into each others eyes for a few minutes, kiss and will be married!
8. If your sims weren’t already married a pop up will appear to say they are now married- you can remarry them again and again here (as long as its to the same sim!)

Sea View Bungalow

Costs S650,500 and takes 9 hours to build

The cost to build each area may be different for everyone

Clean up island– around the island you will see exclamation bubbles, click on these to clean up the island:

  • Large rock pile- 12 hours 30 minutes x5
  • Tree Stump- 10 hours 30 minutes x5
  • Small Rock Pile- 8 hours 30 minutes x5
  • Thistles- 4 hours 30 minutes x5
  • Weeds- 1 hour 30 minutes x5


Want a tour of the Tropical Romance Island? Check out my video here:

Thanks for reading!



31 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Tropical Romance Island

  1. So I know that I will be able to unlock the island as well as everything on the island with simoleons. But what about the furniture related to this event? Like the long white resort bench or black canopy wicker sofa for outdoor seating. They’re beautiful but if the event doesn’t come back, how can I get them? Same goes for the furniture in the magical rainforest event. They’re so fairytale-like that I want them so bad.

    • If the event doesn’t return they might add these as packs to the online store which cost real money to buy or they might use them in a time limited hobby event like they did with the gingerbread furniture.

  2. I bought the island with simoleons, but if the tropical romance event comes again, will I be able to participate in it? I really want to be able to unlock the outdoor furniture to buy. Thank you! And great site Girl!

    • I don’t think they are planning to bring this event back again otherwise they wouldn’t have made it available to buy with simoleons so you may not get the chance to get that furniture unfortunately.

  3. I’ve bought the island for social task: ‘use a neighbor’s fire pole’, because my friend said that she had a firepole in her tropical romance island and I can use it if I buy the tropical romance island too. But sadly I can’t visit my neighbor’s tropical romance island after I bought it with simoleons😥

    • No unfortunately you cannot visit the island in a neighbours town but for future reference you do not have to build a place in your town to visit it at a neighbours for example if you wanted to visit your neighbours snow park you don’t have to have the snow park built in your town first.

  4. For the Simtown Spa you also needed to grow something (it was a similar game idea). Can you also buy the simtown spa stuff with simoleons or is that still a community event that we’d have to wait for?

  5. How do I get the clothing that came with it? Is there still any way to get that? (I remember seeing unbuttoned shirts and new shorts for male sims)

  6. Hi! This sorda doesn’t have anything to do with this but maybe a little bit. But do online store packs come back? You those time limited ones? Because there is a pack in the store right now that unlocks the tropical romance island and everything that goes with it like the clothes. But i am not sure if i am allowed to purchase it right now, but next time it comes back i might. So do they come back 🐱

  7. I keep trying to play volleyball but when I press the net nothing happens. I have two sims standing by ready to play. What am I doing wrong?

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