The Sims Freeplay-Magical Rainforest

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys

Previously you could only unlock the tropical romance island during the prince and his pocket sized princess community event but now you can unlock it with simoleons!

To unlock it click on the sea voyage boat and click buy on the magical rainforest, there is also the tropical romance island but that is covered in another post.

Once you unlock it you can access the island but you will still need to pay to unlock everything in the rainforest

NOTE: if you already unlocked the rainforest and some of the places on it you will only have to buy the ones you didn’t manage to unlock during the event.

The cost to build each area may be different for everyone

Crackling Campfire

Costs S100,000 and takes 10 minutes to build

Once built you can have one sim serenade another!

Tiny Tea Time

Costs S120,000 and takes 1 hour to build

Once built two sims can have a tiny tea party!

Leaky Leaf Canoe

Costs S197,000 and takes 2 hours to build

Once built one or two sims can take a trip in the leaf canoe!

Giant Forest Slide

Costs S262,500 and takes 4 hours to build

Once built a sim can slide into the lake!

Flower Petal Swing

Costs S238,000 and takes 6 hours to build

Once built your sims can swing or snuggle

Spider Web Bounce

Costs S254,000 and takes 8 hours to build

Once built a sim can enjoy a bounce!

Ladybug Friends

Costs S397,500 and takes 9 hours to build

Fairy Circle Field

Costs S438,500 and takes 9 hours to build

Once built two sims can have a fairy dance!

Magical Wings

Costs S438,500 and takes 9 hours to build

The cost to build each area may be different for everyone

Want a tour of the Magical Rainforest? Check out my video here:

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22 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay-Magical Rainforest

  1. Thanks for all of the amazing help you provide!!! Once I unlock the Magical Rainforest Will I be able to access it if I have not finished building all the parts before the event ends?

  2. Are the treehouses in the Magical Rainforest for regular Sims to use? My Sims refuse any action I select or to even enter a treehouse.

  3. Will there be another chance to unlock the Island and all its items with an event? Or can you only unlock it now with money? Thanks

  4. One of my tasks in the weekly tasks isn’t working. I’m supposed to make friends with the ladybugs in the Magical Rainforest, but they are no longer to be found ! I’ve been here several times .

  5. Thanks so much for your site. I visit it before every event. I was going to buy the trip to the magical rainforest but now I know I can’t collect any new furniture, I won’t waste a TOM of simoleons on it. For that price we should be able to get something. Hopefully it will come back as an event.

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