The Sims Mobile- Sweet Treat Showdown: Upcycled Living Event

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The latest Sweet Treat Showdown Event, Upcycled Living has started for 15 days. You need to be at level 5 or over to be able to participate in this event.

How does the Sweet Treat Showdown Event work? As they all work in a similar way you can find my Guide to Sweet Treat Showdown Events here, in this post I will be showing you all the prizes available for this event and the quest goals to be completed.

Sweet Treat Fan Fave Quest

There are 8 parts to complete in the time limit to earn 10 Royal Treat Tokens:

1.Play 1 Sweet Treat Challenge Reward: 20 Sweet Treat Tokens and 10XP

2.Play 3 Sweet Treat Challenges Reward: 40 Sweet Treat Tokens and 10XP

3.Collect 500 Sweet Treat Tokens (by completing the challenges and events) Reward: 60 Sweet Treat Tokens and 10XP

4.Play 5 Sweet Treat Challenges Reward: 80 Sweet Treat Tokens and 10XP

5.Collect 700 Sweet Treat Tokens Reward: 120 Sweet Treat Tokens and 10XP

6.Play 7 Sweet Treat Challenges Reward: 160 Sweet Treat Tokens and 10XP

7.Collect 5 Royal Treat Tokens Reward: 220 Sweet Treat Tokens and 10XP

8.Play 10 Sweet Treat Challenges Reward: 300 Sweet Treat Tokens and 10XP




There are 54 Sweet Treat Boxes to open with 400 Sweet Treat Tokens each time and 24 Royal Treat Boxes to open with 10 Royal Treat Tokens each time:

Each time you will unlock a new prize (or colour swatch for an item you have already unlocked) and you can buy multiples of each item once you have placed the first one!

If you unlock all the boxes (78 in total) you will unlock the grand prizes which are the Green with Envy Vanity, Place in Space Buns (female hairstyle) and Remarkably Recycled Bathtub:

I really love these prizes! If you also have The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack you may have noticed that a lot of these items are the same.

You can buy the Sweet Treat Pro Ticket for real money but remember you are only buying it for this one event, for the next Sweet Treat Event you would have to buy it again if you wanted these perks again.

Still unsure how Sweet Treat Showdown Events work? Check out my post here

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