The Sims Mobile- Sweet Treat Showdown Event

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A new reality TV show has come to The Sims Mobile, The Sweet Treat Showdown! This post explains how these events work

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How does it work? The host of the show Patty Cakes will guide your sims through the event which you can start if one is available from the ‘activities’ tab in the event button in the top right of the screen or by clicking on the baking station in Parkside:

Your sim will bake over several rounds against their opponent, a professional chef, the more skilled the opponent the more rounds there are in a challenge. Your sim needs to click the ‘Bake it!’ option on the baking station in Parkside, when they do this they will either succeed or fail (similar to risky actions) For each round they win they will add rewards to their prize basket.

If they succeed, the rewards from that round are added to their prize basket and the challenge continues or you can choose to collect the content of their prize basket and end their run (earning you the prizes)

TIP: You don’t always have to try and make it to the end of a challenge, you can play it safe and end their run to get the content of the prize basket rather than losing it on your next attempt

If they fail, they get the option to either take a consolation prize or ask for Patty’s help to fix their dessert (which costs simcash, the amount varies depending on which round you fail on) If Patty fixes the dessert your sim can continue the challenge.

Can I see if they are likely to succeed or not? Yes, at the bottom of your screen while completing the challenge you will see your success chance, you will also see this when you click Bake it!:

How often can I do the Sweet Treat Challenge? You can store up 3 attempts which means you can do 3 challenges in a row (if you succeed on a round you continue, if you fail this counts as an attempt so if you failed 3 times in a row you will need to wait) and then you will have to wait 8 hours for another attempt.

How can I improve my chances of winning a round? Your sims can complete prep actions around the bakery location, these will show how much they will boost your chance of success, you can complete these actions until you are confident to attempt the ‘Bake it!’ option.

Other prep actions give rewards such as Sweet Treat Tokens, Royal Treat Tokens, Fashion Gems, Life Tickets or Simoleons- these rewards can’t be claimed right away though, these will go into your prize basket so you have to win a challenge or claim them after a round.

What are sugar cubes for? Sugar cubes are like energy, these are required for the prep actions. Your sim gets a full bar of sugar cubes at the beginning of each challenge but it doesn’t refill over time or at the start of a round. You can purchase more sugar cubes for simcash and some prep actions award sugar cubes.

How do I collect the rewards from my prize basket? The contents of your prize basket can be claimed by winning a round and select ‘collect and quit’ or you will automatically claim the prize basket if you win the final round of a challenge.

What do I spend my prize basket tokens on? You can buy prize boxes with these, there are two prizes boxes the Sweet Treat Box or Royal Treat Box, you can find these in the rewards tab of the event button:

How do I open the prize boxes in the Sweet Treat Showdown? There are two prize boxes the Sweet Treat Box which can be opened with Sweet Treat Tokens and there are a certain amount of prizes to collect and the Royal Treat Box which can be opened with Royal Treat Tokens, there are a certain amount prizes to collect from that box (the amount of tokens needed to open the boxes and amount of prizes available varies depending on each event):



Can I get duplicates from the prize boxes? No these boxes don’t give duplicates (yay!) so once you have a prize you won’t get it again- you can also buy multiples from buy mode once unlocked

How do I earn Sweet Treat Tokens and Royal Treat Tokens? You can earn these by completing the Sweet Treat Challenge or other events in the ‘activities’ tab of the Sweet Treat Showdown screen (button in the top right)

How do I earn the grand prize? You can earn the grand prize once you have earned all the prizes within the Sweet Treat and Royal Treat Boxes (you can see your progress on the Sweet Treat Showdown screen)

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I don’t want to finish a Sweet Treat Challenge how do I stop it? If you click on the ‘view’ button next to your sims picture you will see the option to forfeit so you will earn the consolation prize. I would suggest you just click ‘Bake it!’ as you might win and be able to collect your prize basket but if you fail you still get the consolation prize:

Recent Changes:

  • You can now purchase the Pro Ticket for real money every time there is a new Sweet Treat Event:

    • Comes with access to the Pro Mixer which has ‘better actions’ but only on rounds 1,3,5,7,9,10 (so you can earn more % and tokens than the normal actions)
    • You will get 6 extra sugar cubes for each challenge (so 36 in total)- if you purchase mid challenge you will get an automatic refill
    • Stores up to 6 attempts (so you can complete 6 challenges in a row)- if you purchase mid challenge you will get an automatic refill
    • Get 25 Royal Treat Tokens and 1,200 Sweet Treat Tokens extra

This only lasts for one Sweet Treat Event so if you wanted these perks every time you would have to purchase it each time a new event becomes available.

  • You can now watch adverts using the knife block on the sweet treat bench:

Watching adverts can:

    • Give you extra rewards in your prize basket
    • Give you an extra chance in that round

You can only watch one advert per round but they seem to appear every round

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13 thoughts on “The Sims Mobile- Sweet Treat Showdown Event

  1. Just as an FYI, I think the amount of SimCash it takes to continue the baking challenge may vary depending on how much is at stake. Just lost a challenge (even though the probability was 92%), and it was asked if I wanted to continue for 50 SimCash!! Not my favorite event so far. I would be VERY surprised if anyone is able to finish it and get the grand prizes.

      • Is there anyone who was able to won the grand prize even if they don’t buy the pro ticket? i was so close to getting it on th e last sweet treat event showdown like 74/78.

  2. Waw, all the rewards I got are different from the rewards you showed on this post, even the grand prize. I got fashion statuette for the grand prize.

  3. Hi, might be a silly question, but if I already earned plenty of sweet treat prizes and dont want any of the others, can I keep playing and to get more tokens and royal tokens so I can store them for the next challenge, or will they reset my collection for each challenge? Thanks again!

  4. Is there a way to get rewards from previous sweet treat showdowns that happened before I started the game?

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