The Sims Mobile- Treasure Hunt: The Gamer’s Paradise Event

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The latest Treasure Hunt Event, Gamer’s Paradise has started for 11 days. You need to be at level 5 or over to be able to participate in this event.

How does the Treasure Hunt Event work? As they all work in a similar way you can find my Guide to Treasure Hunt Events here, in this post I will be showing you all the prizes available for this event and the quest goals to be completed.

Smallfry’s Quest for Treasure

These are the same for each Treasure Hunt event but the main prize for completing the quest will change each time, there are 8 parts to complete:

1.Start the Research: Home Clue Hunt event Reward: 10 Clues, Venue (Investigation) and Dig Site 1 (Expedition)

2.Earn 150 Ancient Relics Reward: 40 Ancient Relics and 4 Clues

3.Complete 2 Research: Home Clue Hunt events Reward: 10 Golden Bunnies, Dig Site 2 (Expedition) and Clue Boost 1

4.Complete 5 Expedition events Reward: 60 Ancient Relics and 6 Clues

5.Complete 2 Investigation events Reward: 80 Ancient Relics and 8 Clues

6.Complete 3 Research: Home Clue Hunt events Reward: 20 Golden Bunnies, Dig Site 3 (Expedition) and Clue Boost 2

7.Complete Smallfry’s Dig Site 3 times Reward: 100 Ancient Relics

8.Earn 30 Golden Bunnies Reward: Main Prize


The Wall Mounted LED Panels are the prize for completing the quest in this event:



There are 14 prizes you need to uncover by buying with ancient relics and golden bunnies. You need to ‘excavate’ the treasure (prizes) from the layer above to uncover and be able to purchase the prize below so the two prizes directly above the item you want need to be unlocked before you can unlock that prize. Check out my Treasure Hunt guide for more information:


Once all those prizes have been purchased you will be able to claim the treasure chest which contains the Almost Real VR Headset, Gamer Battlestation and Two-Tone Dreads for female adult sims:


How much do the prizes cost?

Still unsure how Treasure Hunt Events work? Check out my post here

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