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The Treasure Hunt is a new event in The Sims Mobile, the aim of this event is to complete expedition and investigation events to unlock ancient relics and golden bunnies which can be used to unlock prizes! The prizes will change with each treasure hunt event but the way it works stays the same.

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How do I start the Treasure Hunt event? These events can only be started when one is available, once there is you will see the map icon in the top right hand corner of your game, click this to view the map:

This map shows all the locations where you can start events, when you first start the event you will only be able to access the Research: Home Clue Hunt Event but as you complete Smallfry’s Quest for Treasure goals you will unlock new locations on the map to be able to complete more events:

Smallfry’s Quest for Treasure

These are the same for each Treasure Hunt event but the main prize for completing the quest will change each time, there are 8 parts to complete:

1.Start the Research: Home Clue Hunt event Reward: 10 Clues, Venue (Investigation) and Dig Site 1 (Expedition)

2.Earn 150 Ancient Relics Reward: 40 Ancient Relics and 4 Clues

3.Complete 2 Research: Home Clue Hunt events Reward: 10 Golden Bunnies, Dig Site 2 (Expedition) and Clue Boost 1

4.Complete 5 Expedition events Reward: 60 Ancient Relics and 6 Clues

5.Complete 2 Investigation events Reward: 80 Ancient Relics and 8 Clues

6.Complete 3 Research: Home Clue Hunt events Reward: 20 Golden Bunnies, Dig Site 3 (Expedition) and Clue Boost 2

7.Complete Smallfry’s Dig Site 3 times Reward: 100 Ancient Relics

8.Earn 30 Golden Bunnies Reward: Main Prize


The Coat of Arms Shield is the prize for completing the quest in the University of Britechester Treasure Hunt Event:

What are clues? Clues are needed to be able to complete expedition and investigation events and are earned by completing Research events as well as quest goals. There is a cap on how many you can store.

What are clue boosts? These increase the amount of clues you earn from Research events

The map will look something like this when you unlock all the places in the quest, although the places will vary with each event:


The locations on the map and the order you unlock them will differ with each Treasure Hunt event but there are 3 types of events:

  • Research– complete these to unlock clues to be able to complete the other 2 types of events

  • Investigation– these take place around simtown and require clues to begin. Sims complete themed actions to help look for information about where the treasure might be. The rewards vary between ancient relics and simoleons

  • Expedition– these take place at dig sites around simtown and also require clues to begin. Your sims complete actions like digging for treasure to earn ancient relics and golden bunnies. You will also find Smallfry’s dig site in these location to play a mini game

You can have each one of your sims completing these events at the same time (so one sim can be completing an investigation event while the other two are completing expedition events) but there is a cooldown period once an event is complete so you will need to wait a certain amount of time before a sim can complete that event again:

In the table below I have listed the duration of each of the events as well as the cooldown period and rewards for completion:

Research Event 6 hours 0 4 Clues, S200 & 80XP 1 hour
Investigation Event 6 hours 2 30 Ancient Relics, S200 & 80XP 8 hours
Expedition Event 1 4 hours 4 50 Ancient Relics, S100 & 60XP 4 hours
Expedition Event 2 6 hours 6 80 Ancient Relics, S200 & 80XP 8 hours
Expedition Event 3 12 hours 10 40 Golden Bunnies, S250 & 100XP 10 hours

Smallfry’s Dig Site Mini Game

Smallfry’s Dig Sites can be found at each expedition site, you’ll see the walkie talkie icon on the dig site:

Digging costs walkie talkies, you will start with 5 and they will recharge throughout the event so every 5 hours you will get another one up to the maximum of 5. You can also spend 60 simcash to get an extra walkie talkie without waiting:

When you click to start digging you will see a dig site with 3 circles, these are the dig locations and each location contains a different reward. Pick one of the circles to claim one of the rewards, the rewards vary but you can earn relics, golden bunnies, llamazoom tokens or simcash:

If you aren’t sure where to dig you can scan for 2,000 simoleons to reveal what is hidden in one of the dig locations (a second scan will cost you 3,000 simoleons):

If you want to dig for a second time it will cost you 50 simcash and if you want to dig for a third and final time it will cost you 5 cupcakes:


Down the side of the map you will see another tab which is where you will find all your prizes, this works like you are digging for treasure so you need to unlock the prizes in a certain order:

You need to ‘excavate’ the treasure (prizes) from the layer above to uncover and be able to purchase the prize below so the two prizes directly above the item you want need to be unlocked before you can unlock that prize. Prizes that are white can be purchased while brown prizes need to be uncovered first:

When you click on a prize it will show you which colour swatch you will be unlocking and how much it will cost to purchase:

If you do want the grand prize you will need to unlock all the prizes to unearth the treasure chest:

Down the side of the prize screen you can see what the treasure chest contains. Click on the ? to see in more detail (these are the prizes from the first Treasure Hunt Event, University of Britechester the prizes will change with each event):

Want to see all the Treasure Hunt Events and prizes available? Click here

What currency do I need to purchase these prizes? Ancient Relics and Golden Bunnies are used to purchase all the prizes. In the tables below you can see how much each prize costs (there are two tables as it can be different for different events):


How do I earn the ancient relics and golden bunnies? You earn these by completing the expedition and investigation events and Smallfry’s quest goals. You can also earn the relics from completing Llamazoom and sometimes normal events

How do I unlock all the colour swatches? You only unlock one colour swatch for an item when you purchase it but all colour swatches for an item are unlocked as a bonus if you purchase a whole row of prizes so you will unlock all the colour swatches for all the items on that row

Watch my video walkthrough of this event here:

Treasure Hunt Events Prizes

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  1. Thanks for this explanation. This new format seems overly complicated but I am thankful for the ability for the player to choose their prizes.

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