The Sims Freeplay- Building the Restaurant

Do you want a beautiful 5 star restaurant? Well it’s time to start repairing (once you have completed The Sous Judgemental Quest)

This post is to show what you need to clean up and how long it takes to unlock each section (if you use only one sim- I wouldn’t recommend that if you want it fixed up soon) you can have up to 10 sims fix up your restaurant at once which makes it a lot quicker to make it usable.

A blue exclamation mark appears sometimes to show you what needs to be removed:

But it doesn’t appear on all items, if you think something looks broken and needs fixing click on it and see.

Some items also can’t be fixed until another item has been removed, so in the downstairs bathroom area you can’t get to the cobweb in the corner until the leaky roof and trash have been sorted.

Once everything in that area has been removed you will be able to unlock the next area, the order and prices can be seen in this post.

Foyer (have already unlocked in the sous judgemental quest)


  • Trash- 30 minutes
  • Trash- 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Paint buckets- 2 hours
  • Broken tile- 3 hours
  • 2 Lamps- 4 hours each= 8 hours
  • Leaky roof- 6 hours
  • Broken wall- 10 hours

Total time= 1 day 7 hours


Dining Area, Kitchen and Bathrooms

Dining Area– 50,000- 3 hours

  • Cobwebs- 10 minutes
  • Trash- 30 minutes
  • 2 Trash- 1 hour 30 minutes each= 3 hours
  • 8 Chairs- 2 hours each= 16 hours
  • 2 Paint buckets- 2 hours each= 4 hours
  • 5 Broken tiles- 3 hours each= 15 hours
  • 4 lamps- 4 hours each= 16 hours
  • 2 Leaky roofs- 6 hours each= 12 hours
  • 2 tables- 7 hours each= 14 hours
  • Broken wall- 10 hours
  • 2 broken chandeliers- 12 hours each= 1 day

Total time= 4 days 12 hours 40 minutes

Kitchen– 100,000- 4 hours 30 minutes

Unlocks bathroom area too.

  • 2 Dirty dishes- 15 minutes each= 30 minutes
  • Trash- 30 minutes
  • 2 trash- 1 hour 30 minutes each= 3 hours
  • 2 Paint buckets- 2 hours each= 4 hours
  • Leaky roof- 6 hours
  • Broken wall- 10 hours


  • 2 Cobwebs- 10 minutes= 20 minutes
  • Trash- 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Broken Tile- 3 hours
  • Lamp- 4 hours
  • Leaky roof- 6 hours
  • Broken wall- 10 hours

Total time= 2 days 50 minutes


You can now cook and serve food for customers in your restaurant, now you can start on the second floor! (once you have completed the multi story renovations quest!)

Upstairs Lounge, Bathrooms and Rooftop Bar

Upstairs Lounge– 125,000- 9 hours

Unlocks bathrooms too.

  • 2 Cobwebs- 10 minutes each= 20 minutes
  • Dirty Dishes- 15 minutes
  • Trash- 30 minutes
  • 2 Trash- 1 hour 30 minutes each= 3 hours
  • 2 Paint buckets- 2 hours each= 4 hours
  • 2 Broken tiles- 3 hours each= 6 hours
  • Leaky roof- 6 hours
  • Broken wall- 10 hours
  • Broken Chandelier- 12 hours

Bathroom 1

  • Leaky roof- 6 hours

Bathroom 2

  • Paint buckets- 2 hours
  • Broken tiles- 3 hours

Total time=2 days 4 hours 55 minutes

Rooftop Bar– 250,000- 9 hours

  • Dirty Dishes- 15 minutes
  • 2 Trash- 30 minutes each= 1 hour
  • Trash- 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 3 Paint buckets- 2 hours each= 6 hours
  • 8 Chairs- 2 hours each= 16 hours
  • 2 Lamps- 4 hours each= 8 hours
  • 4 Tables- 7 hours each= 1 day 4 hours

Total time= 2 days 11 hours 45 minutes


Your restaurant is now complete! This post explains how to use the restaurant 

Thanks for reading!



86 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Building the Restaurant

  1. Thanks for this…..didn’t know this was gonna be so expensive and time lengthy project. Oh, so only ppl who completed the quest for multi-stories can start on the top floor.

    • It’s not so time lengthy when you have a lot of sims working on it but it is expensive.
      Yeah I believe so, I could be wrong but I’m just assuming as it would be common sense 😛

      • I very love Sims,but this new update is sooo expensive.I have a time for preparing restoraunt,but i don’t have so many money.Sometimes The Sims makes me to hate him :((((. I don’t use any cheats because I love to enjoying siming :((

      • Well actually you can build the upstairs too before doing the multi story renovations quest. But it really is soooo expensive!

      • This is strange, since the ‘multi story renovations’ quest comes after the ‘sous judgemental’ quest. So after I finish the first floor I have to move on with the game and then come back for the 2nd floor here? Thank you for your post, now I know I have to save some simoleons before I get to it, so I’ll take my time with the preteens quest, which thankfully has no time limit. I hate the time limits :@

      • Yes it is strange, they have updated this as previously you could build the second floor without completing that quest but like you say it gives you time to save up!
        And you’re welcome 🙂

  2. I have finished cleaning everything and my restaurant is still only a possible 4 out of 5 stars…how do I get to 5 stars?

  3. It’s kinda crazy trying to clean up things quickly when you can’t get to some of the items until others are cleared away first. It makes an already long process longer! Luckily I have ten Sims working on it at all times!

  4. I very love Sims,but this new update is sooo expensive.I have a time for preparing restoraunt,but i don’t have so many money.Sometimes The Sims makes me to hate him :((((. I don’t use any cheats because I love to enjoying siming :((

  5. Man oh man, does this take a looooong time, I’m just starting it, my sms are workng on the foyer, so I should hopefully be all done by the weekend, can’t wait.

  6. I need help with the restuarant section of Sims Freeplay. I have completely finished the task the Foyer completed, But as for the inside of the restaurant, there ain’t any exclamation points for the task that need to be completed. I tap and tap but nothing seems to happen. Just send the sims where I am tapping…

  7. Im having same problem with above people. sometimes a blue sign does not appear, but sometimes it does. By the way, what’s the benefit of opening the restaurant? Can this help me to make more sim money?

  8. Wow, ten hours to wait tables? Way to time comsuming to have fun. And after all that work and money to complete its….crazy.

    • When your sims are done at the restaurant, just cancel the wait on tables action because there’s no one to wait on.

  9. Wow thank you for this! I have just started it and didn’t realise you had to pay for each section! I know how to start saving the simoleons! 🙂 Brilliant blog by the way! x

  10. Are you supposed to have more than 1 sim repairing the same table on the rooftop?!

    I have 4 sims working on 1 table, at the same time. Every time i click on the table, it gives me an option to repair for 7 hours. So i have 4 sims on 1 table, and 2 more sims on another table. Is this a glitch? I dont know if i should cancel the extras…

  11. Finished the Restaurant a while back. Decided to start working on the lounge just as a side project. But wow, a lot of time and simoleons, and not really anything new to do here. AND, I just realized I need to do the final bar before it’s fully complete. Outside of faster romance, is there any reason to come back to this building regularly? Thanks for your time on this site!!!

  12. Does anyone know in average how much money will have to be spent to clear out the whole restaurant? I need money for my next quests so I guess ill just wait until life dreams and legacies as I will not have any thing else to build for quest 😘 love your blog btw😘💕

  13. Why does the game keep crashing every time I try to build the restaurant? Time is running out and I can’t build the restaurant. What should I do?

  14. This is awesome it takes so long and costs quite a lot but looks amazing when done !!!!!! I think the restraunt is well worth the cost

  15. Hi,
    I’m not sure if this is a new update because I noticed you didn’t include this but the downstairs kitchen area also features two broken floor tiles to repair. 1 is in the kitchen, the other is in the bathroom and it takes 3 hours each to repair both of them.
    Love your blog, btw. 💛

  16. I just finished building the first floor. It won’t let me build the second floor until I finish the Multistory Renovations Quest. Just thought I’d let you know, so you can update the post.

  17. I have 10 sims fixing the lounge. One sim is ficing chandelier, 2 others are cleaning trash (right side of the lounge, the opposite of kitchen) and another sim just finished fixing something else. However I can’t access fixing broken tiles with my free sim since it shows blue footprints. I tried cancelling the action for all 3 sims but the exclamation mark still gives to fix those 3 tasks and not broken tiles. Is there anything else my sim can do or do I have to wait (12 hours) until all 3 of my sims finish tasks and I can continue cleaning restaurant?

  18. I am on level 29 and yet I have only stopped at the quest before the restaurant one, I am a little bit unsure if I should right now or not. I might end up broke seeing the cost of buying the building and renovating it. Which is why I barely could buy any of the stores that I unlocked from the modelling hobby. I have up to 107 LPs, and I learned not to waste them unless, there is a use 1 lp option.
    So what should I do? The 30 social points I saved I used it to buy a ‘renovators home’ in a standard plot since I didn’t want to waste money.

  19. If I can’t afford to build the restaurant t and I let the time run out on the quest will it move onto the next quest or will it stay there forever til I save up enough money to buy the restaurant and finish tasks in quest

    • You don’t need to build the whole restaurant to complete the quest, you just need to open the front door, until you do that the quest will stay and you will be unable to complete the next quest.

  20. I’m so upset, I went through the whole quest, had an hour left to bring the mud pie to the restaurant to the restaurant, but I can’t figure out how. I don’t know where the pie is, I can’t find it. Im not being allowed into the restaurant for some reason, when I Click on the restaurant, all my sims come up m, when I click on an available sim it just sends me to wherever they are. I don’t get it. I have 30 mins left, I guess I give up. Tried writing to the company, we will see. I was doing so good!!! 😞

  21. Does the restaurant’s kitchen helps in finishing the cooking hobby? I started wasting money and time with the repairs just because I understood that I would have a chopping board there..for the recipes that are locked…

  22. Thank you for your amazing blog!! It’s very helpful and I showed it my sister too. Now she understands the game better althrough she’s not good at English (We’re from Finland) . And I’m sorry, I’m not good at English either :’D
    Anyway, thank you☺
    PS: Can I add you to my neighbours?

  23. I finished building the quest , i have repaired everything. Now im stuck because there is an exclamation point above the stove but im not sure what to cook !

  24. Hiya
    Do you unlock the restaurant furniture for sim houses when the restaurant is complete?
    Thank you

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