The Sims Freeplay- Maternity Store

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys- may differ from actual version

Once you update your game to the Pregnancy update you will be able to build the maternity store! Once built the A Bump-y Ride Quest will begin- complete this quest to unlock Pregnancy!

You can find the maternity store in simtown next to the real estate agency and near the mall:

In the maternity store you will find loads of maternity clothes for your pregnant sims as well as brand new nursery furniture!

Items in the store cost maternity tokens, you earn these by completing tasks in the pregnancy event (check out my quest post guide for more information)

Once the quest is over you can still earn maternity tokens to buy all the items from the maternity store by completing another pregnancy event!

If you buy all the items in the row you will unlock the prize shown at the end, for example buying all of set 1 nautical furniture unlocks the set 1 prize pack which contains more furniture items:


Nautical Set 1:

  • Oak Floor
  • Navy Wall
  • Blue Rope Rug
  • Black Light
  • Red Mobile


  • Oak Change Dresser
  • Oak Bookshelf
  • Blue Paintings

Nautical Set 2:

  • Dark Brown Floor
  • Off White Floor
  • Off White Wall
  • Pastel Mint Wall
  • Grey Rope Rug
  • Blue Paintings
  • Green Paintings
  • Gold Light
  • Rose Gold Light
  • Metallic Mobile
  • Pink Mobile
  • Dark Change Dresser
  • Off White Dresser
  • Dark Brown Bookshelf


  • Grey and Gold Seat
  • Off White Bookshelf
  • Dark Brown Crib
  • Green Rope Rug
  • Off White Crib
  • Green Seat
  • Oak Crib
  • Black Seat

Contemporary Set 1:

  • Navy Floor
  • Grey Wall
  • Olive Rug
  • Brown Light
  • Olive Mobile


  • White Change Dresser
  • White Bookshelf
  • Blue Fox Painting

Contemporary Set 2:

  • Beige Floor
  • Grey Floor
  • Navy Wall
  • Pink Wall
  • Pink Rug
  • Navy Fox Painting
  • Grey Fox Painting
  • Off White Light
  • Light Brown Light
  • Pink Mobile
  • Grey Mobile
  • Navy Change Dresser
  • Grey Change Dresser
  • Navy Bookshelf


  • Grey Bookshelf
  • White Crib
  • Aqua Seat
  • Lavender Rug
  • Grey Crib
  • White Seat
  • Navy Crib
  • Navy Seat

Maternity Clothes

Cargos and Shirts:

Prize: T’s Prize Pack

Flannels and Shorts:
Prize: Shorts Prize Pack

Watch my Maternity Store video here: