The Sims Freeplay- Pregnancy Events: Maternity Prize Packs

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In this post I have listed all the maternity prize packs that are unlocked by completing pregnancy events. If you start the 9 day pregnancy event anytime during one of the time frames you have the chance of earning the maternity items in that pack if you complete the event in the time limit. You need to have completed the first pregnancy event in the A Bump-y Ride Quest before you can earn the maternity prizes.

None of these maternity prize packs have so far returned to the game

Unsure how to complete a Pregnancy Event? Read my post here

  • Pack 1 available from the 26th March- 3rd April 2019:

Infant Section: Farmhouse Pink White Mobile (12LP) and Farmhouse Beige Change Dresser (6LP)
Wardrobe- Sleepwear Section: Pink Dotty Pyjamas

  • Pack 2 available from the 4th- 12th April 2019:

Infant Section: Farmhouse Beige Gray Rug (2LP)
Infant/Living Room Sections: Farmhouse Pink Nursing Chair (10SP)
Wardrobe- Sleepwear Section: Black Cloud Pyjamas

  • Pack 3 available from the 13th- 21st April 2019:

Infant Section: Farmhouse Blue Crib (42SP)
Infant/Living Room Sections: Farmhouse Beige Shelves (S22,500)
Wardrobe- Sleepwear Section: Pyjamas

  • Pack 4 available from the 20th- 24th May 2019:

Infant/Living Room Sections: Farmhouse Mint Nursing Chair (16SP)
Walls Section: Farmhouse Mint Walls (S80)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Green Diamond Top and Dark Blue Ripped Jeans

  • Pack 5 available from the 24th- 28th June 2019:

Infant/Decorations Sections: Farmhouse Gray Shelves (6LP)
Infant/Living Room Sections: Farmhouse Gray Bookshelf (S46,200)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Grey Jacket and Black Jeans

  • Pack 6 available from the 11th- 17th August 2019:

Walls Section: Farmhouse Pink (S80)
Infant Section: Farmhouse Pink Crib (53LP) and Farmhouse Pink Gray Rug (S20,000)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Pink Striped Jumper and Grey Ripped Jeans

  • Pack 7 available from the 30th September- 8th October 2019:

Floors Section: Farmhouse Oak Floors (S5)
Infant Section: Farmhouse Yellow Change Dresser (21LP)
Infant/Decorations Section: Farmhouse Yellow Shelves (S20,000)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Beige and Black Jumper and White Skirt

  • Pack 8 available from the 15th- 30th November 2019:

Walls Section: Farmhouse Gray (S80)
Infant/Living Room Sections: Farmhouse White Nursing Chair (16LP)
Infant Section: Farmhouse Navy Gray Mobile (7LP)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Blue Flowery Top and Blue Ripped Jeans

  • Pack 9 available from the 25th December 2019- 5th January 2020:

Walls Section: Farmhouse Blue (S160)
Floors Section: Farmhouse Black Floors (S5)
Infant/Lighting Sections: Farmhouse Black Lamp (12SP)
Infant/ Living Room Sections: Farmhouse Beige Bookshelf (S42,000)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Flowery Dress and Leopard Print Dress

  • Pack 10 available from the 7th- 14th February 2020:

Walls Section: Farmhouse Peppermint (S160)
Infant Section: Farmhouse Mint Crib (63LP) and Farmhouse Mint Gray Mobile (12SP)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Blue Jumper and Flowery Jeans

  • Pack 11 available from the 19th- 27th March 2020:

Walls Section: Nautical Mustard (S40)
Infant Section: Farmhouse Blue Rug (3LP) and Farmhouse Gray Change Dresser (6SP)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Red Dress and Blue Zig Zag Dress

  • Pack 12 available from the 15th- 23rd May 2020:

Walls Section: Sunset Paper (S800)
Floors Section: Farmhouse Warm Oak (S30)
Infant/Lighting Sections: Farmhouse Gold Lamp (9SP)
Infant/Living Room Sections: Farmhouse Yellow Bookshelf (42SP)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: 2 Bikinis!

Can’t put on the bikini? This pack contains bikinis- to put one of them on your sim select the bikini in the maternity section and it will add the green tick but you won’t see it on your sim (they will still be wearing their current maternity clothes. Save the changes and when they go swimming they will change into the bikini.

  • Pack 13 available from the 19th- 27th July 2020:

Floors Section: Farmhouse Pine Floors (S30)
Walls Section: Nautical Green (S40)
Infant/Living Room Sections: Pink Royale Nursing Chair (S110,000)
Infant Section: Pine Royale Change Dresser (S120,000)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Beige Jumper and Pink Ripped Jeans

  • Pack 14 available from the 30th August- 7th September 2020:

Floors Section: Light Delice (S640)
Walls Section: Teal Royale Walls (S775)
Infant Section: Walnut Royal Cot (20LP) and Blue Butterfly Mobile (7LP)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Orange Jacket and Light Blue Jeans

  • Pack 15 available from the 29th October- 4th November 2020

Floors Section: Light Delice (S650)
Walls Section: Pink Royale Walls (S750)
Infant/Rugs Section: Pink Royale Rug (S55,000)
Living Room/ Infant Sections: Pine Royale Bookshelf (S100,000)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Pink Dress and Black Diamond Dress

  • Pack 16 available from the 15th-21st November 2020

Floors Section: Farmhouse White (S30)
Walls Section: Nautical Plum (S40)
Decorations/Infant Sections: White Royale Paintings (6SP)
Lighting/Infant Sections: White Royale Lamp (6SP)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: White Polka Dot Top and Burgundy Skirt

  • Pack 17 available from the 5th- 22nd January 2021

Floors Section: Farmhouse Faded (S30)
Walls Section: Nautical Crimson (S40)
Infant/ Rug Sections: Gray Royale Rug (5LP)
Infant/ Lighting Sections: Gray Royale Lamp (7LP)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Tartan Off-shoulder Maternity Shirt and Gray Tartan Maternity Skirt

  • Pack 18 available from the 12th-20th February 2021

Floors Section: Light Delice (S645)
Walls Section: White Royale Walls (S725)
Infant Section: White Royale Change Dresser (12SP)
Infant/Living Room Sections: White Royale Bookshelf (10SP)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Pink Jacket and Burgundy Pants

  • Pack 19 available from the 11th- 28th April 2021

Floors Section: Farmhouse Mahogany (S30)
Infant/Rug Sections: White Royale Rug (5SP)
Infant Section: Pine Royale Cot (S200,000) and White Butterfly Mobile (7SP)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Copper Knit and White Jeans

  • Pack 20 available from the 18th- 26th May 2021

Living Room/ Infant Sections: Blue Royale Nursing Chair (11LP)
Infant/Decorations Sections: Blue Royale Paintings (6LP)
Infant Section: Walnut Royale Change Dresser (12LP)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Blue Maternity Skirt and Blue Maternity Top


  • Pack 21 available from the 28th June- 15th July 2021

Lighting/ Infant Sections: Pink Royale Lamp (S68,500)
Infant Section: White Royale Cot (20SP) Pink Butterfly Mobile (S75,000)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Pink off the shoulder Knit Top and Black Ripped Jeans


  • Pack 22 available from 9th- 17th August 2021

Infant/ Decorations Sections: Gold Royale Paintings (S65,000)
Living Room/Infant Sections: White Royale Nursing Chair (11SP)
Floors Section: Farmhouse Stained (S30)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Yellow Off the Shoulder Top and Beige Knee Length Skirt


  • Pack 23 available from 20th- 29th September 2021

Lighting Section: Contemporary Tan (S67,500)
Walls Section: Farmhouse Orange (S675)
Infant/Living Room Sections: Contemporary Gray Nursing Chair (S100,000)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Polka Dot Top and Beige Cardigan and Brown Skirt

  • Pack 24 available from 2nd-10th November 2021

Floors Section: Plum Delice (S525)
Infant Section: Oak Royale Cot (S15,000) Gold Butterfly Mobile (S70,000)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Purple Knitted Jumper and Purple Leggings

  • Pack 25 available 25th February-13th March 2022

Walls Section: Contemporary Fossil Gray
Infant Section: Nautical Blue & Gold (S100,000) Contemporary Slate Gray (S97,500)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Striped Off the Shoulder Top and Light Blue Leggings

  • Pack 26 available from 28th March- 5th April 2022

Floors Section: Contemporary Khaki (S550)
Infant Section: Contemporary Slate Gray Cot (S15,000) Contemporary Cream Fox Painting (S64,000)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Striped Jumper and Jacket and Black Skirt

  • Pack 27: available from 26th May- 11th June 2022

Floors Section: Farmhouse Walnut Floors (S575)
Infant Section: Oak Royale Change Dresser (S115,000) Oak Royale Bookshelf (S97,500)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Red Sweater and Gray Leggings

  • Pack 28: available from 29th June- 7th July 2022

Infant Section: Nautical Pine Bookcase (S97,500) Nautical Teal Paintings (S64,000)
Lighting Section: Nautical Gray Wall Light (S67,500)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Dotted Dress with Navy Sweater Outfit and White Flat Shoes

  • Pack 29: available from 19th- 27th August 2022

Walls Section: White Mosaic Wallpaper (S440)
Infant Section: Farmhouse Brown Change Dresser (S115,000) Gold Royale Lamp (S67,500)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Pastel Blue Dress with Gray Sweater Outfit and Tan Flat Shoes

  • Pack 30: available from 28th September- 6th October 2022

Floors Section: White Mid-Century Carpet (S290)
Infant Section: Contemporary Peach Rug (S60,000) Contemporary Slate Gray Change Dresser (S115,000)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Coral V-Neck Skater Dress

  • Pack 31: available from 10th- 27th November 2022

  • Pack 32: available from 3rd- 12th January 2023

Floors Section: Cream Mid-Century Carpet (S510)
Infant/ Lighting Section: Farmhouse Blue Lamp (S67,500)
Infant/ Living Room Section: Farmhouse Brown Bookcase (S97,500)
Wardrobe- Maternity Section: Pastel Pink Dress with Pink Sweater Outfit and Pink Flat Shoes

Unsure how to complete a Pregnancy Event? Read my post here


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  1. Haven’t built the maternity store yet. Once I do, will I be able to unlock the aforementioned items too?

  2. Do you if maternity items return? If not, could you make request to the makers to have some packs return?

    • None of the maternity prizes have returned yet. I’ll let them know, someone had a good idea that they should add the prizes to the maternity store if they weren’t going to rerun them.

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