The Sims Freeplay- Maternity Store

Early Access to Beta Provided by EA/ Firemonkeys

Once the maternity store is built the A Bump-y Ride Quest will begin- complete this quest to unlock Pregnancy!


You can find the maternity store in simtown next to the real estate agency and near the mall:

In the maternity store you will find loads of maternity clothes for your pregnant sims as well as brand new nursery furniture!

Items in the store cost maternity tokens, you earn these by completing tasks in the pregnancy event (check out my quest post guide for more information)

Once the quest is over you can still earn maternity tokens to buy all the items from the maternity store by completing another pregnancy event!

If you buy all the items in the row you will unlock the prize shown at the end, for example buying all of set 1 nautical furniture unlocks the set 1 prize pack which contains more furniture items:


Nautical Set 1:

  • Oak Floor- costs 1,900 Tokens
  • Navy Wall- costs 2,200 Tokens
  • Blue Rope Rug- costs 2,500 Tokens
  • Black Light- costs 4,300 Tokens
  • Red Mobile- costs 4,900 Tokens


  • Oak Change Dresser
  • Oak Bookshelf
  • Blue Paintings


Nautical Set 2:

  • Dark Brown Floor- costs 2,000 Tokens
  • Off White Floor- costs 2,100 Tokens
  • Off White Wall- costs 2,400 Tokens
  • Pastel Mint Wall- costs 2,500 Tokens
  • Grey Rope Rug- costs 2,600 Tokens
  • Blue Paintings- costs 2,700 Tokens
  • Green Paintings- costs 2,800 Tokens
  • Gold Light- costs 4,500 Tokens
  • Rose Gold Light- costs 4,700 Tokens
  • Metallic Mobile- costs 5,100 Tokens
  • Pink Mobile- costs 5,400 Tokens
  • Dark Change Dresser- costs 5,900 Tokens
  • Off White Dresser- costs 6,300 Tokens
  • Dark Brown Bookshelf- costs 7,000 Tokens


  • Grey and Gold Seat
  • Off White Bookshelf
  • Dark Brown Crib
  • Green Rope Rug
  • Off White Crib
  • Green Seat
  • Oak Crib
  • Black Seat

Contemporary Set 1:

  • Navy Floor- costs 2,200 Tokens
  • Grey Wall- costs 2,600 Tokens
  • Olive Rug- costs 2,800 Tokens
  • Brown Light- costs 5,500 Tokens
  • Olive Mobile- costs 6,300 Tokens


  • White Change Dresser
  • White Bookshelf
  • Blue Fox Painting


Contemporary Set 2:

  • Beige Floor- costs 2,300 Tokens
  • Grey Floor- costs 2,400 Tokens
  • Navy Wall- costs 2,700 Tokens
  • Pink Wall- costs 2,800 Tokens
  • Pink Rug- costs 2,900 Tokens
  • Navy Fox Painting- costs 3,000 Tokens
  • Grey Fox Painting- costs 3,200 Tokens
  • Off White Light- costs 6,000 Tokens
  • Light Brown Light- costs 6,400 Tokens
  • Pink Mobile- costs 6,500 Tokens
  • Grey Mobile- costs 6,800 Tokens
  • Navy Change Dresser- costs 7,800 Tokens
  • Grey Change Dresser- costs 8,100 Tokens
  • Navy Bookshelf- costs 8,500 Tokens


  • Grey Bookshelf
  • White Crib
  • Aqua Seat
  • Lavender Rug
  • Grey Crib
  • White Seat
  • Navy Crib
  • Navy Seat


Maternity Clothes

Breezy: Cargos and Shirts:

  • Khaki- costs 2,800 Tokens
  • Violet- costs 2,880 Tokens
  • Light Brown- costs 2,960 Tokens
  • Light Green- costs 3,040 Tokens
  • Blue- costs 3,120 Tokens
  • Pink- costs 3,280 Tokens
  • White- costs 3,400 Tokens
  • Black and Grey- costs 500 Tokens (purchase during A Bump-y Ride Quest)

Prize: T’s Prize Pack:

Relaxed: Flannels and Shorts:

  • Dark Blue- costs 3,200 Tokens
  • Red Tartan- costs 3,280 Tokens
  • Grey Lines- costs 3,320 Tokens
  • Pink Tartan- costs 3,440 Tokens
  • Yellow Dots- costs 3,520 Tokens
  • Mint- costs 3,600 Tokens
  • Light Blue- costs 3,800 Tokens

Prize: Shorts Prize Pack:

How many tokens would I need to buy everything in the maternity store?

Watch my Maternity Store video here:



48 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Maternity Store

  1. The maternity store is not showing up for me. I have done the update, I have 26 sims, and completed the 2.5 sims quest with several children in my town.

  2. How do I get the maternity point, when the mission I have completed all but the maternity point is not enough to buy goods in the maternity store

    • There is a glitch where some people are not getting the tokens needed to buy this outfit, I have asked the makers about this and they said they were looking into it, if you are still having this issue then I suggest you contact them to see if they can fix it for you

  3. My maternity store did not come with the 500 tokens needed to buy the first outfit to start the quest, I emailed firemonkeys but they have not given me any updates. Has anyone else had this problem?

  4. Hi thanks for the post it was really helpful! Is there a way to get more maternity tokens after the quest? I don’t have tokens anymore and I still have more items to buy.

  5. But in my sims I don’t have it yet to start build maternity store.. How I want to start it?
    It’s already 22th june

  6. Hi I just finished the quest yet is there another way to get money because I don’t have enough to buy the other item?

  7. I haven’t started yet. I wanted to know how long the Maternity Store takes to build and if you can speed it up with LP or SP

  8. Hi dear
    Do you really think this is worth it? I mean to pay so much similions to get a Sim to get pregnant

  9. I’m on Day 8 of the Daily Goals and doing fine, but am only on 77 percent of the Support Tasks. I’m guessing I can’t make it with the time available. Is there any way other than paying for more social points that I can get there? I’m ok with putting in the time necessary to do these big events, but I’m not sure this one is possible if you also want to eat and bathe 🙂

    • If you complete the cooking hobby and earn LPs you can then use those on the social point flower on the garden patch and convert your LP to SP, that might help you earn a few extra SP!

  10. I finished my pregnancy quest but in haste i clicked out before redeeming all of my pregnancy tokens, but the icon in the top left disappeared 😨 Do you know if there is a way to get back to redeem my unused tokens or are they forever lost??? 😭😓

  11. You mentioned we could still get maternity tokens after the event is over, how do you get them? I want to buy more nursery stuff but I don’t have enough tokens.

  12. i’ve completed the pregnancy quest and i already have the maternity store and have a pregnant sim and i spent my maternity tokens from the event but i still have 2,180 tokens left so i want to know how i could get more tokens and what i need to do thanks 🙂

  13. I’m trying to build the maternity store , but it won’t allow me too. When I click it , it says Requirements- Level 8 (I’m currently on level 8) and to complete two and a half Sims request. Please help

  14. Sims Free play says that I need to complete set one (contemporary) in the maternity store before I unlock set 2. How do I do that? I am able to get everything from set 1 and it shows unlocked in set 1 but how come I can’t unlock set 2 in the contemporary section?

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