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The goals in the Road to Fame Quest  allow you to complete this hobby for the first time, once you complete the hobby you complete the quest! You will need a teenage sim to be able to complete this hobby using the musical instruments you unlock as you complete the quest, once the quest is complete you will be able to complete the hobby with up to 5 teen sims at one time using all the instruments.

On the keyboard select ‘write song’ for 1 hour

You will need to find 3 different notes on the keyboard to unlock the bass guitar to find the next 3 notes. Once you have found all 3 notes on the bass guitar you will unlock the drum kit to find the next 3 notes, once you find all 3 notes on the drum kit you will unlock the guitar to find the next 3 notes. Once you have found those 3 new notes you will unlock the final instrument which is the microphone to find the last 3 notes:

  • Using the Keyboard: Write Song- 1 hour, 54 minutes or 48 minutes
  • Using the Bass Guitar: Write Song- 2 hours, 1 hour 50 minutes or 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Using the Drum Kit: Write Song (drums)- 3 hours, 2 hours 40 minutes or 2 hours 20 minutes
  • Using the Guitar: Write Song- 4 hours, 3 hours 40 minutes or 3 hours 10 minutes
  • Using the Microphone: Write Song (sing)- 5 hours, 4 hours 30 minutes or 4 hours

NOTE: the time varies depending on the star rating the instrument has

Once you complete the collection for the first time you can use the instruments in any order but you will still need to use all the instruments to find the different notes to complete each row

  • Basic Melody
  • Ballad
  • Tear Jerking Key Change
Slappin’ Rhythm, Finger Pickin’ Good Lick and Flyin’ Fingers of Funkstown


  • Slappin’ Rhythm
  • Finger Pickin’ Good Lick
  • Flyin’ Fingers of Funkstown
Drum Roll, Cymbal Choke and 28min Cowbell Solo


  • Drum Roll
  • Cymbal Choke
  • 28min Cowbell Solo
Bar Chord, Blues Riff in B and Heartfelt Solo


  • Bar Chord
  • Blues Riff in B
  • Heartfelt Solo
Vocal Melody, Backup Vocal and Vocal Overdub
  • Vocal Melody
  • Backup Vocal
  • Vocal Overdub
You can now complete the collection!
After the time has passed come back and click the exclamation mark above your sims head to find one of the note collectibles in that row. You still level up in this hobby but the hobby level up percentage isn’t important as the note collectibles don’t unlock depending on your level, when you finish a row of note collectibles you will unlock the ability to find the notes in the next row.

The table below shows you the level up reward that your sims will receive when they level up in this hobby:

1 What’s an Instrument?
2 Karaoke Specialist 250XP
3 Support Act 500XP
4 Triple Treat S750
5 Virtuoso 10,000 Town Value
6 Em-TV Award Winner 1LP
You won’t find a new collectible each time, you will get repeats, if this happens just keep going, you will find them eventually! If it is still taking too long you can use the lucky spin on the row where you cannot find the item, this will cost LPs, when you click on the LP button it will clear the row and give you a random collectible on that row so you aren’t guaranteed a new item (you will get back any other collectibles you already had in that row) Need to earn some LPs to use the lucky spin?


The completed teen idol collection is shown below, once you complete the collection you need to click ‘start a new collection’ at the top of the hobby collection screen, this clears the board so you can complete the collection again to earn more rewards (you will only get the option to restart the hobby collection when you have completed the collection):

 The first time you complete a row you will unlock a new instrument, further times you will earn XPs for the first two rows then for completing the drum kit row you will earn 1 TV Show Cameo, the guitar you earn 1 Radio Interview and the microphone row you unlock 1 Magazine Photoshoot (all these 3 resources are used to upgrade the Sim Sign- read this post for more information) but to complete the collection you need to find all 15 of the collectibles

The rewards for completing this collection are you complete the road to fame quest and 3LP:

  • The first time you complete this collection during the road to fame quest so once you complete the collection you complete the quest!
  • From the second time onwards each time you complete the collection you will earn 3LP
Time Limited Hobby Events– the teen idol hobby has appeared in a time limited hobby event before, to complete these you have to complete the teen idol hobby a certain amount of times during the time limit to unlock all of the prizes, you can find a list of time limited hobby events here.

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