The Sims Freeplay- The Missing Xmas Elves Quest

Yay Santa is back in Simtown! And he needs your help, everyday there are a new set of goals to complete to unlock great prizes! You have until Christmas Day to complete all the quests to unlock your very own reindeer! YOU CAN ONLY GET THE REINDEER AFTER COMPLETING ALL THE GOALS!

There are 12 days of goals to complete, you need to complete each day before you can do the next day.

If you finish the day on time, the goals will disappear and you will have to wait for the next day to start the next goals! If you don’t finish the day in time you will be able to go straight on to the goals for the next day once you complete the previous days goals!

Day 1– If you complete all these goals you unlock the xmas wishing well!

  • Talk to Santa- 1 minute
  • Sing Carols with Santa- 4 minutes
  • Get a Toddler to Sit on Santa’s Lap- 2 minutes
  • Talk to Santa about Reindeers- 5 minutes
  • Grow Carrots- 5 minutes
  • Feed Rudolph Carrots in the Park- 8 seconds
  • Examine Footprints in Park- 15 seconds
  • Examine Mysterious Footprints (again)- 15 seconds
  • Talk to Santa about Elves- 6 minutes

And they are all the goals for Day 1! The Xmas wishing well can be found in the garden decoration section of the garden tab.

Day 2- if you complete these goals you unlock windows with lights!

  • Talk to Santa- 1 minute
  • Call a friend- 3 minutes
  • Formulate plan with Santa- 3 hours 15 minutes
  • Do an Xmas dance with Santa- 4 minutes

Day 3– if you complete these goals you unlock a sleigh!

  • Talk to Santa about sleighs- 4 minutes
  • Learn to fly with a computer- 4 minutes
  • Watch a safety demonstration on tv- 8 minutes
  • Read ‘nitwits guide to advanced aerodynamics’ from a bookshelf- 2hrs 25minutes
  • Talk to Santa- 1 minute

You can find the sleigh in outdoor decorations. (don’t place until you get to the goal on day 4 purchase a sleigh)

Day 4– completing these goals unlocks the first expect gift making elf!

  • Last minute sleigh flying advice- 6hrs 15mins
  • Purchase a sleigh (if you haven’t already placed your sleigh from yesterday place that one now for free! If not you have to buy a new sleigh for 25LPs!)
  • Visit Santas workshop (click on the sleigh and click fly to workshop) 1 second
  • Admire the else Christmas tree- 4 seconds
  • Read the note on the Xmas tree -4seconds
  • Fly a sleigh to Plankton Island (fly home from workshop, then click on sleigh again to getit his option) 3hrs 12minutes

That is day 4 complete! Go to santas workshop to find the elf you unlocked!

Day 5– complete today to unlock Xmas dollhouse

  • Talk to Santa- 1 minute
  • Make Xmas presents (go to workshop and click on workbench) -4hours 12minutes
  • Admire the Xmas tree -4 seconds
  • Say “excuse me, hello?” to an elf (click on the elf in the workshop, I found the best place to stand is next to the tree) – 7 minutes
  • Make Xmas presents again- 4 hours 12 minutes

The dollhouse can be found in the toddler section of the home store.

Day 6– complete today’s goals to unlock the second elf!

  • Say excuse me, hello to an elf- 7 minutes
  • Talk about elves with an elf- 2hrs 5minutes
  • Fly a sleigh to Peru-3hrs 12minutes
  • Talk to Santa-1 minute

Day 7- complete today to unlock a nutcracker solider

  • Talk to Santa- 1 minute
  • Make Xmas presents-4 hours 12 minutes
  • Admire the Xmas tree- 4 seconds
  • Sayexcuse me hello to an elf- 7 minutes
  • Make Xmas presents- 4 hours 12 minutes

Day 8-completing this will unlock santas chair!

  • Admire a nutcracker solider- 4 seconds
  • Watch nutcracker solider closely- 8hrs 30 minutes
  • Use nutcracker solideclot communicate-5 minutes
  • Fly to egypt- 7 hours 12 minutes
  • Talk to Santa about elves- 6 minutes
  • Daydreaman a park bench -1 minute 30 seconds
  • Examine footprints in park-15 seconds
  • Ask thinking man statue about elves-3 hours 30 seconds
  • Admire… Whatever is in the park-4 seconds
  • Ask thinking man statue about vacuum-6 minutes
  • Examine the licence plate in the park-4 minutes
  • Talk to Santa about the grouch-6 minutes

Day 9- if you complete today you will unlock Xmas stairs!

  • Talk to Santa-1 minute
  • Ask thinking man statue about elves-3 hours 30 minutes
  • Admire the machine in the park- 4 seconds
  • Look closer at the machine- 7hours 7 minutes
  • Be on hold to the tech support on the phone- 3 hours
  • Ask Santa about vacuum- 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Get a sim to sing carols with Santa-4 minutes

The length of time these goals take is getting more and more ridiculous! -.-

Day 10- unlocks the north pole decoration! (you are going to want to start this one early in the morning!)

  • Be nice to the grouch-4 minutes (the grouch is the green creature that is wandering around your houses)
  • Celebrate Xmas on a sleigh- 12 hours 30 minutes
  • Sing carols with a sim- 4 minutes
  • Take a closer look at the machine in the park- 7 hrs 7 minutes

Day 11- complete today to unlock a snow globe!

  • Sing carols using nutcracker solider- 6hrs 30minutes
  • Have a toddler sit on santas lap-2 minutes (if you don’t have a toddler apparently this goal is skipped!)
  • Make presents at workshop-4hrs 30 minutes
  • Sing carols with the grouch-4 minutes
  • Be funny to the grouch- 10 seconds
  • Take acloser look at the vacuum -7 hrs 7 minutes

Day 12- complete the final day to unlock the pet reindeer!

  • Get 4 sims in the park (make sure they aren’t busy, go to the park and click the whistle to bring them there)
  • Get your sims to sing carols-4 minutes
  • Dance with Santa- 4 minutes
  • Listen to santas xmas story-5 hours 22 minutes
  • Sing carols to the Xmas spirit vacuum- 1hour 30 minutes
  • Sing carols to the grouch- 4 minutes
  • Have 4 sims sing carols to the Xmas vacuum (completes straight away once all sims are doing this task)

It clearly says when you finish the goals that the reindeer will arrive on Christmas day!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Who got their free reindeer this morning?! To find it go to the pet store, click on reindeer, click on the arrow to go across to the reindeer because the first one isn’t free! The brown one is free so click to buy then choose a house for it to go in!

I think you need the pet store to get a reindeer and if you didn’t complete the goals I think you can still get reindeers for 75LPs!

As it took soo long to complete these goals, I was hoping that all the reindeers would be free but oh well!

Note: I live in England, due to the time difference I may not be able to reply to your questions the day you ask them!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I sold my nutcracker soldier and I need to sing carols to it! Is there another way to get it again??

  2. I’m sorry if this has already been asked, but it won’t let me place the snowglobe anywhere. Am I missing something?

  3. Ok. So I’ve done everything an I go on at like 12 something to get my reindeer then it said like I have a free reindeer and 3 LP or something like that. I got my LP but I have no clue were my reindeer is. Where is it?

  4. Is everyone getting the reindeer for free? The game is saying I have to pay 75 Lps for a reindeer and I finished it before Christmas!?! Confused, cause I was under the impression it was free?

  5. Please help ! I completed the levels and waited for Xmas day and it said I had received my reindeer but I can’t find it anywhere !!

  6. This is BS, i unlocked the raindeer, but I still have to buy it for 75 points, wtf? I thought it was free!?

  7. It says I have 1 day and 14 hours to finish the rest of the tasks so if I do it in time will I get a free reindeer?

  8. I didn’t finish the goals, and there is no reindeer in the pet shop, not even for 75 LP. There is just none.

  9. I got the free reindeer and chose a house to put it in but now how do I get to it? It isn’t in my inventory or anything, and it has been bought because the price has gone up to 75lp

  10. I don’t have the pet shop unlocked and I finished the whole 12 days how long do I have to redeem my reindeer?

  11. I got the reindeer!, and this web site was a great help! Keep it on with it! I will see it again in new year’s event! Happy holidays ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I finished all 12 days but I didn’t build a pet store yet ๐Ÿ˜ฆ it costs 150,000 simoleons but I only have 10,000

  13. What if I haven’t built the pet store yet? It says that construction will take 30 hours, so do I need to use LP or can I wait? Will my reindeer still be free? Thanks.

  14. Hi. Im on day 10. Last night, (christmas eve, dec. 24) i had 15 hours. And this morning i woke up with 1 day and a few hours. Is this normal? Will i still get the reindeer?

  15. Thank you so much for posting this. I was working on day 5 two days ago and with your help, I was able to decide when it was worth it to use LPs in order to catch up. I finished the last day with plenty of time to spare!

  16. Hi! I complete the goals and i have my reindeer but i can’t find my north pole decoration or the snow globe. Where they would be?

  17. Two things do u have to finish the Xmas Santa stuff to get the reindeer? And I’m on day 4 I sent my sim to Santa shop and nothing happen what do I do now?

  18. HELP ME!! my Sims just moved into a new house, and there are 3 elves and 3 reindeer that are just standing in my house and won’t move! Please help!

  19. I completed the quests got everything but the reindeer. Really in the petstore and costs 75 lifestyle points? Really?

  20. I don’t have a petstore but I am so close to finishing this quest (they extended the time to finish for one day for me, which is more then enough.) because I am level 10 and I need to be level 11 to get the quest for toddlers, complete it, then be able to buy a petstore. Will my free reindeer show up when I build one?

  21. I have 11 hours left and I have completed up to day 10 and I have 12 LPs will I have enough time to get my reindeer?

  22. I didn’t complete my goals even with the extra day :(. When I looked in the pet shop I didn’t see any reindeers for 75 LPs, nothing.

  23. Please help. I got the reindeer yesterday after i finished the quest. But everytime i save the game and play it again, it keeps adding 3 LPs and the reindeer. I’ve got around 6 reindeers so far. Is it the error of the game? Anyone have the same problem with me?

    • Is this really a problem? You get loads of reindeers and LPs for nothing! What’s wrong with that? Mine did this earlier actually, I just put the new reindeer in another house ๐Ÿ™‚

  24. On the sp goals I can’t seem to find a phone in my sims neighbors friends(my cousins world has a phone)how do I complete it:(

  25. One of my sims was completing a quest and later the quest was over like she ran out of time, and now she is stuck there how do I get her home.Since the quest is over I caint go back there.

  26. I already have a cat and a dog in a household and i would like to add the brown reindeer to it. however, it keeps telling me that i cant put the reindeer in that household as the maximum is two. o do i have to put the reindeer in another household? cause i thought that you could have more than two pets in a household? please help

  27. Has anyone gotten any lp ffrom the reindeer? I’m thinking about buying a second (dapple) one, but I ddon’t know if I can justify the expense.

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