The Sims Freeplay- Killing Off Sims: Who Asked For That?!

Well according to EA ‘loads‘ of us! I’ve never heard a single person say they wanted all their sims to die!
There is understandably many upset and angry people after they heard the news of this update, if you haven’t heard about this yet then the new aging timer will age our sims automatically through each life stage, once they get to seniors and the timer runs out they will die!

Surely this means all our adult sims will age at the same time? And will all die together!

  • You can reset the timer but it will cost you LPs and it just starts the timer again, so if you don’t pay the LPs each time your sim will age! This is just another way to force us to spend real money in this game, I HATE being pressured to buy LPs- it isn’t at all fair!
  • You will be able to pause the aging timer for one sim using a life orb BUT to get life orbs you have to kill off your senior sims!
  • You can speed up the timer using the birthday cakes.


  • They are adding two personalities; sporty and geeky
  • And two new locations; beach and the arcade but you will only be able to unlock them after killing your sims!

I am very disappointed with EA for this update, apparently its a ‘natural progression from the previous updates’ I disagree- this is after all a game that people play to get away from their real life, we don’t need to be reminded about death!

If you have been playing this game for a long time then you start to get attached to your sims, I’ve never even used the delete a sim option so I defintely don’t want to kill them off.
I liked the option to use birthday cakes to age sims because I have a toddler who I have had for about a year now, I would never want her to age- and especially not die!

People on Facebook have been voicing their views on this, these are quotes from the sims freeplay facebook page:

I hope you gave us a little more time to work on these quests. The last update, the timing was impossible. I really enjoy this game, I play it to relax and destress. I work full time and have 3 kids. I can’t pop on at every whim to start goals at the exact time the last one ends. That’s about how demanding the last set was. Unfair.

On all of the message boards and all the groups, I have never heard one player say, “Oh please!
Make my sims age and die!!!” Not once.”

“I will play for fun and not with reality issue! I don’t wonna have the Death in my Town! Sorry, but I find it’s the worst idea you ever had – I’m so sad

“If my Sims will die, thats the moment i stop playing this Game an delete it.”

“excited about update, but not happy about sims dying…the update looks amazing & soooo huge!
but how much LP or RL money is it gonna cost to keep your sims for aging? b/c if its a large amount, in fact any amount…then idk…you should be ashamed i suppose, for profiting on people’s misery…
i’m sorry, you guys dont deserve that, i’m just feeling alittle fussy…
b/c…well you know…b/c of my sims…
i’ve worked so hard & for so long, i cant stand the idea of all 29 of my sims dying…i know it happens slowly, but i just wish the aging was idk…like an option in the settings section…is there a way we can turn it off for particular sims at time, but unlimited to access to aging process, where we can freeze their age at anytime & they can keep functioning normally??? idk…
my sims were/are my sanctuary…where nobody died or got hurt & lived in never-never-land forever…i dont wanna lose that…
i still like the rest of the update! it looks fabulous & probably the largest update ever…must of taken a long time, so many great ideas…
still excited, but also sad & anxious…

Reply from The Sims Freeplay (notice how they don’t answer the questions): “this is definitely a massive update! The thing we really wanted to do was create something that could always drive new and interesting situations for players that had already completed the games content, hence the Level 24+ requirement. For us, it was about adding a whole new level to the game, and having reasons to explore Sim Town once again. Can’t wait to hear your feedback on this new experience once the update is out”

I didn’t want teens…but was forced to have them in order to unlock new content…
I didn’t want seniors…but again was forced to have them in order to unlock new content…
Now I have to KILL my precious sims who I didn’t want to age up to unlock admittedly really cool looking content?
I’ll wait until I see it, but I fear sim death has killed Sims Freeplay for me.

“I really hate this idea. You can already “kill” sims by going to change their clothes and make them move away, this just makes it so you don’t have control over it, it just does it automatically. I don’t want to have my sims getting all old that’s so depressing. I like my sims the way they are and don’t want to spend all my hard earned currency to keep them that way. This kind of seems like a ploy to make people pay more money to get more LP so their sims don’t get old. If I’m penalized by doing actions with my sims then there’s no point in playing anymore. After playing every day for a year and a half and getting to the highest level, I think I’ll probably quit if the game stops being fun from this update.

So is this update not gonna requierd any LPz for Growinqq up”

Reply from The Sims Freeplay: “That’s correct, naturally ageing up doesn’t cost any LP! You will have to have unlocked it at level 24+ but when you have, you will be notified that they’re ready for their next stage of life!”

(what they don’t tell you is that it will cost you LPs to reset the timer!)

“Boo. Hiss. Wasn’t thrilled with last update. This is worse. We spend ALL this time to build our town & sim community and now are forced to watch them die unless we part with real money? Real life is too stressful … I don’t need it from a game. I think this has been the worlds longest long con. “

“You know something? I wasn’t going to post anything public about this, but I am far too distraught not to.

As a handicapped person who suffers from extreme depression and anxiety in everyday life, this game was a dream come true for me. Not the general Sims series, but this single version. The Sims Freeplay has got me through a lot of tough times. It is my sanctuary, my escape, a world in which I could be myself and do things my disability will forever keep me from in real life. The thing that made Freeplay my perfect game, was the lack of forced aging amd death. Everything is how we want it, moving at the pace we want it to. Now you’ve taken that away from me. My hard work, my efforts, the strong attatchments that I along with so many other players have made with our sims mean NOTHING! My first sim was/is my perfect me, and her wife is the ideal person I could only dream of meeting. After months of taking care of them, their kids… I know they are just images on a screen, but I am already crying from the thought of having to watch them wither away. I will never care for other sims the way I care for the beautiful town I have now, and losing my first two will DESTROY this game for me!

I know my words will mean nothing more than a nobody’s comment on a facebook page. A company like you won’t care, but I need you to consider this is not just some mechanic that will “help people explore and have a reason to keep coming back to Sim Town” this is forcing a far too emotional experience on people who don’t want it.

My perfect game can now be removed from my ipad. Thanks a lot”

What i hate is that the quilting and bird feeding hobbies are so long,our seniors will be dead before they finish the collections…

“I’ve been playing for 3 years and I think this is a great update. Getting that emotionally attached to a sim is kind of silly… if they die you can always make another one and start from a newborn again, that sounds kind of neat actually. Their legacy will live on their offspring, and it will be a nice challenge to deal with the realities of death and mortality. Everyone was comfortable with their immortal, static families, but I for one was quite bored. Looking forward to it! (especially the beach)”

“This is a shameless money making exercise. If my sims die, I will stop playing the game altogether. I paid enough to get them to the age I want them to stay at. 10lp to stop dying is daylight robbery! Disgusted with this decision.”

“I don’t want my sims to die! They all are special to me in some way…

“Please let us pause the aging. I don’t handle death well.

“I play this and other games because my husband has cancer, and there isn’t much to do while waiting for his liver transplant. As you can imagine death is too real. I will delete Sims FreePlay if there isn’t an option to disable this ‘feature.'”

“I think that this will be a great update! Can’t wait to see it! I agree more sims would be nice!

“So we have to kill off our precious sims in order to get more content? That’s not a reward, that’s crazy talk. I don’t see myself playing this game any longer.

If people want this then fair enough but give us the option to turn off this aging setting.
Come on EA, we asked for longer hair, better clothes, more sims- we don’t want them dying!

Thanks for reading!


91 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Killing Off Sims: Who Asked For That?!

  1. i’m not attached to my sims like some people are, but this update came at a very unfortunate time in my life when loved ones are stricken with crippling illnesses. so def not happy with it. plus they have to find a better, subtler way in getting us to spend money on them because at this rate, people are just going to leave the game. disgusting.

    • EA,I think you have made a huge mistake.The others were right when they said we play this game to escape life.I was disabled at 19 when my mother hit me repeatedly with an iron rod,before jumping on my back.This game is wonderful,because I can do things I will never be able to do in real life.I have been busy creating the life I so desperately want,no disabilities,no abuse,and now you are taking that away from me.With sims naturally ageing,and then dying is horrible.Nobody asked for their sims to die.They are the children I will never be able to have with my disability,and they will never leave me.I know that with my disability I will die very soon,and I don’t need reminders.I am 24 now,and this is just sad.Please remove this altogether,or at least let us turn it off.I am attached to these images on my screen,we all are.I now that to you this is another message on a page but please,I beg you,many people will delete this game f you don’t change this.Don’t destroy your empire.I was stupid downloading this update.

      Please EA,SAVE OUR SIMS!

      • Sorry but you are really addressing this to the wrong person, I don’t work for EA, I just play the game so they probably won’t see it. If you really want them to read it and have Facebook you could write this on their Facebook page

      • Weightlessmagic this was not addressed to you.I just couldn’t find another way to get my comment on this page.


      • I know,I’m just putting my comments wherever possible.I don’t have facebook or anything like that,so I am just trying to be heard.

        EA’S GOING DOWN!

        Can you hear me?πŸ˜‹

      • That is so heart breaking to hear that I understand how you feel because my dad verbally abuses me and Sometimes hit me. But I am so sorry about what happened to you, I hate abusesers. And I don’t want my sims to Die!!! 😦

  2. I want to understand what my sims are saying.Need to have a option on what language they speak

      • Well seeing as you havent unlocked pools yet you have a while before your sims die, they will die after you get the life dreams and legacies quest at level 24 after you have completed all previous quests.
        To update, if you are using an apple product go to the app store and click updates and it will appear in that section

    • They didn’t give me a choice to update. When I updated my phone it updated my sims so I’m currently working on the quest :-/

  3. I kinda like the idea of the sims slowly aging. Hopefully it won’t mean we have to pay or wait till we level up to replace them. Not particularly a fan of them dying. Why couldn’t the older seniors go off to a sim retirement home? My little cousin plays this game and we recently lost our grandmother and she’s pretty sensitive about elderly people :-/

    • I don’t know how slowly or quickly they age though, they are very vague
      Yeah it would be nice if they went off to a home instead as we play this to escape life not to be reminded how horrible it is!

      • Its not slowly though thats the problem! If I played the way I did before the update my sims wouldn’t last a week! Its a terrible update, you cant do anything fun or complete any hobbies because they die so quickly. Awful update!

      • I wrote that comment before I had any details about it, if you read the life dreams and legacies tips post that is up to date.
        Yeah it is impossible to do anything if you want your sims to survive, especially long tasks!

  4. I barely started playing more than a week ago and I’m hooked. I didn’t get a chance to not update, it forced me to. I am upset and do not want my sims to die. I dont even have a toddler yet. If this update means what it looks like, I will not want ro keep playing. My first sim was based on and named after me! My sim married my husband as a sim and now my first sim baby was named after our first born. Silly to some maybe but innocent fun! I will not play if it means they have to die. Or does it mean only if you make sporty and geeky sims die you get the “sporty” orb that opens the beach? If that is the case I wont have any sims with personality. I haven’t read a clear description of exactly what HAS to happen. If it meana death, i am done…. 😑 BTW in the short time I have played your blog has been helpful!! Thanks!! πŸ™‚

    • It’s okay, you won’t get the quest for your sims to die until level 24 so hopefully by then they will make it an option for you to choose if they die or not.
      I don’t think anyone really knows how it will really work until you finish the quest, they are very vague about it all.
      Glad I could help πŸ™‚

  5. Well I had to lose 2 Sims. My one HAD to pass on. Then to complete the quest I had to add a baby. The passed on one stays on your total sim count for some reason. As I had maxed out my number of sims until I go up 10 levels I had to delete another sim so I could have a baby. Not cool.

      • I wish I would have read some of these blogs or Facebook because I had no idea how bad this death thing would be to this game. Also I too have maxed my population at 32 sims so when they all started dying off I could not add any new sims to the town. Now I have a bunch of empty houses and children with no parents. It’s like Children of the Corn lol! I doubt EA will do anything so I think it’s my time to just move on to something else. It was fun until now.

  6. I won’t be playing the game until they remove the automatic aging feature. EA have made a quite simple error with this latest update – that of putting a crucial element of the game beyond the control of players. The cornerstone of the game is being able to take pride in having made things oneself – houses and personalities. It is no surprise that people aren’t happy when a feature is added to the game which automatically ruins people’s creations without their consent.

    Terrific website, by the way.

  7. I’m not saying this is a good update, but my guess here is that people complained to EA because they always need to spend money on birthday cakes. Solution? Make sims age on their own! But what can we do with the oldest sims? Let them die! It’s kind of logical, but I still don’t get why you’d add it in. Btw thank you for helping me out on all of the quests!

  8. There is something bothering me, I didn’t get the update yet. When one Sim dies, can we replace it with a new one? Or they will all die and my city will be empty?? For what I’ve read here, I guess we can’t. But isn’t that absurd?

    Great site and thanks for all the precious help! πŸ™‚

  9. I think the update is not perfect. The LP it costs for cake is high and I really hate to buy it every time, so that is a up if this update. However, the sims actually dying is so sad. It was depressing when my friends original sim died and now I honestly do not want to update. It would be nice if the dead sims all moved to somewhere else (like a new neighborhood/heaven?) so you could see them again and do things together but not really play with them like you would normally. The death factor is, in plain words, depressing and not worth your time. It may seem cool but if you get attached and have it die…then it is not worth playing. End of story. (I DO get that some like it but, could it be an option to make it so you can choose who to get old and die and who would always stay young?

    • Nateβ“πŸ˜¨

      Are you sure you want your sims to age naturallyβ“πŸ˜±

      I know it costs LP for a birthday cake,but what about if the cake cost simoleonsβ“πŸ˜―

      Or you could age them without it costing anything,but not naturallyβ“πŸ˜Ž

      I agree,death is depressing.😭

      Just thoughts!πŸ˜€

  10. I cannot express enough how much I despise this update. Because of it I will wind flown my involvement. Being a 62 year old “gamer girl” – this update hits too close to home. I game to have time away from harsh realities. Yeah, I am attached to my Sims, take good care of them and it breaks my heart to see them killed off because of a lack of life points. This us about making money and nothing to do with pleading the gamers. I will not put one more dime into this game. If I want to face aging and death, I’ll go visit my friend dying of cancer. Screw you sims people.

    • I know it really is a bad update, a game is meant to help you escape from reality not remind you how horrible life is, I hope they realise how much they have annoyed people with it and give us the option to turn off automatic ageing

  11. It’s such a sad thing, what they’re doing. I have the sims 3 on my Xbox, and the sims freeplay on my phone. However, I have always kind of enjoyed freeplay more, for the fact that your sims can’t die. That WAS my favorite aspect of the game, they had to come along and ruin it.
    So let me explain a little further why I’m so upset.
    I’ve always had a fear of death and things like that, so that’s why I enjoyed the feature in the sims freeplay where there was no death. So instead of creating myself and my friends on my sims 3 Xbox game where there is better clothing/etc. I made us all on my phone because I didn’t want to watch real people die, even if they are just the digital versions of them. The thought is still depressing. Anyway, all was fine, I enjoyed the seniors quest, I did kinda want to be able to have seniors. But death? Never. This game was my freedom from death, where my virtual self and my friends and family’s virtual selves didnt have to face death or growing older. We could do all the things we weren’t really able to in real life.
    Then the update came.
    I was excited, I truly was. I thought the life goals was a great idea. And the beach and arcade seemed GREAT. But… I didn’t know the sims were going to die… I guess I hadn’t read close enough. But when I finally found out, I didn’t want to touch the quests. As much as I want those places, I can’t just kill off myself, my friends, or my family to do the quests. And also, even with the characters that I made that arent based on anyone, I just created them because I had more spaces for sims, I can’t just murder them. I’ve spent so long giving each character a home and life and job that will suit them. Not to have it ripped away. I know the houses will stay but it won’t be the same. I have grown attached to my people, the way they are. I have two toddlers I’ve been intentionally keeping as toddlers because that’s the way I liked them. The same thing with all the rest of my sims. They were the way I liked them. But now I’m going to have them change and that’s exactly what I wanted to escape with this game. But now, I guess, I can finally get over my hatred of creating real people on the sims 3, because they’re gonna die in either game I have them. Sorry for my long rant but I’m really upset about this update. I refuse to finish the quests because I don’t want my sims to age. (Even though I reeeeeaaaaalllyyy want the beach) I really hope they get rid of the sims having to age in another update. Soon. Because this one is kinda ruining the game for me:/

    • Can’t you turn off ageing on the sims 3 on Xbox because you can on PC, I do this because I don’t want my sims to die. I would like to be able to do this on the sims freeplay now!
      I know exactly how you feel, loads of people are so annoyed with this update- we shouldn’t have to think about death while playing a game! We want to escape from reality not be reminded how depressing it can be!
      I had a toddler that has just turned into a preteen and it’s just not the same anymore.
      Hopefully they will change it so we can decide who lives and dies.

  12. I am so happy you posted this article. I thought I was alone but you have shown that I am not! I hate this update. How unfair to force us to spend LPs or our sims will age and die. I’ve been playing for almost 2 years and now I plan to delete it and never play again once my sims “have” to die!

  13. Hi, was wondering if a sim has a life orb and we deleted him, will the life orb disappear or be moved into our inventory?

      • Thanks! Because I thought of after getting a bronze orb with an adult sim, I would just delete him. I just want to unlock the new locations badly. Still not impressed with this new update 😐

      • Yup I’ve reserved a few sims for the silver orbs, not sure if I want to do gold yet (too time consuming). Gold orbs are for unlocking the things inside the beach and arcade right?

      • I’m not sure, I thought you needed a gold orb to unlock the beach, if you click on the arcade and beach pictures it will tell you how many orbs you need

      • That’s weird, because mine asks for 2 silver and 2 bronze orbs for the beach. Yours?

  14. Well we are the consumers and we have more power than we think, we could most definitely change this as long as everyone else would be up for it, companies want money that’s their main goal and If we were to not play their games or update or something then they don’t get money, therefore they are forced to change what we don’t like because after all the coustomer is always right

    • They don’t get money if we dont spend real money on the game, you can still play the game.
      I’m not sure whether this will make any difference to the way they are but it could work!

      • Whether or not, not buying things works, there is definiately a way to change this because they must satisfy the customers. I was thinking that would work but then again we could still play and I thought they wouldn’t get the message there must be something even bigger people could do but all fans of this game would have to work together. I know trying to stop this update will be hard if that’s what everyone wants to do.

  15. It’s very depressing for me seeing Grim Reaper floating over my town. That’s freaky! The first time I saw him I literally jumped and almost dropped my iPad. I don’t want tobe seeing an angel of death lurking around looking for whose next inmy precious town. It doesnt do well to the soul. Instead of making the seniors disappear, why can’t they be turned back ino toddlers or something interesting not freaky! My senior sim just lost his first wife then the second I gave him for consolation and now Grim has come to claim him too but had to rescue him for 10 LP cos of his preteen daughter. This is not even funny. I want to see my women pregnant…..with long hairs….different body shapes and sizes…..different height and so on. These are features I want to see EA.pls pls pls

  16. I’m really annoyed by this update. I am on level 33 with 22 Sims during the process of completing the quest I was FORCED to kill off my two elderly sims (RIP Stephanie and Eugene), one of which I aged because of the update. Now I’m at 21 sims since I had a baby in replace of my dead forced-aged sim. I am starting to feel very depressed I’m my sim world and feel like committing a mass murder! I want to kill them all because, it’s like if the game is going to do it anyway what’s the point?! I really hope the developers make an adjustment to this game very soon. Otherwise, I will just use sims as slaves to garden and build massive houses. But what’s the fun in that?

  17. I don’t mind the idea of my sims dying but one of my seniors was ready to die so I thought I would see what would happen, hoping there would at least be a grave, but no, they just disappear like they never existed at all 😦

  18. I was SO addicted to this game before this stupid update. I deleted my game and haven’t played again. I don’t want my Sims to age, let alone die! They could have at least just let the older Sims move to Florida or something! I hope they lose a lot of players over this, maybe they’d undo the dumb changes.

  19. I actually really like this update. I like that when my teenagers turn into adults there not gunna look the same age as there parents and that there parents can eventually pass away because this way we have more room to have younger sims have children. I think some people are waaay to attached to there sims and though, yes, the grim reaper thing is pretty weird, it’s not a big deal.

    • I agree, when I first heard about the update I was upset but then I updated my game and I really like it now. I really like the fact that if one sim dies then you get a baby for free,I hated the fact that you had to pay lps just to have a baby. And I think you shouldn’t have to b married to have a baby.

    • But you can already make sims “pass away” using the wardrobe and making them move away.Grim Reaper is creepy but so is death.😳

  20. I’ve played this game for awhile. Played. Until they fix the aging, it’s just not fun.

  21. Haha. For you all who’d feel pleased with this update. Wait until you got to finish one task and collection. Then you’ll crying to bleed when your sims could never got into levels needed to get required collection to finishing a task. And why’s that? Cause your sims gonna get old and die before reaching required levels.

    • could you please use correct grammer it is very hard for me to understand what you are trying to say. also im not trying to offend i would just like to understand.

  22. I also like the update with aging (and dying) sims. The game more resembles the PC version and I gotta say I am only playing freeplay as a substitute for the PC game (I no longer have a laptop/PC). It’s much more interesting now as I was also getting bored and considering not playing any longer. I’d like more personalities sooner rather than later tho. I’d also like the burglar, like the PC game has πŸ™‚

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