The Sims Freeplay- VOTE Are You Getting The New Dying Update?

There has been a lot of anger about this update so I was just wondering how many of you will be updating to be able to kill off your sims?

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15 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- VOTE Are You Getting The New Dying Update?

  1. My dad always updates apps and I didn’t know this update included this dying sl I didn’t ask him not to.
    But now that I do know, the update is already installed. However, you do have to complete a quest I think to unlock this. At least it now says: complete this quest to unlock life dreams and legacies!
    I do not see a timer, however I do see a circle around my sims in the simtracker that is grey, is this the timer?
    I would not be pleased AT ALL if this means my sims will all die…

    You wrote something about life orbs or so? Can’t I just create seniors, kill them, use the life orbs and freeze my current sims?

    • Oh by the way I just saw that the update also includes that for all the hobbies, the shortest one (for example the 4 minute dive) is now not 4 minutes, but 10 :/

      • I’ll see what happens in a few days with the circle and maybe try freezing it.
        I did read something about passing on legacies(is this a word? I mean the plural of legacy haha) so maybe they mean hobbies by that?

      • But you can only do some hobbies when you reach a certain age so that wouldn’t work would it? If a senior sim dies and a baby took its place the hobby would be removed, but we will see ๐Ÿ™‚

      • some tasks are now longer, but some are shorter as well. so far i’ve encoutered these in hobbies related tasks. but the other tasks (planting, cooking, reading, etc) are the same.

  2. I deleted the game now. This update made me finally do it. The reclaimed space on my phone is nice.

  3. I got it before I knew that it automatically ages your Sims… BOO! All the other stuff (geek/jock personalities, arcade/beach, even dying IF YOU WANT TO) sounded good. Not having to pay LPs to keep your Sims from aging! Now I regret updating.

  4. So I like theupdate but hate the dying my I got so closewith my founder sim and now she has to die but the update is good enough otherwise like the automatic ageing but still and also there is a petition you can sign

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