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A lot of people appear to be having a problem either finding the life dreams menu or finding the life dreams goals, this quick post will hopefully clear up a few problems.
Once you get to the goal ‘open life dreams menu’ on the life dreams and legacies quest you should see a life goal for your senior who you gave the orb to. This is shown in the image below:

With this life dream that appears you will need to find the option on a computer, once you complete the task your life dreams level will increase, you need to fill up the meter to fulfill the life dream and upgrade your orb from bronze to silver.

If you can’t see this at this point then you may have a glitch in your game, you will need to contact the makers to see if they can fix this as I am unable to sort out technical issues.


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33 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Life Dreams Menu

  1. I don’t know where to find a Life Dream to make my Sim do it. It says that she needs to find the Racing Speed of a slot car, but I don’t know what that is. Can anyone help me?

  2. What happens when my circle turns red on my toddler and my life dream is taking forever I only get 1% every 9 hours task

  3. I have a senior that needs to talk to other sims about his life as an athlete. I’ve tried on the phone, with other sim, on the computer and at the park on a soapbox. Nothing gives me that option; does anybody know what to do? Thx

  4. I need help with the lifeguard life dream quest, anyone know hmm ow it works. I have wwe went to swim club but guard pool doesn’t work

    • Are you sure it isn’t increasing the life dreams? if you haven’t recently updated to the saddle up update then the life dreams have updated, instead of being a small percentage now you should notice it increase faster, this could help for this dream

  5. Here is my quest. I want to use computers! I know a thing or two about vacuum tubes. How hard could it be? Maybe I have a telegram waiting for me can someone help me please.

  6. I have a preteen sim whose life goal is to read books to know more abt animals ..I have tried various options thru book shelves isn’t working ..can u help..btw I love ur blog

  7. One of my toddlers life dreams is to draw lots of animals on a chalkboard – I’ve been doing this for absolutely ages and have just had to turn the clock back on his stage of life which cost me 3 LP.

    Every time I do it, my progress doesn’t seem to move on any – I’m still only at 4 !

    Do I have to just pick this one task that lasts 40 minutes or do any of the other actions work too ? I’ve noticed that the 6 hour one doesn’t !
    His sister who was born just last week completed her stage after 2 turns ! (Befriend the sand worm)

    • you don’t need to turn their life back, it would actually be better if they became a preteen and did a longer life dream, so they can fill up the rest of their toddler bar and their preteen bar as well.
      But yes you have to do the 40 minute option but next time- don’t choose that one! befriend the sand worm is one of the options I would choose everytime as it is so much quicker

      • Ah but the sand worm task is under the Sporty Lifestyle and my chap is a Geek ! No worries, I’ve just aged his little sister to become his big sister ! She’s currently hammering the pool slide as her next Life Goal ! Lol

      • I’ve also found out something – i got my toddler to do Stamp Puppets on a TV, and he earned 5 geek points that way !

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