The Sims Freeplay- RESULTS Are You Getting The New Dying Update?

Thank you to everyone who took part in this little vote! The voting is now closed after a week of more than 1000 people taking part!Β  These are the results displayed in a nice little pie chart!

results dying update

So the results are pretty clear, nearly a half of the voters have got the update but don’t like it!

This and the mass anger on The Sims Freeplay Facebook page make my wonder where the majority of people who said they wanted their sims to die (according to EA) are hiding!

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25 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- RESULTS Are You Getting The New Dying Update?

  1. I put my happy Sims to hibernate and turned off the game. I refuse to play if my Sims are going to get old and die.

  2. I actually like the new update. I don’t necessarily WANT my Sims to die, but the aging, dying and life dreams definitely make the game more interesting. I was getting a little bored and now I’m excited about playing again. I think the reason there haven’t been too many comments from people who like the update is because, like with any other goods or services in life, most people only speak up if they’re extremely unhappy or extremely pleased. If things are good, you don’t really feel the need to say anything.

  3. It’s not so much that “people wanted their sims to die” but that they wanted the option of that progression like with TS2 and TS3. But in those the player had complete control of if and when they died. In fact I think more people would like this update if it were tweaked such that staying alive were easier to achieve and aging was not so haphazard. I read posts of adults who die off before their babies are even becoming teens etc. To which I assume the same process could result in a baby becoming an elder while their parents stay adults or their elder siblings remain teens for example.

    • I think being able to turn it on and off for individual sims – for a REASONABLE number of LPs – would probably make people much happier. Say, 5 LPs to permanently turn off a sim’s aging and another 5 to turn it back on. Instead of having to pay 10 LPs over and over again to keep one sim at the same age. Ridiculous!

  4. Since you are my source for Sims FP, I thought I would ask. Is it the Life Dreams quest that is for the aging/dying? Is that elective? Can you ignore it? Just leave things as they are?

    I ignore the SPs/FB because I do not want to connect my FB account to games.

    I would much rather just start a new Sims Town than to kill off my Sims. If you have to kill them off, I’ll quit playing. I’m only at level 25, so the addiction should not be tooooo hard to get over.

    • If you complete the life dreams quest then your sims will age and die automatically, if you don’t complete the quest you won’t be able to complete future quests until this one is done but your sims won’t die so yes you could ignore it

      • Thanks for your response. I’ve just held myself in the middle of Swimmingly quest to give myself some time to get some life points and money collected. (Speaking of life points, I hate I did not pay more attention in the 22 hour car ride, but the last hour I got like 5 life points. Grr! That was an excellent opportunity to gather life points and money!)

        I think I’ll just take my time going through the quests. Maybe by the time I get to the Life Quest, the developer will change their mind about it and not make it a required thing.

  5. I think this is Another way they are changing the economy. Your adults don’t live long and even if they master their career, they won’t make as many simoleons as they used to be able to, because you have to start over e careers again and again as your adults all turn into seniors and teens turn into adults. Now you have to work harder to earn enough simoleons to build and buy things. *sigh* it’s not so free to. Play anymore.

  6. I absolutely HATE the new update. I do not want my sims to die and lose all of their abilities and relationships and be forced to build new relationships over and over again. Is there a way to revert back to the previous version before this stupid update?

  7. If my Sims are just going to age and die, I will delete my game. I play the game to escape real life where too much aging and dying are going on all around me! I probably spend at least $20/month but I am not going to spend money to keep the Sims alive.

  8. Yeah I made a sim to look like my late husband. Had it for over a year. Like I want to watch him die again. 😦

  9. I accidentally downloaded this and I am still angry with EA.They can’t do this to their customers.I know some people absolutely love this update and others hate it. Why don’t they just make it a feature that you can disable.Then those who love it keep it,ANC those who hate it can get rid of it.Sometimes adults make silly decisions.

    I am now proud to say that I have deleted my Sims app.

  10. WORST UPDATE EVER! Refuse to let sims die but REALLY want to do new quests I am torn! Any idea’s PLZ! I love the beach, and arcade part of the hobby but HATE sims dying! I wonder what happens once all ur sims die out and u don’t have enough for more if they even cost LP still. About to get to this quest finishing up Sous Judgmental! PLZ help!

    • You could always remake your sims that die, I personally aren’t that bothered with my sims dying anymore as most of my old sims have gone so I’m not attached to the new ones and it makes it a bit more interesting, it’s a little annoying when I’m trying to get a hobby completed and I have to pay to keep them to get it done, but it’s up to you.
      Once your sims die you can add new adult sims to houses that are empty for free, it only costs to get them married and have babies.
      Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  11. Hey, can somebody help me please? When i finished my sims life dream and he died, the other sims became like when they too hungry,too sleepy, or,,,whatever its called,,,they became like uh,,,sad and it made me difficult to do something. Do i need to make them inspired with LP or would it be normal again by itself?

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