The Sims Freeplay- Using the Restaurant

If you have just built your restaurant and have no idea how to serve food to customers then this is the post for you! If you are struggling to build your restaurant still then read this post for guidance

So you need three people:

1. Someone to cook something

2. Someone to wait tables- 10 hours (click on the booth infront of the kitchen)

3. Someone to have meal- 1 hour (click on table)

The pictures below show each step: usingtherestsim

GLITCH: currently only one sim can sit at a 4 seat table at a time

When a meal is made and someone is sitting at the table the waiter will serve the food and they will eat the meal for 10 minutes 20140817-154906.jpg

“Who ordered the bacon and eggs?”

Cleaning the dishes

To tidy up you need to click on the sink in the kitchen and select keep cleaning dishes- 10 hours, this sim will then collect and wash up all dishes. Once all dishes have been cleared away they will stop the action. 20140817-144207.jpg What else can you do at the restaurant?

You can order a drink from the rooftop bar, to do this you need a sim to tend the bar for 20 minutes and then a sim can order a cocktail, this will cost you 2500. Cocktails will inspire your sim (fulfil their needs)20140817-154748.jpg 20140817-154401.jpg By the piano downstairs and upstairs near the sofa you can close dance for 10 minutes with another sim and the piano can be played at the same time! 20140817-154457.jpg 20140817-154505.jpg

You can also build a romantic relationship up fast by clicking on the stools, one sim selects the option scope room and the other sim selects the other stool to hit on.

20140904-105605.jpg 20140904-105610.jpg 20140904-105614.jpg

Pictures of sims enjoying the restaurant

20140817-154616.jpg 20140817-154626.jpg 20140817-154654.jpg 20140817-154705.jpg 20140817-154713.jpg

Thanks Brett for this image!

Thanks for reading!



121 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Using the Restaurant

  1. I’ve been playing this game for two years and finally decided to have two sims have a romantic meal! Serving for 10 hours has been daunting. Cooking in the restaurant might be a way to stock up plates for diners as well as collect LPs, instead of simply cooking and demolishing plates.

    Will the plates spoil if I leave them until I use the restaurant? Can I use more than one cook at a time?

    Thanks for keeping this blog going. You’ve helped me a lot.

  2. Hi, thanks for the informative blog post! I was wondering if there is a way of clicking the “have meal” option on the four seater table downstairs for multiple sims and having a waiter serve all of them seated at the table at the same time, because the only way to get that for me is to do the “grab a plate” option. Thanks again

  3. When I click on the tables in the restaurant, both upstairs and downstairs, it’s only allowing one sim to sit at each table at a time. I can have two sims at the booths. I see in one of your pictures it looks like a whole family is sitting at a table eating together. Am I doing something wrong?

    • You aren’t doing anything wrong, I tried this out myself and it wouldn’t let me have more than one sim sitting at the table either, I have let the makers know so hopefully it will be fixed at some point.

  4. Hi. Do you need the restaurant for any other quests? I don’t know if I want to spend the time and money to clear it out right now but will if it’s needed to finish something else.

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