The Sims Freeplay- Adding a Pool

Before you can get the tools to add a pool to your sims gardens you need to have completed the Its All Going Swimmingly Quest. Once that quest is complete in the garden section of the home store you will see the new pool tabs which includes building the pool, pool interior, pool paving, paver width and pool items.


Building a pool is a lot like building a room but you need to remember you need at least one extra square around the pool for the paving so even though the pool can be as small as 3×3 with the paving its 5×5.


What is the cheapest pool? A 3×3 (or 5×5 with the paving) will now cost S13,620

And unlike rooms you can join pools together to make different shapes!


Once you have built the pool you can add items to it such as inflatables and a diving board (if you have completed the diving hobby collection for the first time) and items around the pool such as beach towels.

Building a pool with an island

Paver Width
Click on the paver width tab and select the width you want to increase/ decrease the paving around your pool, the picture below shows the widths:

If you have a weather machine at your house where your pool is when you put it on snow it freezes the pool so you can complete the figure skating hobby!


Cleaning the pool

When the pool is green it will need to be cleaned, otherwise your sims will not be able to use the pool, click on the pool and select the option clean pool.

Watch this video for more information on cleaning pools and using the weather machine!

Adding Diving Boards

Diving boards have to be placed with one square over the water and 2 squares on land, like the picture below shows:

You can unlock diving boards by completing the diving hobby for the first time.

Using the pool

In the pool you can:

Go swimming, click somewhere in the pool and your sim will swim there:

If you have two sims you can interact with the other sim:

  • Flip- 4 seconds
  • Splash- 10 seconds
  • Chat- 4 minutes


Toddlers can play in the pool with the help of a teen, adult or senior.

NOTE: You need steps for your sims to be able to use the swimming pool

When you want your sim to get out of the pool click on the ground above some steps and they will get out and get changed.

Deleting a pool

To delete a pool go to the outdoor section of buy mode:

Then click on the pool, click the red simoleons symbol to sell it:


57 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Adding a Pool

  1. I recently made a pretty big pool that is “C” shaped. I’ve had both sims try and clean it many times but it’s still nasty green. Any idea why this may be or is it possibly just a glitch? It’s only happening to one house with a new bigger pool. Thanks!

  2. How can i make islands in the pools? I want to make, like, a bar in the middle of the pool. Thanks im advance! BTW, great blog!

  3. Hi, I absolutely love your blog ❤ Though, may I have assistance on how to add extra paving to my pool (instead of just having one layer) like the images you've posted above? Regards x

  4. I just added pools to several houses. I don’t know if this is a glitch or not, but the game charged me extra simoleons for reducing the size of my pool. Is it normal? For rooms we get cash if we reduce the size, why don’t we get the same thing for pools? I already lost my 130K simoleons so far, which is not easy money. If I should contact EA, how do I do that? Thanks for your help 😉

  5. Thanks so much for your blog 😊 with the DIY homes update, have they changed the minimum pool size like they did with the rooms?

  6. Can I built a pool inside house??? I think the house will be very beautiful if I can do that!!!

  7. Hi! So, I’m a little frustrated that we can’t build a pool into a patio, nor can we apparently add railings around the pool. I don’t understand the logic here at all; these should be conjoined! Is there a way to do this or should I just spam EA to update this as an option in the future?

  8. i asked my neighbor to build a pool in his house because i’ve mission that requires a neighbor’s pool..but every time i’m visiting his house i cant find the pool..what is the problem here…he even showed his house to me when he was building the pool

  9. Hey I have a tip for cheaper pools! First just add the smallest possible pool and change the interior to the free one. Then make the pool bigger and it will be so much cheaper! Instead, if you want some more expensive pavings and interiors, you should change them at this points. Otherwise you’ll end up paying twice: first for the standard ones, then for the ones you actually want. Thought you might want to add this tip.

  10. Hey! Thanks for the pool island tip. I kindaimagines your voice to be high pitched or something, so it surprised me that it’s deeper. But anyway, I’ve been a fan of your blog, especially the sims tips and tricks. Thanks!

  11. I want to make a really big pool but I don’t have space as all of my backyard is taken up. Is there a way to extend the backyard?

  12. Hi! I’m on level 20 and I want to turn my toddler into a pre teen. I tried baking a cake for my toddler, the game is saying I have to complete level 15 pre teen quest. Since I’m on level 20 I don’t know if it’s possible to still complete the pre teen quest. How can I turn my toddler into a pre teen. PS: right now I’m completing the Super toddler secret mission. Thank you!

  13. I have a quick question for you. I have the task to have your sim practice diving in a neighbor’s pool. Can this be a neighbor in my town or does it have to be in another sim town? Also, I recently completed the diving task so that I could purchase the diving board for my pool. When I added it to the pool the sims show they can not use it. I followed your post above making sure that it is on 2 pavers and having 1 square over the pool however this did not help. Do you have any suggestions? TIA

  14. Hi!
    I also noticed that there is a way to avoid spending so much money building pools. If you build directly a giant pool, it will cost you a lot of simoleons. But, if you build the smallest one (4×4 including the pavement) and AFTER THAT you resize it, you will see that the cost of of resizing is so much lower. Hope it can be helpful 🙂 I read you last post about the game crashing and I am really sorry about that! If you use game center and you need neighbours to complete the social mansions, you can add me, my nick is #Fedee. I am only level 34, but I would be glad to help you if I can 🙂

  15. Hello, thanks for all the useful tips! Following your video I was able to build a pool with an island in the middle. Hooray! I am not able to pave it though, besides the external perimeter it is covered in grass. I tried to pave it as it was a room, and to build a minipatio upon it so that afterwise it could be paved, but no way. Do you have any tips for that? Thanks a lot in advance!

    • You’re welcome!
      Changing the paver width doesn’t get rid of the grass in the middle? That’s strange!
      My only other suggestion would have been to add a patio in the middle instead but it seems like that didn’t work either! I’m not sure what else to suggest, sorry!

  16. Hey this is an awesome blog! I was just wondering if there’s any way to build pools in apartments? It won’t let me but I figured that’s just because it’s not on a ground floor, is there a way to?

  17. Is there a list of all the different types of pool pavings (and patio and balcony paving so) available anywhere? I unlocked a house via a quest a while ago and I decided I wanted to renovate the back yard pool but I can’t find the paving type anywhere in the home store. I can resize the pool and the paving stays the same, but if I try to adjoin another pool to make a different shape, the adjoined section is in the brown terra-cotta colour. I really like the colour of my patio and pool paving at this house and since it doesn’t seem to be an option in the store, I’m afraid to make any adjustments or change the colour because I know I won’t be able to change it back. I’m hoping it’s something you can unlock and I’ll get there eventually or maybe there’s some way around this issue. Any suggestions?

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