The Sims Freeplay- Quest Queue

The quest queue is very helpful if you want to see what quests are coming up in the game, they will only appear in the queue once you are on the level for the quest to unlock, so Need for Steed will only appear in the queue once you are on level 11+

NOTE: You still have to complete the quests in the order they appear in the queue so you can’t choose which quest to do next

Where is the quest queue?

  1. Click on your goal tab (active tasks button)
  2.  Underneath the quest goal you will see a number in a green box, that number is how many quests are in your queue
  3. Click on it to see more details on the upcoming quests


This will show you how many quests you have before you can do the one you really want to do, remember all quests have to be completed in order and you can’t skip a quest.

Last Updated October 2018


15 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Quest Queue

  1. When I have a teenager wait for a milkshake, the server at the burger bar never brings out a milkshake. Is that supposed to happen?

  2. […] All quests HAVE to be completed in order, the level a quest unlocks at doesn’t mean anything if you haven’t completed the previous quests. You have to complete a quest before you can move onto the next and you cannot skip goals or quests. Quests waiting to be completed will be in your quest queue […]

  3. I have the “in da clubhouse” quest to do and it’s in my queue. I go to the swim center and the bunny is no longer there and when clicking on the clubhouse at the swim center, there is no options for the toddler. Just trying to move on to the preteen quest. Help would be appreciated!

  4. Hi! I can’t comment on the diy homes update page, so i guess i’ll say it here, another addition to the update is the cost of adding the third story to a house. Previously, it cost me 100 lp now, it costs 500,000 simoleons.

    Totally unrelated question: can you change the fence design of a house? Like i built my own house but i want the fence to be like the designer home’s fence. And is the dirts road fence design the default for the lots on the mysterious island? Coz’ i built a designer home but i did not get the fence that it comes with, instead it showed me dirt roads.

    Another question: i already completed the patios quest, how/when/where can i initiate the balconies quest?

    Thanks in advance! Love the blogs!

    • I have added that, I turned off the comments on that post because I had over 200!
      No you can’t change that design
      The balcony quest started yesterday, you need to have completed the multi story renovations quest and then you will find Bree at the community center

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