The Sims Freeplay- Weekly Tasks and Mystery Box Shop

This post will list weekly tasks, how to do them and explain how the mystery box shop works and what you are likely to get in the boxes.

Weekly tasks are tasks you complete to unlock keys that you can use to buy prizes from the mystery box shop, click on active goals then on the green gift button as shown below:


You can skip a goal with 10LP if you are unable to complete it.

The bar at the bottom shows you how long you have to complete the weekly tasks before the next week starts and how many tasks you have completed so far (when you get to each symbol you get a reward- read the mystery box shop part of this post for more information)

If you click on the picture of the gift it will open up the mystery box shop, there you can buy boxes or see how many keys you have.

This is an incomplete list of weekly tasks, I will keep updating it but if you have any that I haven’t listed please comment with the time it takes and I will add it.

Times may vary depending on the star rating an item has

  • Cancel an action (click on a sim completing an action and click the red cross to cancel)
  • Grill em all on a bbq- 7 hours
  • Have a sim fall asleep in the bath- 2 hour 20 minutes
  • Catch some Zs on a couch- 3 hours 10 minutes
  • Make a fancy coffee- 4 minutes
  • Rest eyes on a couch- 4 minutes 30 seconds
  • Go to work with low hygiene (to reduce hygiene kick over and clean up the trash can a few times)
  • Use another sims phone (go to a different house in simtown and use their phone)
  • Have a sim hibernate- 1 day
  • Watch a movie on TV- 1 hour 31 minutes
  • Browse the internet- 4 minutes
  • Use a phone to be on hold to tech support- 5 hours
  • Deep sleep in another sims bed
  • Clean under fingernails- 4 minutes 30 seconds
  • Have a movie marathon- 8 hours 30 minutes
  • Have a rich lather in the shower- 15 minutes
  • Nap on a couch- 2 hours
  • Watch funny cat videos on a computer- 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Use another sim’s shower- 4 seconds
  • Have a hot bath- 24 minutes
  • Check the mail- click on the mailbox at the front of a sims house when the envelope bubble appears (once a day)
  • Play an album on an MPFreePlayer (can be found in the preteen section of buy mode)
  • Play a harp (you can find the harp at the castle!)
  • Play the sims on a computer- 48 minutes
  • Read big book of stuff- 19 hours (bookcase)
  • Sleep in another sims bed- 4 minutes (send your sim to another house and snooze in a bed)
  • Plot world domination using a world globe- 8 hours (can be brought from the decorations section)
  • Take a deep sleep in another sim’s house- 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Kick over a trash can (click on the trash can at the front of one of your sims houses)
  • Collect driving revenue (go for a drive in one of your sims cars then head to simtown and click on the bubbles that appear as your sims drive along)


  • Hug a cat- 11 seconds (you can buy a cat from the pet store)
  • Have a dog dig for treasure 10 times (click on the shovel that appears above the dogs head 10 times to collect simoleons or LP)
  • Play frisbee with a dog- 1 hour

Baking– using a stove

  • Bake with a stove
  • Make some rocky road- 12 hours
  • Make some donuts- 8 hours
  • Bake some brownies- 5 minutes
  • Bake some cheesecake- 4 hours
  • Bake some croissants- 18 hours
  • Bake some apple pie- 40 minutes
  • Bake some gingerbread sims- 6 hours
  • Bake some danish- 1 day
  • Bake some cookies- 1 minute
  • Bake banana bread- 20 hours
  • Make some pancakes- 10 minutes
  • Bake waffles- 45 minutes
  • Make heart shaped chocolates- 12 minutes (bake on a stove)
  • Put out an oven fire (bake brownies until they cause a fire)- 3 minutes
  • Bake some muffins- 30 minutes

Gardening– use a garden plot

  • Grow and harvest a plant- (bell peppers) 30 seconds
  • Grow some zucchinis- 4 hours
  • Grow some garlic- 8 hours
  • Grow some pumpkins- 1 day
  • Grow some lettuce- 45 minutes
  • Grow some carrots- 5 minutes
  • Grow beans- 9 hours
  • Grow some watermelon- 1 hour
  • Grow some tomatoes- 6 hours (doesn’t matter if grows into a sim eating plant)
  • Grow strawberries- 1 day
  • Grow an eggplant- 18 hours
  • Negotiate with a sim eating plant (grow lettuce until it turns into a sim eating plant)- 3 minutes


  • Switch to another sim (select another sim to control)
  • Make 2 sims be friends
  • Be nice to a sim- 1 minute
  • Be funny to a sim- 10 seconds
  • Complain to another sim- 1 minute
  • Make 2 sims bro hug (need to be good friends)- 3 seconds
  • Dance with a sim- 10 seconds
  • Make 2 sims chest bump (need to be best friends)- 1 second
  • Fake hand shake a sim (need to be disliked)- 3 seconds
  • Give food to a baby- 2 minutes
  • Build 2 enemy relationships
  • Be romantic to a sim- 1 minute
  • Get two sims to divorce (personally I would skip this with LP)
  • Make a sim slap another sim (need to be nemesis)
  • Be funny in somebody else’s house- 10 seconds (send a sim to another sims house and select the interaction on another sim)
  • Build 2 dating relationships
  • Build 3 friend relationships
  • Build 1 nemesis relationship

Max out a sim’s.. (fulfil the need on a sim to complete the goal)

  • Max out a sim’s hunger
  • Max out a sim’s hygiene
  • Max out a sim’s bladder
  • Max out a sim’s fun
  • Max out a sim’s energy
  • Fill a sim’s energy need
  • Max out a sim’s social
  • Make out needs, inspire a sim (fulfil all their needs)
  • Inspire 10 sims (fulfil all their needs)


  • Have 2 sims practice diving
  • Perform aquatic lunges on a diving board- 1 hour
  • Practice diving- 10 minutes
  • Have a sim sharpen skills using a woodworking bench- 1 hour
  • Have 1 sim designing clothing- 10 minutes (fashion designer hobby)
  • Perform a quick routine in the ice hockey rink at the snow park- 1 hour
  • Have a 24 hour fishathon in the park- 1 day
  • Catch a ghost
  • Catch nanny frightsmith (complete the ghost hunting hobby until you catch this ghost)
  • Use fashion studio to make red boots- 10 minutes (keep designing clothing until you make the red boots)
  • Perform a spiral spill on a diving board- 10 minutes (keep diving until you earn this medal)
  • Mime as a jester in the castle gallery- 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Create chef d’oeuvre- 6 hours 15 minutes (chocolatier bench)
  • Play the Tambourine as a jester in the castle gallery- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Conjure masterpiece on an ice pedestal- 8 hours (ice sculpting hobby)
  • Shake it off on an aerobics step- 6 hours 30 minutes
  • Dance as a Jester in the castle gallery- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Design fashion using a fashion studio- 10 minutes
  • Hunt for fashion in the mall- 5 hours 30 minutes (fashion hunter hobby)


  • Buy a 3 star toilet
  • Buy a 3 star stereo
  • Buy a bookcase
  • Buy a window
  • Buy a chair
  • Spend S600 on windows
  • Buy an easel (promotions r us)
  • Spend S2000 on the garden (outdoor section)
  • Buy a picnic table (outdoor furniture)
  • Buy a dog (an adulr dog, not a puppy)
  • Buy a dog bone (2LPs)
  • Buy a cat
  • Buy a fridge
  • Buy a computer
  • Buy a fire hydrant (promotions r us)
  • Buy a door
  • Buy a couch
  • Buy a TV
  • Buy a red sedan
  • Buy a kitchen bench (misleading as it is a counter top-find in the counter top section)
  • Spend S3000 on lighting
  • Buy a fireplace (you can buy a furnace to complete this task)
  • Buy a car (car dealership)
  • Buy a bed
  • Buy a support column (S950 from the decorations section)


  • Change a room’s floor
  • Change a room’s wallpaper
  • Change a room’s exterior walls
  • Change a house’s roofing
  • Create a room
  • Expand a room

Photograph– use camera button on screen

  • Photograph a ghost (ghost hunting hobby)
  • Photograph a cat

Using a number of sims– have the number of sims doing the same action at the same time, once the last person starts you will complete the goal

  • Have 5 sims reading fine literature
  • Have 3 sims rest eyes on a couch
  • Have 4 sims playing on dance arcade machines at the arcade
  • Send 3 sims to bed for a deep sleep
  • Get 6 sims in one house
  • Get 6 sims in the park
  • Have 5 sims reading pulp novels
  • Have 10 sims gardening at once
  • Have 3 sims speculate (using dining chairs)
  • Send 5 sims to work
  • Have 4 sims employed as firefighters
  • Have 4 sims browsing the internet
  • Make 6 sims have a nap on a couch
  • Have 4 sims playing sim city
  • Make 5 sims watch the news (tv)
  • Make 5 sims have a good scrub (in the shower)
  • Have 2 sims dancing to shuffle (stereo)
  • Inspire 10 sims (fulfil all their needs)
  • Get 5 sims at the arcade
  • Have 2 sims practice diving


  • Chillax in an inflatable chair- 5 minutes 24 seconds
  • Swim in a pool
  • Have 2 sims practice diving
  • Splash a sim- 10 seconds (once both sims are in the pool you will get this interaction)
  • Add or resize a swimming pool
  • Perform aquatic lunges on a diving board- 1 hour
  • Bring a toddler into a pool (requires an adult sim in the pool to select the option on a toddler)
  • Practice diving- 10 minutes


  • Give food to a baby- 2 minutes (requires an adult sim)


  • Have a toddler play with a tea set- 3 minutes 36 seconds
  • Bring a toddler into a pool (requires an adult sim in the pool to select the option on a toddler)
  • Have a toddler play with building blocks
  • Have a toddler play with a dollhouse- 3 minutes
  • Have a toddler Seriously Swing- 4 hours (an adult is needed to complete this action)
  • Have a toddler play in the kiddie pool- 2 minutes 24 seconds
  • Play with a sandcastle at the beach- 2 hours (toddler)
  • Have a toddler talk to a sim- 45 seconds


  • Make a preteen sim have a nap at the park (park bench)- 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Have a preteen sim waste hot water in the shower- 36 minutes
  • Have a preteen sim take a nap on a couch
  • Perform extensive pirouettes- 12 hours (ballet at the community center)
  • Have a preteen sim use a study desk- 4 minutes
  • Have 2 preteen sims jumping on their bed
  • Jump on a trampoline- 3 minutes 36 seconds
  • Call grandma- 4 minutes (phone)
  • Have a preteen or teen write in their diary on a bed- 10 minutes
  • Listen to an album on mp3 player- 34 minutes
  • Have a preteen have a triple fudge hot chocolate- 7 minutes 12 seconds (using a coffee machine)


  • Have a teen avoid chores on a bed- 48 minutes
  • Have a teen read an epic fantasy trilogy from a bookcase- 11 hours (a normal bookcase, not a preteen bookcase)
  • Have a teen hang out on the parks pier (click on lake)- 9 hours
  • Have a preteen or teen write in their diary on a bed- 10 minutes
  • Have a teenager make a skinny latte- 2 minutes
  • Have a teen waste a whole day on a couch- 19 hours
  • Teach a teen how to drive- 5 hours (requires an adult sim and a car)
  • Have a teenager make a chai tea- 10 minutes
  • Have a teen talk to their best friend on the phone- 9 hours 30 minutes


  • Use the park toilet- 30 seconds
  • Get 6 sims in the park
  • Have a sim reach Nirvana in the park- 12 hours (click on the sim at the park to get the option)
  • Have a sim practice Tai Chi in the park- 1 hour (click on the sim at the park to get the option)
  • Watch birds on a bench- 9 hours (select the option on the birdfeeding bench in the park)

Community Center

  • Have a fancy coffee at the community center- 5 minutes
  • Perform extensive pirouettes- 12 hours (record player with a preteen)


  • Have a romantic ride in a canoe (you will need two sims click on the canoe at the campgrounds to complete this goal)
  • Test the depth at the campground- 15 minutes (once you have the lookout built at the campground you can complete this goal)
  • Take a selfie at the campgrounds lookout- 10 minutes (once you have the lookout built at the campground you can complete this goal)
  • Toss and turn in a sleeping bag- 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Turn in for the night at the campgrounds (using a tent)
  • Plan a trip at the campgrounds- 2 hours 30 minutes (using the information board at the entrance to the campground)
  • Woohoo at the campgrounds- 5 minutes (using a tent, select the interaction between two sims)
  • Have a picnic at the campgrounds- 10 minutes

Snow park

  • Have a fancy coffee at the snow park- 4 minutes
  • Make 2 sims have a snowball fight at the snow park- 2 hours


  • Play the dance arcade machine at the arcade- 10 minutes
  • Get 5 sims at the arcade
  • Have 4 sims playing on dance arcade machines at the arcade


  • Snorkel in the lagoon- 2 hours
  • Play with a sandcastle at the beach- 2 hours (toddler)


  • Take a selfie at the mall near the fountain- 10 seconds
  • Have a toddler Seriously Swing- 4 hours (an adult is needed to complete this action)
  • Admire the fountain- 4 seconds (at the mall)
  • Take a solo indoor skydive
  • Make a wish at the fountain- 5 minutes
  • Relax at the fountain- 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Take single photo at the mall
  • Hunt for fashion in the mall- 5 hours 30 minutes (fashion hunter hobby)


  • Play the Tambourine as a jester in the castle gallery- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Read ‘letting it go’ from a castle bookcase- 1 hour
  • Dance as a Jester in the castle gallery- 4 hours 30 minutes
  • Play the harp in the castle- 15 minutes
  • Mime as a jester in the castle gallery- 3 hours 30 minutes

Health Hub

  • Shake it off on an aerobics step- 6 hours 30 minutes

Romance Island

  • Play beach volleyball- 2 hours (requires two sims)
  • Have 2 sims mermaid swim- 10 minutes (mermaid reef)

Simtown Health Spa (house template)

  • Admire zen rock (once this template is unlocked you can purchase the zen rock from the outdoor decorations section for S15,000)


  • Have 4 sims employed as firefighters
  • Go to work with low hygiene (to reduce hygiene kick over and clean up the trash can a few times)
  • Send 5 sims to work
  • Go to work with low hygiene
  • Play soccer- 3 hours
  • Practice painting- 3 hours (using an easel)
  • Have 4 sims employed as politicians
  • Have 4 sims employed as artists
  • Have 4 sims employed as athletes
  • Start a career as an artist
  • Start a career as a firefighter
  • Start a career as a musician
  • Start a professions shift (send your sim to work at the Hospital, Police Station or Movie Studio)
  • Start a career as an athlete
  • Complete a single customer request from a profession workplace- go to work with your sim at a professions workplace and help a sim who enters with a bubble above their head (what are profession careers?)
  • Help a profession customer (complete all requests for one customer while working at a profession career)
  • Trade a profession resource (trade any resource in the resource exchange tab at a profession workplace)

Certain times of the day- complete at or between the times stated in the goal (the time is the time it is for you in real life)

  • Have a preteen be funny between 7am-11am
  • Go fishing between 6pm-12am- 10 minutes
  • Do tai chi in the park at 7pm (click on your sim in the park)
  • Play cowboys on a rocking horse between 5pm-7pm (toddler)
  • Have 6 sims watch a show on TV between 8pm-10pm
  • Read a pulp novel in the morning (any time before 12pm)
  • BBQ in the park between 6- 10am
  • Post on simbook between 7pm- 9pm (preteen)
  • Have 3 sims speculate between 9am-12pm
  • Search for ghosts between 6am- 12pm
  • Grow garlic between 8pm- 6am
  • Watch a movie at midnight (works anytime between 12am and 1am)
  • Have 3 sims speculate between 9am to 12pm (select the option on a chair with 3 sims)
  • Make a sims breakfast on a barbeque between 6am-10am (select any option on a BBQ)


Would I get a goal for a certain sim or place if I haven’t unlocked that aged sim or place yet?

Yes, the goals are random and everyone gets the same ones even if you haven’t unlocked a place or don’t have a correctly aged sim you still may get a goal requiring them, all you can do in this situation is skip with 10LPs or wait for a new update and that goal you are stuck on will complete automatically.

What about social tasks? Find my social tasks list here




You have a week (7 days) to complete all of the 20 tasks to get a key, you get a reward for every 5 tasks you complete.

  • 5 tasks= 25% completed= S1,000
  • 10 tasks= 50% completed= S3,000
  • 15 tasks= 75% completed= 3LP
  • 20 tasks=completed!= a Key and 5,000XP

If you go to the mystery box shop you can see how many keys you have at the moment and the boxes you can open:

  • Loot Box requires 1 Key (7x common items)

  • Bounty Box requires 3 Keys (3x uncommon items, 10x common items)

  • Fortune Box requires 6 Keys (1x rare item, 4x uncommon items, 15x common items)

So what is in each box? The items you receive are random but this gives you some idea of what you could get:

This is what I got in my Loot Box:

  • (7x common items) Black Marble Dining Table, Pirate Flag, Scandinavian Chest, Grey Table Lamp, Stylish Corner, Vampire Sink, 50s Retro TV

This is what I got in my Bounty Box:

  • (10x common items) Red U Couch, Mosiac Plate, Japanese Countertop, Ye Olde Bed, Dark Wooden Dining Table, Light Wooden Dining Table, Light Archway, Red L Couch, Neo Tokyo Painting, Dark Round
  • (3x uncommon items) Hot Spring Spa, Outfits, Carnival Top Hats

This is what I got in my Fortune Box:

  • (1x rare item) Manicure Station
  • (4x uncommon items) Granite, Blue Nursery Chest, Blanc Chaise, Light Massage Table
  • (15x common items) Purple 70s 3 Seat Sofa, Patterned Flower Towel, Sun Dial, S15,000, Green Outdoor Sidetable, Single Garden Screen, 60s Stereo, Nightlife Table, Stylish Table Lamp, Toyota Surfboard, Stylish Countertop, Victorian Walnut Doors, Delice Bed, Dark Dual Arc, Tan Triple Garden

Some items available have never previously appeared in the game before!


I hope that gives you some idea about what you can find in your mystery box!

What about social tasks? Find my social tasks list here

Thanks for reading!



375 thoughts on “The Sims Freeplay- Weekly Tasks and Mystery Box Shop

  1. I have gone to a neighbors house 4 times, with 4 different sims to perform the task “use a neighbors phone to be on hold to tech support” but still nothing. Why??? I don’t understand. I want to keep going with my social tasks but I can’t…..HELP!!!!!! LyndaLynne

  2. If you win a rare item from the Fortune Box, does it get deleted from the prize pool? Or can you still win it next time?

  3. Hey! I love your guide-I use it all the time! I recently got the highest level mystery box, and saw I’d gotten ‘outfits’ in there. But I can’t find them anywhere?! Checked wardrobes, checked the shop, and checked for each age/sex of sim…I’m pretty gutted and not sure what to do! Any help would be great thank you!

  4. I came across a task that wasn’t listed yet! “Plan a trip at the campgrounds” – it takes 2 hours 20 minutes.

  5. did the weekly boxes get updated? about a couple of months ago, you could collect up to 10 keys i think. When you got the highest box, you also got like 20 LPs. Now with this new mistery box ( max of 6 keys ) you get no LPs. was that an update?

  6. Can you get any single item twice with any of the boxes? Or does it start repeating itself when you’ve received everything? I know you can get money or resources twice, but I mean like actual furniture and those kinds of items.

    • Thanks! Unfortunately it would be almost impossible to get this list together as the prizes are different for everyone as most of them were prizes previously awarded in quests or events.

  7. I am unable to complete the task “Max out needs, inspire a sim”. Tried all day with different sims,eating, coffee, toilet, shower, phone, looking at a nice painting. Also over and over again with the same sim. No effect at all. Any hint, please?

      • Thank you weightlessmagic for your reply. Their need are most definitely filled. The sims that I have tried to max out are pumped up with food, coffee, been to the bathroom, taken a shower etc. like I descibed above. I am an experienced player, and have always managed to complete this task before.

        I am wondering if it is a bug of some kind, and would like to hear if others have been able to complete it this time.

      • Sorry but I had to check as some people don’t know what that task means, if it hasn’t completed it then it probably is a glitch, I haven’t heard of anyone else having a problem with this task yet but you could let the makers know about the issue so they can look into fixing it for you.

  8. I have bought a mystery box but i didn’t get anything that said unlock. How do you unlock those items? Please help…

  9. ughhhh….I collected keys for the longest time and got up to 9, then they updated it and you can’t get anymore lps and the prizes aren’t that amazing.

  10. I got a quest to stargaze with a neighbor’s telescope but my neighbor doesn’t have a telescope; also why is your name weightlessmagic (not to be nosy)? Plus, I have two keys; should I buy the loot box, get one more key and get the bounty box, or save up and get the fortune box? The items in the fortune box for me are pretty cool; what should I do? (sorry i have 3 questions).

    • If they don’t have a telescope then you will have to add someone who does or skip the task with LP
      Honestly I don’t know why I picked it, I just liked it!
      I would recommend you save up for a fortune box if you think the prizes look good 🙂

  11. I’m still working on building my monuments. Which mystery box would you recommend for maximum efficiency for collecting monuments pieces?

  12. i recently got the fortune box with some furniture & doors also an outfit. but i cant find the outfit its not in store or in wardrobe it was a long skirt with a long button shirt & a headscarf i think

  13. I’m having trouble with’ take a couples photo at the mall’ – Its a two person task one person waits at photo booth for partner then select couples photo with second sim. I’ve tries different ages, different relationships. Seems to work , can;t get the weekly task to complete – any suggestions?

  14. I thought,that the weekly task will reset at the end of the week.I can’t do one part, because i don’t have 2 preteens and don’t want use 10 LPs.I thought, that when will be new weekly task it will begin with new goal and not with the last one I’m not able to do.

  15. I recently got ‘Have a teen talk to their best friend on the phone’ – 9h30mins, couldn’t find it in your list 😉

  16. I recently found mission ‘Sleep in another sims bed’. All you need to do is doing power snooze for 4 minute in another sims bed and it’s done.

  17. Once winning the first key from the first set of weekly tasks would it be better to save the key to open a different box (one that needs more keys). Or should you just open the first loot box and wait to collect more keys? If you don’t use the first key on the loot box will it disappear (either the key or the loot box)?

    • The loot box that costs one key will only find you common items whereas if you saved your keys for the fortune box that costs 6 keys you get at least one rare (nicer!) item and 4 uncommon items as well as common items so that definitely is the best box to go for. Your keys will be saved up and ready to be used when you are so you don’t have to use them all straight away

  18. I have problems with the task “buy a support column”. I have only got two in the decoration section, and they are for free. So when I put this in my house, nothing happens. Do I need to buy it with simoleons, and how do I do that when they are for free?? I tried to sell one after putting it out but then it just dissapeared, and I got one less.. I have got this task twice, the first time I spent 10 LP ti skip it..

  19. Hello. I got one weekly task that I cannot finish, I wonder if this is some kind of bug.. It says “Make a Fancy coffe”. This should be simple, on all coffee machines one of the choices are “Fancy coffe” and they take about 24 sek. But nothing happends with this task when the coffe is completed. Are there any other ways to make fancy coffe, I have tried about all the coffemachines I got..

  20. I have one question. If the task is to for example ‘Have 6 sims deep sleep between 8pm and 6am’, do you have to do it for the full duration of the time it says or just complete the action before 6am?
    Your blogs are so helpful and you give me even more help than I need with your amazing posts 🙂

  21. I believe I have a new one. Hobbies: Play the Tamborine as a jester in the castle gallery- 4 hours 30 minutes.

  22. This one could go under Toddler or Mall: Toddler: Seriously Swing (requires an Adult) – 4 hours “The Sunset Mall has playground equipment inside! Crazy. Send a toddler to the ‘Wumples Play Area’ on the 2nd floor of the mall, and have a ‘Serious Swing’ on the swing set Inside”

  23. On the weekly task it ask me to use a message tablet to message another sims….Can be found in home store decorations..I can’t seems to find it, Please help?

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